Free Awakener Service EA Jugg // Pushing 100 Raider Power Siphon

Hi, I'm Omiom and I'm running a free awakener service for endgame grind challenge completion. All kills will be done on my Explosive Arrow Jugg.

Also pushing level 100 on my Power Siphon Raider in the meantime.

I'm relatively new to this but I hope you'll let me clap an awakener for you!

If you're interested, I'm streaming at

IGN: @Omiom

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Loads of help with killing a conqueror (hunter) and then sirus himself.

Responds very quick and is willing to help.
has killed sirus at least 5 times for me

+1 for pepegod
really chill guy, helped my get my first sirus kill <3
fast reply and fast kill, i will contact him for all my next sirus for sure
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This sir served my a8 x2hp sirus with stream,fast and reliable.
Very fast service, i'll contact always
Helped me kill sirus multiple times. super chill dude. also helped me price check my loot.

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