[3.10] Dominating Blow Guardian | 8k+ EHP | Start to Endgame | 7M+ DPS |

What's This Build About?

This is my 2nd build guide of the League decided to bring a more flexible and 'meta' type build to everyone that I have quite enjoyed. I've learned from my mistakes on my 1st build and believe this will be much better for the endgame. Of course there is always room to improve.

Path of Building:

Videos of the Build:
3.9 footage T16+Syndicate



+ cheap to start (most uniques are 1-5c)
+ beginner friendly
+ fast and safe leveler (even with no uniques)
+ moderate to high clear speed
+ 8k+ EHP + Other defensive layers
+ Buffs to party play if desired
+ Over 7M dps with all minions up, excluding Crusader Slams!



- minion play style (not for everyone)
- clear speed is not insanely fast
- melee (lol)





Cheap and Powerful unique for this build giving us high leech, great damage for the minions. We can potentially get something better as a rare but unsure just yet.

Solid and powerful shield for us, provides a great amount of armour and energy shield which benefits our build greatly.

Body Armor

Skin of the loyal, cheap and powerful. for corruptions + to skill gems would greatly improve our dps.


Rings, Gloves, Boots, Belt, Amulet

Dream Fragments, gives us anti freeze and chill with high mana and resistances cheap and easy

Rest simple rares, life, mana, resists and dex

looking to annoint Gravepact great damage and quite cheap.


What I based the builds' defenses around as well as allowing to use more auras, we want either more magic sentinels or rare as the enchant but good luck getting it. Either doesn't exist or it's absurdly priced for no reason at all.

Ascendancy, Pantheon, Bandits


1. Radiant Crusade
2. Unwavering Crusade
3. Radiant Faith
4. Bastion of Hope



- Soul of Lunaris


- Soul of Tukohama or Soul of Shakari (Poison Maps/Al-Hazmen)


- Kill All


6 Link
Dominating Blow - Brutality - Multistrike - Impale - Minion Damage

4 Link Helmet
Pride- Flesh and Stone - Maim - Herald of Purity

3 Link Weapon/Shield
CWDT- Immortal Call - Vaal Molten Shell

Dread Banner - Generosity - Flame Dash

4 Link Gloves/Boots
Summon Holy Relic - Meat Shield - Feeding Frenzy - Summon Carrion Golem

CWDT - Desecrate - Vulnerability - Flesh Offering


Thank you for your interest in my build I am always up for suggestions and insight on things to make it better so feel free to leave suggestions and comments!
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Looks great. Ty forbthe guide. Ill try it out.

Some more videos would be great.

Espescially with bosses in new areas there u dont have a army already to see the speed there.

Bayern des samma mia
Looks great. Ty forbthe guide. Ill try it out.

Some more videos would be great.

Espescially with bosses in new areas there u dont have a army already to see the speed there.

Yeah I will film more as I get into higher awakener just took him out on awakened 7 but was laggy really bad couldn't film. expect more videos in the coming week.
been looking for a Templar build, this looks very nice. is there a possibility og getting a passive tree progression in PoB? cheers.
gogo update it^^
Bayern des samma mia
What are the Pros and Cons of this build versus a Herald of Purity build?
followed this build,gotta say it was the fastest level up ive ever had.but now im lvl 73 and die allot... the problem is when doing bosses or hgh tier maps.idk what to do or improve,allready skipped vulnerability and putted in immortal call but still no effect.
I'm enjoying this build a lot so far. At the start of red maps.

Do you recommend still using Feeding Frenzy or was the 3.10 nerf too much?
I still recommend how the build was I updated the pob and changed a few links to what I think would be a bit better defensive wise but still the same and you can run it still how it was made in 3.9 :)

Could you explain what Desecrate is used for in this build in both versions? I figured in 3.9 it was for Flesh Offering but now, is it just to create zombies?

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