[3.9] Astral Bomber V1.0 (CoC Kinetic Blast/Barrage Discharge Assassin)

Hi guys, this is my first time trying to make a build/build guide, so please forgive me for no fancy post editings :)

Concept: Astral Projector makes your discharge cast at the position where your critical hits hit enemies.

First up: video (random T14 because I didn't unlock higher tier maps yet and don't have the balls to corrupt the map)


WARNING: Very ugly metamorph fight, please view with caution


- Lots of explosions everywhere on the screen!

- Relatively good DPS

- Can perma-freeze most of the bosses (haven't try Sirus yet because I suck)

- Relatively cheap gear, don't have 10ex+ piece, everything combined probably around 10ex


- Have to swap a total of two gems for boss fights, TWO GEMS! (so annoying)

- Easy to get rekt

- Can't do elemental reflect, no mana regen (unless you wanna carry a mana flask)

- Inconsistent damage when discharge is cast with low number of charges.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/ibv7E1iX

Final words:

Guys, this is the first time I try to make my own build literally since closed beta, and I don't know a lot of the mechanics, so there is definitely space for improvement, any advice/suggestion is welcome! (Though I may not have the necessary currency to acquire the suggested items)

I first tried this with Bow, but the discharge barely has any damage, then I was like wait, wands can also use barrage! So I switched to Void Battery which is like made for Discharge. Kinetic Blast is the perfect attack for clearing, because it covers the entire screen, and the critical strikes are calculated separately (I think) with the projectiles and the blasts.

For single target at first I tried Power Siphon + Barrage support, but Barrage slows down my Power Siphon's attack speed, which leaves longer time between each attacks for the boss to recover from freeze. I also tried Kinetic Blast + Barrage support but still the time between two attacks are too long.

So I ended up with switch GMP with Barrage attack, and replace Kinetic Blast with Power Charge On Critical, which in theory should give me better charge generation, but I'm not sure how much DPS boost it will give me compare to just using supports like Controlled Destruction. CoC is such a tricky style to calculate the actual DPS in PoB, really hope GGG can just add a dummy in the hideout for players to test out actual DPS.

Thanks for reading my post!
Last bumped on Jan 23, 2020, 3:11:26 AM
I really like this idea! Thanks for sharing. Next league might be "wand league"....

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