[3.9] An Out of Body Experience | Astral Projector + CoC Discharge | *WIP*


Ever wanted to play a Vaal Burning Arrow build with more colors and without the soul nonsense? This might be it chief

While still being ass at the game with over 2000 hours logged, I thought it would be fun to immortalize a personal build. Due to this is being my first guide, formatting mistakes and even build errors will inevitably be made. All feedback and criticism welcome.

NOTE: Although the character reached 90, the build feels far from complete. Further tuning and optimization of the character and this thread will be needed.


The plan was to utilize one of the new uniques released with 3.9, Astral Projector. Due to Discharge having the 'Nova' tag, we are able to achieve a somewhat out of body experience by putting explosions in the place of others.

Maximize power charges -> sustainable charge generation -> fast attacks ->boom

Although Astral Projector explicitly states that the nova will be cast at target location, it follows the standard protocol for trigger effects by automatically aiming the explosion towards the direction/at the area where the target is hit.





  • Pretty as hell
  • Budget Friendly
  • Clears packs
  • Decent boss/metamorph damage
  • Self-sustain thanks to Voll's Devotion + Kingsguard

  • Inconsistent as hell
  • Not S Tier damage
  • No true defense
  • Prone to getting one shot by bullshit metamorphic assholes
  • Not HC-friendly



The build enabler
Power charge ramp
Source for cold damage to proc EE

Highly Recommended

Loads of needed dex and without the enchantment, damage is more inconsistent than it already is
More available charges = more damage
Combos with Voll's Devition for self-sustain
Cheap source for Assassin's Mark

Weapon Choices

Used for general map clear
Single target weapon swap, dual wield these OR (PREFERABLY) 1x Shimmeron + 1x Void Battery


General Map Clear (on bow)
  • Split Arrow
  • Cast on Critical Strike
  • Discharge
  • Increased Critical Strikes
  • Power Charge on Critical
  • Inspiration

Single Target (on chest)
  • Split Arrow
  • Cast on Critical Strike
  • Discharge
  • Concentrated Effect
  • Power Charge on Critical
  • Inspiration

  • Zealotry
  • Precision
  • Arctic Armour
  • Blink Arrow (movement skill for bow)

  • Cast when Damage Taken
  • Immortal Call
  • Increased Duration
  • Vortex (slows + another source to proc EE)

Vaal skills
  • Vaal Haste
  • Vaal Righteous Fire
  • Increased Duration
  • Enduring Cry (placeholder, maybe blood rage)


  • Originally, I was using a very cheap bow with decent aps and high crit in order to accumulate power charges at a more steady rate.
    However, as an Assassin using increased crit strikes gem, I figured Quill Rain would be more enjoyable
  • The more optimal bandit choice was probably Alira for multi + res due to an almost fully unique loadout
  • With 2 6-L setups, other utility gems are difficult to fit in
  • Possibly drop Oskarm for gloves with life + res and fit in a Precursor's Emblem with the mod "15% chance that if you would gain Power Charges, you instead gain up to your maximum number of Power Charges"
  • Voll's Protector is probably a better choice for consistency. This allows us to drop PCoC for another damage gem. More testing will be needed (AKA 2 broke 4 6-L voll's protector)
  • I have yet to successfully 6-L my Quill Rain, so gem swapping is needed if I want to pursue the weapon swap strategy

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Hey man thanks for the build! Looks really good. I might sink more currency into it than you have to see how far it can really go!
How would Badge of the Brotherhood fare in this build? It's pretty expensive, but I figure when your char gets full/max power charges Badge automatically sets that many frenzy charges too?
Any updates? Very interested.
Rico has been experimenting with a build such as this and I think Mathil tied it to Spectral Throw with pretty impressive results.

Here's to hoping it's good to shake up the discharge scene a little! It looks pretty satisfying and won't break the bank.
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Sorry for abandoning the thread; quit Metamorph early

At 15 ex currently, Astral Projector seems to be just out of my reach. Build will rest for now

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