[3.9] Sidefx's CoC (VD) - This build is hot!

****PLEASE READ*****
I play multiple builds through out the leagues will do my best to keep these up to date.

Hello, I'm Sidefxmayinclde , I enjoy trying to showcase something that someone checked off or deemed "bad" or not commonly played So this time we took a look at volatile dead Cast on crit!!

Some of this guide may seem out of place or not in the Path of building. It's hard to 100% upkeep every guide I have. Always follow the POB any questions you could always ask!

PoB CoC VD 3.9

I may not be playing this build when i'm live as, i play tons of builds per week.

This build can be played without the amazing crafted 2h sword. Below I will explain how.

+ A more fun way of playing cyclone
+ High dps
+ Super fast map clear

- Can be expensive, esp to min max
- It's cyclone main skill, so sadly no way around that.
- The main sword is very expensive to craft but so much fun when you land it
- Cannot run elemental reflect


4way legion fight - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YQMhfZ-_RM
t16 Awakener guardian kill - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/540013038
t16 Elder guardian kill - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/540013036
Elder fight - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z87bNkUa3n8
End of Shaper fight(didnt want to bore with long video) - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/540013034


This build has a "hold right click play style" Cyclone through the enemies while your Volatile dead charges at the enemy

Any questions please feel free to ask on my stream! Www.twitch.tv/Sidefxmayinclde or Click this image! please dont forget to FOLLOW to know when i go live!

3.9 at a start
This build was my third build into 3.9 It helped me finish up the harder challenges of the league. I am very happy with this build

Bandits :

We are going to kill all bandits for the extra points.

Required Uniques:

There are no NEED uniques tho here are some that make the build feel great when you acquire some money.

If you are having trouble living, this will add a lot of survivability

My gear


Stat Priority/Flask
Life - Elemental Resistances - Crit chance/multi

Flasks : Life/Bleed flask - Cinderswallow -The Wise oak (more fire pen when fire res is highest over capped - Quicksilver (move speed variant) Diamond Flask (Anti freeze) (or sub Wise oak for Bottle faith)

Gem links

6-Link Setup:

Cyclone -> Desecrate -> Fire Penetration (or awakend) -> Inspiration -> Combustion -> Volatile Dead

4-Link Setups:

• (2 link set up) Steelskin (20) -> Cast when damage taken(20)
and Vaal Righteous Fire -> Withering Step
Summon Ice Golem -> Faster Casting -> Arcane Surge (6) -> Flame Dash
• These go in Helm with the +1 aoe gems craft Anger -> Herald of Ash -> Precision -> Enlighten 3/4

3-Link Setups:

There is no 3links



Assassin: Unstable Infusion - Mist-walker - Opportunistic - Deadly Infusion



1. Buy a Ilv 85 SHAPER influenced Exquisite blade
2. Quality it up to 20% or (30% using fossils) then craft crit or acc + quality to make it 34-36% or 44-45% quality
3. 6socket and 6link your self (trust me its easy)
4. Scour and make blue and alt spam until you land Socketed skills are supported by lv 18-20 Cast on Critical strike and Attack Speed/Chance to deal double damage (takes about 4kish alts on avrage) (a trick here is to type in Cast on crit and it will highlight the weapon when the mod is on it for easier speed alting)
5. Beast imprint craft the sword (using Craicic Chimeral) They are about 1ex each here is a trade link - https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Metamorph/mvJZnaH6
6. Make a imprint and Regal the sword If the mod is decent, (BEST OUT COME IS CRIT) Decent being something usable* YOU WANT 1SUFFIX and 2 PREFIX OPEN Grats! if not RNG annul and hope you hit the new mod and Slam if you didnt remove the attackspeed/Dbl damage or CoC mod. (we slam because the imprint is just as much as a slam) Repeat this until you are happy or brick the weapon. If you removed the needed mods use the imprint and go back to blue. Repeat Step 5.

If you dont have the needed 6ex for the final step the sword is still very usable just craft something on it and use it until you can add the other mods.

7. If you landed a usable or decent mod you are happy with, the next step is to Multi mod (2ex) then Add hits cant be evaded (3ex) and Spell damage/Extra as chaos (1ex) The sword is now worth 20-30ex depending what you landed!

Now for the people not able to craft this sword but want to play this build

Use a 6l chest piece place in CoC/cyclone/Volatile dead/Desecrate/Combustion/inpiration and use a Terminust Est
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Looking good. m ight be my next build
drgnwngs wrote:
Looking good. m ight be my next build

This build is great!
Sup side
i was playing coc vd in 3.8 and i tried to ressurect it in 3.9
i think that your pob isnt enough to close 16 80%+ quant maps, 180k vd and 6 aps is a little bit not enough
SO i made it, little bit another tree, in fight i have like 95% crit chance because of Oskarm(1c gloves that give you a shit tonns of crit)
Dps is ok, ice nova coc made more damage single target but vd have insane range so im pretty happy with clear spead.
What im trying to say is that i have 30% chance to evade attack hits without elusive and 6.5k hp, im getting shotted at massive legions or phys attacking mobs. I know this build is about movement etc BUT
Can i make a little bit more survivability i mean like evasion rating, not hp? You can check my profile its open
And also im heading to wear double synthesis rings with
1) Herald of ash buff + fire dmg
2) Herald of ash buff + mana reserv
This ones can allow me to have a dread banner, it makes enemies have 11% less accuracy so its survivability too
But im trying to sell my shit so atm im wearing shaper's + shitty elder rings

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