New Microtransactions

I can't believe you want 6 bucks for those assassin pieces. They're practically nothing. You guys are getting to greedy for me. I could see paying 50 cents but that's about it.
Nervyr saw the darkprism pieces coming... hoping the armor and wings (and portal?) are coming soon too... so far really loving the theme, the character effect isn't as badgering as the celestial one.
can we get some less over the top mtxs pls ?
love celestial theme but this is way over the top, people won't see sh!t wearing these. Why buy mtx armors and stuffs when you can just buy and bath your character in these ?
Not gonna lie, these are pretty cool. They would look great with my celestial zombies/skeletons.
The perfect effects for the Judicator Pack.
Okay this is epic
yeah boi
Runslingan! The Power Of ~^S.W.E.D.E.N^~
These effect are beautiful, but impractical. Next MTX: Just a big celestial, or darkprism stain covering half of you screen.
"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried." - Stephen McCranie
I have nearly all celestials but for some reason, i don't like this one, it doesn't match.

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