followed item filters disappearing

I followed several of neversinks item filters. They load fine when I first log in, but if I exit to character selection and come back into game, I have no item filters listed anymore. It just has None and Default listed. If I fully exit the game and start it back up the followed item filters come back.
Last bumped on Jan 17, 2020, 2:31:55 PM
Thanks for your report, is this still occurring after the recent 3.9.2 Patch?
I'm having the same issue, and it's only been since 3.9.2

The filters now fail to load when I return to town, and when I open the UI settings, they're no longer listed. I have to restart the game to get my followed filters to show up again. They'll work for a bit until I return to town, when they disappear again.

When I go to town, I get an error message in the chat box that says,

Failed to load item filter: Failed to open filter file. ""

Stacey_GGG wrote:
Thanks for your report, is this still occurring after the recent 3.9.2 Patch?

I just patched to the latest and checked to see if the same thing is still happening. Yes still happening, exit to character selection, picked the same character that the loot filter was working with, come back in game, and no loot filters listed anymore. Exit game fully, come back in game, pick a character, loot filters are there again.
Same problem!

Starting up the game is fine, moment you run between towns or go to char select and get back in game, you get the error! Consistent and reproduceable.

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See what I am currently after here: 1767138
Thanks for the information, we'll take a look into this.
Same thing happening consistently here everytime I switch characters. Playing on steam if that helps
Since 3.9.2 I noticed this error everytime logging in.

Unable to load filter file: unable to load loot filter ""

I dont currently run any loot filters but I tried to install neversink just to see and it will not load or work.

Not sure what happened and this error upon logging in is a new one. After 3.9.2 unless it's been since 3.9 and I just haven't noticed.

This is at least the 3rd thread on this issue I've seen.

What should I do?
if all of you use the "old way" of using loot filters, then you will not have any problems --> I am talking about you manualy downloading the loot filer to you harddrive and then when you are in the PoE client, then select it under Option - UI
Kinda defeats the purpose of following a filter though.
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