[3.9] Tectonic Slam Crit DW Sword Juggernaut. Need help with improving the build!

Hey Everyone,

Hoping to get some help from the community on what i can do to improve my build. Ultimately i feel like i can do t15 pretty comfortably, but metas in T16 give me a pretty hard time. I would love to stay DW foils and make this work some how. If I can down Sirus that'd be great (still need to learn the mechanics better). Overall, the build is fun, but a bit disappointing in terms of dmg/ survivability at endgame esp for the amt of exalts in the build (~15-20ex).

Am I better off re-purposing the gear i have to run Wild Strike or Molten Strike if TS doesn't work?

POB: https://pastebin.com/a2VBB1uw

Some thoughts on improving the build would be

- switching to defensive flasks
- get more chaos resist?
- Switch weapons to a +extra fire damage foils

Couple of notes:
- I went jugg for easier endurance charges and tankiness. Felt like I was getting one shotted by metas a lot when i was running chieftain.
- Mana sustain seems to be pretty good with ruthless, but have a bit of issues if i use elemental focus. POB says ele focus is more dps though.
- Even with 6k hp it still feels like I am a bit squishy in T16 maps against the metamorph boss.
- DPS feels pretty decent, but not as strong as the oni-goroshi variant of this build.
- It also seems like Fire Pen is very very necessary to do real damage in 3.9 since all the bosses/monsters are much more tankier now.

Any suggestions on how i could be more efficient with my tree and be more tanky/higher dps?

Current Setup

Thank You Exiles!!
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