[3.9] Dominating blow/Herald of Purity/Zombie/Curse Summoner

1. Why this build?
2. Skill Tree
3. Gear

Why this build?
1. Why this build?

With this build, you have a huge army of minions, each of them is dealing a good amount of damage.

What minions you have all the time:
- Dominating blow: 9x normal + 3x magic + 1x rare Sentinel
- Herald of Purity: 4x Sentinels of Purity
- Zombies: 8x
- Carrion Golem: 1x
Total amount of minions= 26 minions

I cant tell how much DPS I have, but I know that it deals lot of damage!

- 6k health or more
- 2 defensive curse auras(temporal chains, enfeeble)
- resistance cap easy to get
- physical damage reduction is okay, not thaat good

3. Gear

Before you look at the gear, here some information.

Because of your ascendary, you will get a lot of elemental resistance(20% + 3% per minion, up to 30% = 50%)
So you dont need to concentrate to much on that

The gear I am using actually


Recommended weapons for defensive play:
The Scourge(5c) + Lioneye's Remorse(2c)

Recommended weapons for offensive play:
The Scourge(5c) + United in Dream(4ex)
The Scourge(5c) + The Scourge(5c) (NOT TESTED BY MYSELF)


Recommended Helmet:
Hale Negator with 2 Abyssal Sockets(100c)

Cheaper Helmet:
Lightpoacher Great Crown with 2 Abyssal Sockets(20c)

Lab Enchantment examples:
- Temporal Chains Curse Effect
- Enfeeble Curse Effect
- Zombie damage
- Number of Sentinels(Dominating blow/herald of purity)

Body Armour

Recommended Body Armour:
Belly of the Beast 6L(3-4ex)
Belly of the Beast 5L(20c)


Rare gloves with:
- maximum life
- resistances
- mana or life leech

Other possible stats:
- attack speed


Here you also gonna use a pair of rare boots.
Important stats are:
- maximum life
- movement speed
- resistances

Lab Enchantment: x% increased attack and cast speed if you've killed recently


Recommended belt:
- Darkness Enthroned
- Other belt with abyssal socket

In case of a rare belt with abyssal socket, important stats:
- maximum life
- maybe some dexterity for skill gems

Best in slot:
- Headhunter


Here you gonna use rare rings and amulets.

Important stats are:
- maximum life
- life/mana leech
- maybe some dexterity for skill gems


You will have lot of space for jewels, in your gear and skill tree.
You only will take abyssal jewels and 1 rare jewel.
Abyssal jewels have:
- maximum life
- minion attack speed
- minions deal x to x additional physical damage

The only legendary jewel you use is Fortress Covenant.
Look at my character skilltree where I put it in.

Skill Gems

Cast When Damage Taken - Convocation - Summon Carrion Golem
Fortify Support - Faster Attacks - Whirling Blades/Shield Charge

Summon Holy Relic - Vaal Skeletons

Herald of Purity - Melee Physical Damage Support - Maim Support - Ruthless Support
Blasphemy Support - Enlighten Support - Temporal Chains - Enfeeble

Body Armour:
Dominating Blow - Raise Zombie - Empower Support - Melee Splash Support - Multistrike Support - Brutality Support

When 5L, choose Multistrike or Brutality

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Just the type of build I was looking for. I’ve been wanting to combine herald of purity with zombies and scourge to try it out. How is it working for you so far? You like it?

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