[Work in progress][3.9] Low Life Ivory tower Essence Drain: a potent all round build

It's been a while since we've received a build defining unique item of such power with proper tradeoffs.

As of now the build is capable of taking down every endgame encounter without too many issues.


* Relatively affordable to start out and minmaxing has high ceiling
* Retains the tankyness of a CI build and the dmg of a lowlife build
* Can clear any mapmod, altho I would not do noregen because you can get shredded

* Not beginner friendly
* It is a high level build, meaning it isn't for people who reroll after reaching level 90
* Uses a lot of uniques, which can make balancing stats and resists difficult


Please ignore the corruptions, as I don't have normal copies of the items anymore

ENDURING Eternal Mana Flask of anything, That is a constanst 400 mana/sec regeneration, it will protect you from being shredded by chaos dmg
Guess this isn't surprising
Chaos res and more ES with stun immunity, pretty much best in slot
People don't give enough credit to this item, 20 stacks of blight with this gloves deal about twice my ED dmg, not to mention it is a cheap item, so you can try vaaling some for a desirable implicit
Dex, Int, Evasion and a large amount of ES, you need all of that
Maximizing what we can reserve on life and a ton of resists, also an affordable vaal foddler unique if you can afford to give up the 12% all res implicit
Having 2 of this will ensure you have those Wither stacks on the boss pretty fast, with my current cast speed it takes me less than 2 seconds


Ailment immunity should be one of the things you aim for

Even without the implicit if you can, use one of this ring
Makes the Sirus fight and the uber atziri trio trivial
In order to be able to reserve 3 50% auras on your life a 15% reservation helmet enchant for oen of your auras and 5% global reservation is required, which of 4% can be picked up on the tree easily and the last 1% can be aquired for a few chaos on this jewel
In addition the helmet with the -9% craft can be made fairly easily with fossil spamming (dense+aberrant, takes approx 10-20 tries for a usable one)
A wand with high chaos dmg over time multiplier and spell dmg, cast speed is an extra, I would not try to get + level of gems as it makes it disproportionally more expensive while not being much better
The clarity mod is by no means required, but incursions and Green influende mobs start to hit very hard on 8 mod T16 maps, and ever since I have this, I don't even see my mana move
The dmg multiplier mod should be less of a priority than the mana mod if you are planning on grabbing one


Malevolence - Must have
Zealotry - Still a lot of spell dmg
Grace - Makes up for the loss of evasion for not having any from our chestpiece and helmet
Discipline - love me some more ES


With prism guardian you can have 2 50% and 1 35% aura reserve most of your life if you also take 4% from the tree

Reserving the last 50% on mana might be risky, but as long as you have 1000-1200 unreserved mana, then it is worth it
Otherwise chose one of them not to use


Your 50% auras

Make sure your helmet has one of the enchants for 15% reduced reservation as well as a jewel with 1% and 4% from the tree to be able to run them, this way we also reserve as much life as possible which is one of the goals to maximize the ES we get from the cheastpiece

Your 35% aura
Discipline - The reservation cost is low enough it leaves enough mana to be safe from chaos dmg
(Level 1 Clarity - Only if you have a watcher's eye mod)

4.0 patch notes

* Armor sources have been replaced with condensed milk.

Players can't feel the difference at all
Last bumped on Jan 18, 2020, 11:57:42 AM

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