[3.9] Tectonic Slam Juggernaut I Dual-Wield Swords ALL CONTENT - A8 Awakener DOWN

Wanted to share my Jugg TS build I've been working on for 3.9. I started working on a Tectonic Slam build because I wanted to do something that was not a nebuloch or oni-goroshi TS build. I've seen others do a DW Foil TS build in the past so I am in no way shape or form saying that I am the first person to make something like this.

I was able to do all the game in the content from Fully Juiced T16s to A8 Sirus (link below for the tips i used since that fight is mostly a mechanics fight.)

Sirus Tips. VERY USEFUL esp. since we're melee


T16 Promenade A8

Redeemer Fight A8 (Ivory Stones in place to keep awakening level at 8)

Fast Clear; Great single target with Vaal Warchief and Saviour
Looks Cool

Active Play style <- not necessarily a con, but not a spin to win cyclone build

How the Build Works:

- Since Juggernauts are able to easily generate endurance charges they are able to sustain charged slams pretty easily, making them the perfect class for the tectonic slam skill, the tankiness is just a plus ;).
- Not a lot of mandatory pieces, but I would advise to move to Dual Foils as soon as you can since i can't stand the attack speed
- Use Sand Stance when mapping and switch to Blood for bosses or tough mobs.
- When setting up on the Metamorph, summon all totems and golem before the fight begins, remember to fresh blood rage if it's not up.
- POP ALL FLASKS AND VAAL WARCHIEF ... then watch bosses melt


Current Setup

DPS: ~5.9M DPS w/ Saviour - 7.2M DPS w/ 2 Foils depending on the setup. Prob could get to ~10M if i min-maxed with a better foil and gems with one more awakened gem, but got too lazy.





Tectonic Slam - Awakened Melee Phys - Elemental Damage with Attacks Support - Combustion - Concentrated Effect - Fortitfy Support
- Ruthless or Multistrike can be subbed in if you don't have the awakened gem

If you're having trouble sustaining endurance charges or surviving, i would swap out flammability for warlord's mark

If you're not planning to run anger you can use a different ring. I mainly went with this setup because of the watchers eye that I found.

Skill tree:

Budget Setup

Weapons: Double Scaeva with green gem slots
Helmet: +Max Life, Resist, and - enemy's fire resistance
Armor: Tabula Rasa or Any 6 link with life, resist, and high armor to take advantage of jugg passives
Gloves: Any gloves (preferably Spiked) with +phys, atk speed, life, and resist
Boots: Kaom's roots if you're resist capped, if not - boots with high life, resist and move speed, boots are where i did make up a huge chunk of my life + resist
Belt: Any belt with high life, ele dmg, and resist
Amulet: Life, crit multi, crit chance, and phys dmg. Resist if not capped
Rings: Life, phys dmg, resist til cap


- I went jugg for easier endurance charges and tankiness. Felt like I was getting one shotted by metas a lot when i was running chieftain.
- If you can get a good amount of HP + Dex for the foils on your helmet you don't need a starkonja and can go for a rare with - fire resist.
- I toy'd with the idea of using saviour and it does seem to have better boss dps, but not sure how to calculate that in POB.
- You can run multistrike for mapping then switch to ruthless for bosses
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Under Construction for future posts. I'll try make a budget gear selection version of what i used from T1 - T10.
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