[3.9] W.I.P Lich General - Death's Oath + Summon Skeletons. Input needed


An idea for a test build I would like to work towards. Using the Death's Oath that I loved from the league early last year and combining it with a undead army from the Spectre Army build I am doing this league.

DA would be your main clearing ability while using skeletons to tag farther mobs and Vaal Skeleton for boss fights. This is a Chaos Innoculation build. We have no health. Energy Shield is our priority. A few Auras, a few AoE curses from our helm, flame dash and Immortal Call for our CWDT. We also use Allelopathy Gloves with Essence Drain to maximize our boss killing.

Passive tree is build for ES, Curse/Aura damage, Chaos Damage, Minion Damage/attack speed, health converted into ES with a EfW Jewel. A few side points into Strength so we can try to avoid them on gear, but can be replaced with other points if gear has STR on it. I personally hate misclicking them having to respec 4 points just to be able to put back on my Death's Oath or waste precious inventory space with a piece of gear with a ton of STR.

---===All stats are maxed in PoB. I know this isn't probable, but they are there to see the maximum potential.===---

Lots of uniques, so we rely on our boots, 2 rings and a belt to maximize our ES and Elemental resists.

Uniques: Pledge of Hands. Heretic's Veil. Death's Oath. Allelopathy. Aul's Uprising. Witchfire Brew. Energy from within (Jewel). Possily more flasks, but for now just the basics.

This is a WIP. I have no idea how it would work in the real game. If your a GM and would let me test this build on a test server, I'd love you long time. But until then I would like the feedback of any experienced players who have more time in the game than I do.

PoB Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/RhxSsfn4

I thank you for your patience with me. This is my first attempt at making my own build and not copying someone elses. Your ideas, suggestions and critic are welcome. Make me a better PoE player so I stick around. :)

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