[3.9]Magic Finder Arakali's Necro 100 iiQ ++

Fast Clear
tank whit 6k++ Es/HP
item quantity = 90~105
item rarity = 90++
not a expensive build
don't require 6x link
full unique itens

minions mechanic


Soul of solaris
e soul of shakari

POB https://pastebin.com/QfHGnriQ

>>>> EQUIPS <<<<

core item for this Build
another core item ! insane amount of damage for the spiders
give us Block and Block spell chance / 3 additional curses / and 8 iiQ
for cap all atributes easily and gives alot of strenght
15 iiQ an W slot
15 iiQ and W slot
10 iiQ / another defensive option is shaper touchs
5 iiQ/ some resistances and Rampage nice belt
iiQ + fire resistance
large amount of iiQ + iiR. However, you will lose movement speed and some resistance.Another option would be rare armor with resistance and large amounts of hp
use the Forbidden Taste as your first active flask, to make the most of the effect of the Divination Distillate
for summon spiders, watch the video below
mov speed + mov speed
free curse in one flask
iiQ + iiR / use after you have activated forbidden taste
double you block and block spell chance . see pob for more details
more strenght
insane amount of block spell

Buy one rare jewel whit lighting resistance and minons damage or HP !


2x carnage chieftain(spectres)
1 animated guardian,see PoB for equip your animated guardian
phase run for movement speed and scape for danger
CWTD lvl 1 + desacrate lvl 1 + spirit offering lvl 8 (defensive setup)
Zombies whit feeding frenzy for buff your spiders and others suport gems to increased damage
hatred+ war banner + generosity for increased damage of your minions


with this build I was able to complete maps T15 and below.
It is worth remembering that this build is made exclusively for farm currency, unique items and maps and not to defeat all end game bosses!sorry for my english not being one of the best!

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Last bumped on Feb 5, 2020, 9:27:04 AM
What items is used on Animate Guardian?

Leer Cast , Dying Breath , Meginord's Vise and others regens equips
The peregrine isn't a better choice of helmet for that build? It give +% rarity, lighting res and move speed
the baron gives my minions an absurd amount of strength and damage to them by improving both clear speed and single target
Even after wathching the video i don't understand how to summon spiders with cold snap

edit: i understand, just need "The Writhing Jar"
Last edited by douns on Jan 28, 2020, 3:00:25 AM
easy way to summon spiders, and gives me frenzy charge to move fast.
as I do not use elemental equilibrium any skill would do, it is up to each one
how do you get your lighting resistance i have 70 missing :(
got it, wich spectre youre using?
carnage chieftain 2x

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