[3.9] Divine Ire Gladiator - What doesn't kill me, makes me stronker


This is the second time I've created the divine ire gladiator build, which is now perfected.

The build uses the physical damage from Divine Ire to build damage which is converted to lightning. Damage on POB does not calculate everything, and the damage can't be fully seen in the game itself as well.

This build requires you to stand right in front of every mob, which builds your defenses and your damage.

+ Tanky
+ Stronk

- Slow
- DOT hurts my mother
- Expensive

Peep my gear:

Devouring Diadem:
Allows me to use three auras, gain life and ES instantly which is linked to CWDT desecrate on my shield.

The Anvil:
Allocated swagger which gives me endurance and frenzy charges on block.

Cowards Legacy:
Got a watchers eye with determination which makes me immune to Vulnerability.

Gives me extra damage and reduced damage to face tank everything.

Check my profile for my entire tree.

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Links to POB, bandits, pantheons, videos and all that jazz would be a nice addition to your post.

Here's pastebin!

Took skillpoints off bandits.

Pantheons I took the chaos damage res.
Hello i start to play with your build if you have any advise or tips and tricks im open your advises. Can you upload video for map laps and bosses. Ty for share the build @Noobiyus

Last edited by psyerspective on Feb 17, 2020, 6:08:16 AM
Hey there! Thank you for the build! I want to try this build next league if something wont recieve huge nerf.
A questions @Noobiyus:
1)Why do you not annoint your armour?
2)Why life leech in cwdt stuff?
3)In what situation u want to use Vigilant strike?
Last edited by AvesoM1 on Feb 6, 2020, 4:16:41 PM
Worst build i ever played. Dont play with this build
psyerspective wrote:
Worst build i ever played. Dont play with this build

No annoint on sporeguard?
Else pretty cool build.
Last edited by nebel on Feb 16, 2020, 9:33:45 AM

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