PvP Queues and Current Rankings

Castablanca wrote:

Give us some reward for putting hours, days, weeks, month, and for some even years into perfecting our builds.

This is always welcome but what about RMTers and league to standard crosstraders in pvp , having real mtx given for pvp would just be GGG giving rewards to few cheaters too.

Might be a better idea to give new pvp craft instead ?

PVP update!!!!!

PVP infos and help
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This is probably the least important thing PvP needs.
But the ladder reset would require such minuscule human time resource, I see nothing wrong with the idea.
GGG, you should let those 5 "challenged" persons finally get to ladder top.
The game had a tremendously fun and rewarding PvP experience.
I think we should replace rankings with actual scores

Win / Draw / Loss

And sort them by highest wins - draws & losses

This would let late comers catch up to early starters who vanished

It is not like people are fighting each other that often in the top ten anyway

Getting high on the ladder is just timing and waiting to kill various level 29-60 somethings, we should just make it more official and transparent
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