[3.9] Delibas's 2H Cyclone!! All Budgets + all content viable! Starter to Sirus carry! 3.5M+ dps!

Hi, this is my first build guide.

I also stream.

+Very cheap and gives you a great head start until you can spend more on your build
+You can do basically all maps (even physical reflect)
+High damage against everything
+Fast enough for mapping
+Can do anything
+Great league starter

-It is a melee build


This build is a semi-automatic build which means it automaticly casts curse,summon golem,activate blood rage and immortal call. So all you need to do is cast vaal ancestral warchief before boss fights, sometimes leap and cyclone.

It is a leech/impale/crit oriented two handed sword build. Prioritizing on your items should be increasing your elemental resistances> life> crit multi > crit chance > attack speed> increased melee> increased damage while leeching> life per hit> chaos resistance.

It is not a must but if you are short on intelligence get a Brute Force Solution Cobalt Jewel (preferably with corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you corruption for smooth Sirus experience)

Very Important Note: Gem levels are very important on this build build so DO NOT overlevel gems! Otherwise they just won't work. So Blood Rage level 8 + Cast When Damage Taken level 2+ Immortal Call level 4 and Punishment level 7 + Cast When Damage Taken level 3+ Summon Ice Golem level 5 is highly recommended for them to trigger more often.


Pastebin doesn't include impale damage so add about 1,5m more dps to what you see for true calculation values.


Help Alira for good early resists and extra crit multi. You can switch to to +2 passive points later on if you like.


Endless Hunger > Brutal Fervour > Headsman > Bane of Legends


Solaris(Defence) + Shakari(Poison Immunity)

Starter Gear/Leveling Tips and Everything You Need to Know:

Wearing a Tabula Rasa Simple Robe is a huge relief but not a must.
At lvl 1 get Ground Slam+Ruthless Sup. and use it with any two-handed mace.
At lvl 4 get a Quicksilver Flask and a Wanderlust Wool Shoes because the faster is better.
At lvl 8 add Maim Sup. to your Ground Slam.
At lvl 10 get Leap Slam and Precision(Don't level it if you are having mana problems).
At lvl 16 add Herald of Purity, Flesh and Stone and Blood Rage(if you think you can handle) to your build. Get a Daresso's Salute Citrine Amulet.
At lvl 18 add Melee Physical Damage Sup. and Faster Attacks Sup. to your Ground Slam and another Faster Attacks Sup. to your Leap Slam. You can buy a Hrimnor's Hymn Sledgehammer if you want to deal more damage.
At lvl 22 get a Silver Flask for Onslaught and a Belt of The Deceiver Heavy Belt.
At lvl 24 you can include Punishment and Pride(remove Flesh and Stone) to your setup. Preferably, get two Le Heup of All rings.
At lvl 27 you can get Diamond Flask for lucky crits.
At lvl 32 Get your Cyclone and switch it with Ground Slam. Add Infused Channeling, Fortify Sup. and Impale Sup. to your Cyclone. Get an Edge of Madness Etched Greatsword. Get a Praxis Paua Ring with -8 to total mana cost of skills for a Zero Cost Cyclone!
At lvl 38 start using Immortal Call+Cast When Damage Taken and add Brutality Sup. to your Cyclone. Add Summon Ice Golem to your build for more crits. as well. You can get a Goldrim Leather Cap at this point for resistances if you like.

At lvl 46 get a Rigwald's Charge Highland Blade so you can crit. again and get a cheap Belly of the Beast Full Wyrmscale. You can upgrade it to 5 link with Jeweller's Touch prophecy later on.

At lvl 51 you can start using a Terminus Est Tiger Sword. Go for a 5 link version of it. Don't buy it if it costs more than a 6 link Kondo's Pride Ezomyte Blade which you will be able to wear at lvl 61.

At lvl 60 you can get a Abyssus Ezomyte Burgonet. It will give you a huge boost damagewise but it ll also increase physical damage you take! Nevertheless I recommend it. Try to get one with decent stats. Get a Carnage Heart Onyx Amulet when you complete the 2nd Labyrinth. Then make sure all of your elemental resistances are about %75 and complete your remaining labs and you are ready for the endgame content!

Passive Tree:

Endgame gear:



FAQ and Notes:

Whenever you get enough money, spend it on your support gems and get %20 quality ones for the supports that is connected to Cyclone.

Make sure you got Fatal Blade Allocated on your Amulet. It takes only 2x Opalescent Oil + 1 Amber Oil.

-I don't have enough mana to activate all of my auras. Why?
+There are 3 things you can do to fix this. First option is buying an Essence Worm Unset Ring and placing your most mana reserving aura in it(which is Pride with %50 mana reserve) untill you can afford an Enlighten Support with lvl 3 or 4. Secondly buy a Circle of Guilt Synthesised Iron Ring with Herald of Purity has % reduced Mana Reservation. Lastly make sure your Precision is NOT overleveled.

+Why Attack Speed Enchantment on helmet instead of Increased Cyclone Damage?
-I have run simulations on PoB and Attack Speed Enchantment gives more damage to this build actually.

+What do I wear untill I got a 6-link Belly of The Beast?
-Until you get a 6-link Belly of The Beast Full Wrymscale, you can either hang around with 5 link Belly of the Beast Full Wrymslace (buy one with decent one and use The Jeweller's Touch prophecy) with your Aura gems on it or buy a 6 link Rare Body Armour with +100 max. hp. and some resists.

+Does it matter where I place my gems?
-No it doesn't but if you have an item with +1 level of Socketed Melee Gems place Ancestral Warchief setup there.

+Do I have to use Vaal Cyclone?
-You can use Vaal Cyclone if you would like to clear remaining trash fast after killing a Metamorph Boss or other caster mobs but it puts you in a place where you can't move for a few seconds. So it is not a must and use it at your own risk.

+I have got everything similar to your endgame gear what now?
-If you have enough budget(I am talking about 15 ex in total), you can switch your support gems with Awakened Brutality Support, Awakened Melee Physical Damage Support for more damage and try to get some Watcher's Eye Prismatic Jewel with Increased Attack Damage while affected by Precision and chance to deal Double Damage while using Pride or any other Watcher's Eye of your choosing.

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It looks interesting. I am looking for cyclone build. I will check this build
ING: Aseke
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Feel free to check it out and ask away any questions that comes into your mind. More info and videos will be added sometime this week.
I have one question: Why are we stacking damage with ailments, if we don't have any? Impale is not considered ailment (at least that's what quick googling says)...
We are not stacking damage with ailments. What makes you think we are stacking damage with ailments?
9/11 great build, 90 chaos in and can do tier 15-16 maps. Thanks a lot mate, pretty appreciated.
Delibas wrote:
We are not stacking damage with ailments. What makes you think we are stacking damage with ailments?

Skill tree. But I find your answer sufficient.
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It is just an extra. We are not specificly going for ailments. We are taking those nodes just for sword and two handed physical+attack speed and so on.
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