[3.9] Scion Elemelter(3element wildstrike build) 20m shaper dps great clearing speed.

*My currently league toon#3 has budget around 10 ex
5ex for sword 3ex for aul with grace reserves no mana and glorious jewel 1ex and rest of the gear all together costed me below 2 ex
bougt one ring for 4c the other ring was my lucky alch proc ring, glove for 9c boots for 25c+1ex mod, helm for 25c, belt for 15c, and the 50c for the armour with 5 link.
It does 5M dps with sustainability can do all maps including all the bosses and morphs

Before you read on..
I'd like to mention that I'm still a newb
I've started POE in mid 3.8 which was the last league.
I've played str zombie-necro, which I enjoyed playing since I was able to finish all the end contents.
when I got bored of spinning around with my necro I was looking for a new build and checked out most of the skills. this was when I first came across the skill called 'wild-strike' which I felt in love instantly.

I have three poe to share with.
First two are my finalized build which is mostly theory crafting
I named it ele-melter(for it's nasty dps)

and third is my current character pob which I've spent just below 10ex to build.
This current toon is more based on sustainability (I did put on more lvl on pob just to finalize the build)

#1 https://pastebin.com/RsTfuJ4B -elemelter 4.3k life/ 646 es/ 20m shaper dps

#2 https://pastebin.com/zeXFnjy6 -elemelter-2 5.2k life/ 1701 es/18.5m shaper dps
(soul tether continous life leech) personally preferred

current build
#3 https://pastebin.com/i8yWYSqS -truelist 4.4k life/ 870 es/ 5m shaper dps
49% evasion 60% damage reduction

I've talked to few people (mostly streamer for improving my build) and most of them said this toon will have sudden death moments -which did not happen in most cases (physical reduction built from crab aura + decent evasion mitigated the damage quite nicely which gives me time to pop vaal grace or healing potion when huge damage was taken) hope you enjoy this build

It's not the best build, but it is my best build

Again, I'm still a newb and I'd like to say that I have room to improve for any suggestion.

I'm sure there are more skilled builder who can turn this one around for a better or for worth

you don't need to read the crab I wrote below but if you insist....

I've theory crafted hours to balance out dps output and tankiness for sustainable build. To tell you the truth I'm half way there my current build can take all T16 maps with most mods and does not die instantly which means I can use pots to get out of those situations.

I've tried out few classes and ended up with choosing scion since wild-strike was some what of a medioker skill to begin with.

I've checked out many clips and many posts, which mostly said that it's not viable
or you can converet damage with wild strike which can be viable, and it's a waste of time doing this. I heard many who said (in-game) they have invested over 80ex and was not viable.

I've checked many builds on forums and youtube for end contents builds.
At currently league depending on the build I was told that you need to do 25m+ dps to melt down a boss(which I tried to achieve with the build), or you can have the sustainability to last the fight while doing decent damage which I succeeded in doing so.

I do need some upgrade on few of my item but current build came out to be more playable then I thought which is why I'm sharing this with you guys.

P.S I don't mind streamers-or pro builder copying my build -in fact I want them to and make improvements on it.
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Looks fun!, might try this out. I wont be choosing Scion though.

Will probably change it a bit into a more realistic scenario and try it on my slayer.

But hey, keep up the good work.

Just one advice, tone down a little bit on the "Final" Items on POB.
alotof the items in the "Final" Build are not reachable unless you have a money fountain somewhere :P

Other then that, looks cool!
As far as I understand, since you are doing Fire damage on every attack, Elemental Equilibrium is always applying 50% resistance to fire, and therefore ruining your DPS.

Since you are doing fire damage because of Void Forge --
In PoB you would need to check "Enemy was hit by fire damage"

Also, since you have added lightning damage from your ring "Maelstrom Gyre", you are doing lightning damage to every attack.

In the end, every attack is doing Fire and Lightning, and the Cold attack is doing all 3 sources.

Take off Elemental Equilibrium and you'll notice your DPS go up in game.

I am interested now, so I'm looking at taking the core of this and seeing what turns out.
Sry mate in game doesnt exist jewels thats you use and your dps much lower. Build big noob trap for people

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