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Make discharger Great Again (not true)

Hello everyone.
As long as I have searched forum threads and did not find any corresponding guides on the build I’m presenting to you guys, I have decided to write my own one.
Firstly, as soon as I saw a 6-linked two-handed sword with a “Socketed gems are supported by lvl 18-20 COC

on the poe.trade, I have decided to finally make a good discharger (well, or at least try to make one). This is my first (second) experience in making a brand-new build, so I am open for your ideas and suggestions.

In my opinion, the main problem of discharge is that, being essentially a caster, it remains to be a melee character (cyclone AoE) still. So, considering this, it is necessary to deal with the main problem - survivability. Therefore, we go to the advantages and disadvantages.

1. Good damage
2. Good survival (in this version of the build)
3. Decent clear speed
4. Free fortify (optional)
1. Endless discharge with vivid animation and loud sounds sometimes overlap some dangerous boss animations (perhaps some MTX can “mitigate” this)
2. Not really a league starter (but if you really want it - you can still try).

The main mechanics of the build.

The main feature (the core) of the build is a rare sword with a built-in Cast on Critical Strike (CoC) and Fortify (optional) gems, like the one I have atm.

Then comes the [Kingsguard] which restores health for each consumed endurance charge (with the best outcomes, it can restore 5 * 100 * 7 = ~ 3500 hp per second).

An important affix on the rings is a [Chance to get to the maximum number of power changers]; and also a [Increase damage per endurance/power charge] mod could be great as well (but not necessary).


You need to find the one that allows you to generate endurance charges due to consuming power charges.


Boots are another opportunity to get a chance to reach max power charges amount. Thus, we have a good chance to get to the maximum number of power charges and trigger a discharge while receiving endurance charges and increasing our damage.

Since we always discharge with the lightning and fire damage types, there is a standard version of a tree with the Elemental Equilibrium (NOTICE: it is important to find some source of additional flat cold damage to attacks (in my case it is the abyss jewel): we hit monsters with the cyclone causing some cold damage -> target receives resistance to the cold but becomes vulnerable to fire and lightning. In the end, we get good damage and decent survivability as well.


Make sure to get CoC and Fortify mods, the rest of the mods are up to you – craft them with multimode as you wish.


It should have an enchantment for damage of the discharge increase (IMPORTANT: NOT a chance to not absorb the charges, since if the charges are not absorbed, we won’t get the healing from Kingsguard)




There you can choose any kind of corruption, it will do fine.



It is important to find a pair of gloves with a double crit and attack speed.


Rare belt with a mod to decrease a cooldown time (you can take [The flow untethered] as well).


Wise Oak is necessary, the rest is up to you, feel free to discover!


1 Watcher’s Eye with a Zealotry damage mod or (if you are rich) Double Zealotry, and if you are extremely rich, then Double Zealotry + Precision.
Intuitive leap.
The rest of the jewels are rare with % increased max life + resistances + crit multiplier.
Speaking about the rare jewels, it’s important to notice that while looking for a jewel, you can search for both crit multiplier with lightning spells and crit multiplier with fire, cold, elemental skills (read the description of the discharge). We also need a place to put a jewel which makes your character immune to silence (corrupt).


DischargePower charge on CritIncreased Crit Strikes - Elemental focus - Energy leech - Cyclone. + Cast on crit mod + fortify.
It is important to note that I coloured my sword’s sockets with 3B in the crafting bench and accidentally caught 5B + 1G on the first try; your goal is to catch 4B + 1G + 1P and take an Inspiration gem instead of Elemental Focus.

Zealotry + Blasphemy; Assassin’s mark + Precision.

Flame dash + Faster casting + Arcane Surge lvl 5-6.

CWDT + Immortal call + Increased Duration.

The remaining sockets are totally up to you: I’m sure you can find something that fits you best!

Talent tree
There is a tree of talent.

An important point is the presence of a Glorious vanity that turns our Pain Attunement into Corrupted Soul (name of Doryani);
20% of our HP is turned into a bonus ES – this gives us another 2800-3200 ES on top of our 5800-6000 hp, which, coupled with a Energy Leech gem, gives us a great survivability boost.

On the left side, nearby the Templar’s starting point we place Intuitive Leap.


Arakaali’s Soul (life recovery can be very useful sometimes)

The minor one can be any one of them, though I prefer Shakari’s (antipoison).

Leveling tips
We are leveling as an Arc Trapper or any other trapper (taking around 15-20 trap nodes located nearby at our skill tree, in order to get a free refund afterwards).


Try to have the cyclone attack time respectively to the cooldown of discharge (considering the cooldown time decrease from our belt) and we’re great.
At boss fights we try to keep the boss at maximum AoE of the Cyclone in order to dodge boss’ attacks successfully.

Vs elder with bad gear aura purity of elements and oscarm gloves. failed shitton times but still killed elder lol =)
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how is the end game boss killing like with this build?

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