[3.9] Occultist Summoner ft. Bane (SSF)

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress, once the guide is complete this comment will be removed. Feel free to read the work so far and get inspired.


This guide combines the Occultist curses and explosions with the strong single-target of minions to obtain a well-rounded build that is able to progress insanely quick.

I make no promises about this build being easy to play. If using 8 different skills while mapping is too much for you, go play another build. However, if you want to do all content on a budget and don't mind learning the fast-paced summoner play style this build is for you.

About this build:
Path of Building

- We use Bane linked with Despair and Vulnerability to curse and dot up enemies
- Our minions (skeletons, zombies, spectres) are used to deal single-target damage
- Profane Bloom gives enemies killed by us or our minions a chance to explode.
- We use a Punishment Blasphemy aura to allow these explosions to chain around us.
- Spiritual Aid allows us to scale all our Bane and Profane Bloom explosions through minion damage.
- Spirit Offering is used raise the resistances of our minions and to give them a portion of their physical damage as extra chaos damage.

- We use Shield Charge to move around
- Smoke Mine gives us movement speed and blinds enemies
- Spiritual Command allows us to benefit from minion attack speed
- Our Punishment Blasphemy aura gives increased attack speed if we get hit

- For easy hp scaling, we use a combination of life and energy shield.
- Withering Presence and Purity of Flesh give us a ton of chaos resistance.
- Wicked Ward makes our energy shield recharge more consistent.
- We reserve the Discipline and Flesh and Stone auras for even more defense.
- Ghastly Eye jewels give our minions a chance to taunt and blind.
- The Jinxed Juju unique amulet allows our spectres to take 10% of our damage.

Gem Setup
Vaal Summon Skeletons-Raise Zombie-Fortify-Minion Damage-Melee Physical Damage-Multistrike
Flesh and Stone-Vaal Discipline-Precision-Enlighten/Empower
Shield Charge-Fortify-Faster Attacks
Raise Spectre-Feeding Frenzy
Smoke Mine, Desecrate, Spirit Offering

Use Summon Carrion Golem if you have an open slot.

Affix Priority
Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier
Minions have increased Movement Speed
Minions deal increased Damage
Minions have increased Attack and Cast speed

Energy Shield
Maximum Life
Chaos Resistance
Elemental Resistances

- Instant Divine Life flask
- Silver flask
- Granite flask
- Quicksilver
- Basalt flask

Try to get immunity to Bleeding, Curses, Freeze, Shock and Ignite, in that order. An instant divine life flask is best, use a high regeneration life flask before then. Immunities can be on different flasks depending on personal preference. You can drop the Silver flask if you obtain an Ahn's Heritage or the Bottled Faith unique flask.

Useful Unique Items
- Conqueror's Potency
- Doedre's Scorn:
- The Jinxed Juju
- Bottled Faith
- Brinerot Mark
- Ahn's Heritage

Gameplay Tips (WIP)

Mapping & Bosses

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