Ingame latency flat, everything frozen, never gets DC'd

I'll log in no problem, but the second I try to control my character it flatlines, but I will NEVER be disconnected no matter how long I wait. I also don't see any ping spikes.

And the weirdest thing, it's temporarily fixed by starting a speedtest. Specifically everything starts working when the upload test begins.

I can play other games perfectly, so while it might be my internet at fault, it only has issues with this game.

edit: video of it in action:

At the beginning of the clip, my character can't move because the game has flatlined. Then it gets a connection again and it fast forwards to catch up.

edit2: I have never died to a disconnection since 2011 btw. My game can freeze or flatline and I will always be able to just disconnect immediately. I'm no expert, but I think it means I can always send packets to the server, but that I'm not receiving packets pack?
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Wrong version of WinMTR, use the 0.92 one (the latest)
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Yeah I noticed that earlier and already did a new one:
I uploaded a clip of it in action. And it's not a one off, I can reliably recreate it:

Might be a bit hard to see, but I'm frozen/flatlined in the beginning and then after the upload test the game runs again and "fast forwards" to catch up with everything.

And as you can see at the end, it still lags a bit when I move around. It seems to be worst when I try to move or load into a new instance.
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Posting on this because I have a friend with the exact same issue, he dropped the thread about it last league, or two leagues ago or whatever because he found the workaround that running winMTR kept everything rolling.

I'm still very perplexed by this issue, it only crops up sometimes, usually starting around act 7 and onward, and it persists through router, modem, and PC restarts. Predictive/Lockstep does not seem to make a difference, and no graphics settings seem to make a difference.

He's in the north-eastern united states if that matters

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