[3.9] Bergerbrush's Cold EleHit Raider - Ice Shot2.0 - 2m+ DPS on a 5Link

Tier 13 Phantasmagoria - Map Clear Speed Showcase

Tier 13 Phantasmagoria Boss Showcase

This is an Alched Tier13 Phantasmagoria Map with 20% More Magic Monsters, 18% Physical Reflect, Bloodline, 13% Beyond Chance, Mobs have 20% chance to Cause Elemental Ailments on Hit.

It is a randomly alched Map to showcase this build. Do keep in mind that these mods are nothing special and the map have no damage/hp modifiers.

ALSO KEEP IN MIND, ALL MY GEMS ARE LEVEL 19/0. 2.2m DPS can be achieved easily with 20/20 gems.

I am very new to making builds and I always strive to make non-meta builds that don't have the biggest price tag in the world to be playable. I think I achieved something decent here for a investment below 10exalts and still being able to do most of the content in the game.

You can always reach me live on my Twitch Channel where I stream almost Daily if you have any questions or need any help!


Pros and Cons

+ Very fast Clear Speed
+ High Movement Speed
+ High Dodge/Evasion -> Can AFK right click most Bosses(including Metamorphs)
+ Can do Higher Tier Bosses Including Metamorphs but T14+ can be tougher
+ Can still be strong on a tighter Budget

- Not very tanky/low healthpool
- Can become expensive the more you wanna progress
- Can not do Elemental Reflect Map
- No Leech/No Regen maps will be extremly tough
- 90% Reduced Chance to inflict Ailments on mobs make our build boring and weak

My Goal with my Characters that I make is to make them mostly non-meta weird fun builds but also try not to invest to heavily into them. I made this char because I don't see a lot of Elemenal Hit or Raider overall and wanted to try out something weird and fun. The Hopeshredder was so cheap as well so I figured I would build something around that.



Now first of all I know you might be scared that Hopeshredder makes us take 200 cold damage per frenzy charge while we run. But if you have your cold resist up and we use Survivalist as well for the +1 maximum cold resist so you don't really take that much damage, and if you have a life flask ready at any point or you know hit mobs to leech hp it will be fine. If you at any point feel like you might die due to no mobs being in your reach and no flask charges, then just stop and let your frenzy charges drop off.

The build evolves around Elemental Hit where we block Fire and Lightning and focus on Cold. Therefor we focus most of our Damage into Cold Damage. On top of that we focus heavily on Frenzy Charges for more flat cold damage with the Hopeshredder Bow. More Damage, Movement Speed and Evasion from Avatar of the Slaughter and more Dodge+Movement Speed from the Darkray Vectors Boots. Ice Bite then also has a lot more flat damage added due to the amount of Frenzy Charges we have.

The Raider Ascendancy adds a great amount of Evasion for us, then along with our choices of Ascendancy points we get even more Spell/Attack Dodge from Quartz Infusion and Avatar of the Veil. That along with Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics + Hyrri's Ire we have a great line of defenses through being able to dodge and evade most of the incoming damage. IT MUST BE VERY NOTED THOUGH THAT CAUSTIC GROUND IS VERY DANGEROUS FOR OUR BUILD!

Now another line of damage that we add is having 2x The Taming for a lot of Elemental Damage added to our build. The Taming also adds a chance to Freeze, Shock and Ignite. We then have the Yoke of Suffering which adds increased damage based on how many elemental ailments we have inflicted and gives us a good amount of Shock as well. Another thing to be noted here is that Elemental Hit does more damage based on the amount of Elemental Ailments the enemy is inflicted by.

We also use a Taste of Hate for increased damage, which then pushes our Cold resistance to give synergy with The Wise Oak for extra Cold Penetration.

And last but not least, we Freeze most of the bosses we encounter and will be able to Freeze Metamorphs once GGG roll out that fix.



This video contains mostly everything that is already in the Guide such as Gearing, Links, Leveling Guide and my explanation of the PoB.




20c for 5Link Hopeshredder Hopeshredder is kind of what I build this character around. It has a very high amount of flat cold damage, attack speed and accuracy. And then since we go for a high amount of frenzy charges it gives us even more flat cold, movement speed, life leech and even some defensives with the avoid%.

I'm using a 5link here with a 6th socket to easily swap out GMP for Cold Penetration for single target.

80c for 5Link Hyrri's Ire Keep in mind that a 5Link here isn't really necessary, it's just a bit extra nice with a 5Link Ballista setup to help us for single target.

The Hyrri's Ire gives us great defenses with High Evasion + Spell/Attack Dodge. Then it has a high amount of flat cold damage added and gives increased duration of chill which is pretty nice.

1c Starkonja's is my helmet of choice. Nothing special, just very decent life and the amount of evasion and defensive mechanics it gives along with critical strike chance and attack speed it works great both defensively and offensively.

2c The Drillneck works great for us both single target and map clearing, the pierce, the attack speed, flat physical that we mainly convert over to cold and the increased damage against enemies that we pierce along with flat life is great and very budget as well.

30c Yoke of the Suffering is very nice for our setup. We deal more damage with Elemental Hit the more elemental ailments the enemy is afflicted by, and so will our Yoke. Then it has a good chance of Shocking which increases our damage significantly. And last but not least it adds resists and all stats to help even out our build.

I annointed my amulet with True Strike because it gives a very heavy dps increase for not that high of an investment.

2x140c The Taming rings is extremly good for this build. Increased damage with hits and ailments per freeze, shock and ignite gives us more damage. Then it has a chance to freeze, shock and ignite and then just a lot of elemental damage added and elemental damage with attacks. And last but not least more resists to even out our build more.

40c What I went for here are Gripped Gloves due to their projectile damage along with Flat Life, Resists and then I crafted Physical Damage converted to Cold because it was a very nice DPS increase for a pretty cheap price (Craft costs 1 divine)

40c A stygian vise with Life, Resists and Elemental Damage with Attacks which just gives us some nice extra damage. Then fill that jewel slot with a jewel that adds flat cold, life and perhaps onslaught for a quicker clear speed.

You can get a better belt if you wanna invest more money that perhaps have more damage such as %Cold Damage along with %Elemental Damage with Attacks. But it will definitely be more pricey.

5c Darkray Vectors don't really cost even 5chaos. But I bought a max rolled evasion ones and then I did Merciless Labyrinth once to get a decent Enchant and then I vaaled them and managed to get a decent Vaal. This isn't really something you have to care about. Just any Darkray vectors is fine.

The Darkray Vectors work perfectly for this build due to their Movement Speed per Frenzy Charge, +1 Added Frenzy Charge which gives our build overall more damage due to our Ascendancy and Hopeshredder. Darkray's also adds more attack Dodge per frenzy charge and has a nice little bit of lighting resists.


Nothing special really, Life Flask with Anti Bleed. Quicksilver for speed (You don't have to get the same specific one that I have, it sure is nice but not needed) Taste of Hate for damage and then Wise Oak for extra damage with the Cold penetration it gives after we use taste of hate because taste of hate pushes our cold resistance to be the highest which then has synergy along with the Wise Oak.

Abyss Jewels

Nothing special here either, Flat Cold Damage with some Life and Onslaught chance on kill for a quicker map clear speed.

Gem Links


5 Link

This is the 5 link you should be using if you are going for the more Budget version of the Build as I am doing and only going for a 5 Link, which still is 2.2m DPS.

I then swap to Cold Penetration instead of Greater Multiple Projectiles for Single target.

6 Link

The ideal 6 Link would be these Gems. And swapping out Greater Multiple Projectiles for Slower Projectiles or Faster Attacks for Bosses depending on what you prefer the most. Slower Projectiles is the highest DPS, but not by much.


Pretty simple, Precision at level 1 because the more you level it the more Mana it will reserve.

Precision Level 1 still provides us with 40% Critical Strike Chance and some nice Accuracy.

And then a Hatred Gem for added damage.

Curse Setup

Herald of Ice with Curse on Hit and Projectile Weakness added to it. In order to not having to selfcast Projectile Weakness we use it with a Curse on Hit. But Curse on Hit needs to be linked to something in order to actually link the curse, so we link it to Herald of Ice which is added to our attacks anyway.

Movement Skills

Blink Arrow+Faster attacks makes it so we Blink Arrow slightly quicker. And the trick here as well is to link Culling Strike with it. So when we spawn a Clone of ourselfs that does almost no damage, that Clones hits will still one shot anything below 10% HP with Culling.

4 Link Shrapnel Ballista to help with Single Target

I am currently using a 5 Link on my Ballista but a 4 Link will do just fine as well.

Remember to put up 3 of these Ballistas as 3 is the total amount you can have up, and resummon them as well during longer bossfights.

Leveling Guide


Here are some generally great Uniques that you can use early on and will help you progress through the Acts very quick and easy.

Level 1 - Twilight Strand


As soon as you finish of Hillock I suggest that you pick up a Caustic Arrow Gem, and use Volley/Lesser Poison Support linked to it. These will work good for progressing along the first few Areas. Personally I think that Split Arrow or Ice Shot feels clunky and has low damage early on and especially for stronger targets such as rare mobs.

Remember to pick up Dash after entering the Submerged Passage and Blink Arrow after killing Brutus and use these as Movement Skills. This will help you progress through the Acts quicker.

Also remember to pick up the Shrapnel Ballista after entering the Submerged Passage. Try to use it as a 2 Link with perhaps Added Cold Damage once you pick that up.

If you are using a Tabula then just add any form of support gems as you feel like, such as Onslaught and later on Mirage Archer and perhaps Pierce.


This is the Skill Tree you should be aiming for by hitting Level 12~

Level 12 - Entering Act 2


At this point you can either swap over to Toxic Rain instead of Caustic Arrow because it has a nice clear speed/feeling and swap Volley & Lesser Poison for Onslaught and Mirage Archer instead.

Also in Act 2 you are given different Heralds as a reward. Pickup Herald of Ice and start using it. It won't be that good until you swap over to Rain of Arrows later but you should start leveling the Gem.

If you are using a Tabula then keep Lesser Posion & add Void Manipulation and perhaps Pierce or something.


This is the Skill Tree you should be aiming for by hitting Level 23~

Level 23 - Entering Act 3


Now this is where we Transition into playing Rain of Arrows instead. We will start getting certain things in our Skill Tree from now on that doesn't work so well with Toxic Rain so we will instead play Rain of Arrows and add as much flat elemental damage as we can.

Go back to Act 1 and talk to Nessa and buy a Rain of Arrows, Added Cold Damage, Added Fire Damage and also use those along with your Mirage Archer. At this point you should start finding a 4 Link to use in Act 3.

If you are using a Tabula, then use these 4 gems and also add ur already existing Onslaught along with a Critical Strikes Gem.


This is the Skill Tree you should be aiming for by hitting Level 33~

Level 33 - Entering Act 4


It's pretty straight forward from here actually. You will be using the Gem Setup that you are for at least this act and then in Act 5 swap out Added Fire Damage for Critical Strikes instead.

Remember if you haven't already at this Point done Normal Labyrinth. Then it is something you should go and do. Put your 2 ascendancy points into Way of the Poacher.


This is the Skill Tree you should be aiming for by hitting Level 41~

Level 41 - Entering Act 5


After Act 4 you will have access to most of the Gems that you wanna use on this Character. Still I would recommend to use Rain of Arrows and the Support gems you have to continue with those as Elemental Hit does not feel good at a low level.

If you are using a Tabula, then use this setup along with Onslaught and Ice Bite that you pick up in Act 4.


This is the Skill Tree you should be aiming for by hitting Level 45~

After Finishing Act 5


After finishing Act 5 there isn't really much we do. You continue getting all the remaining skill points in the tree that is linked below here. Remember to keep your resistances up after defeating Kitava at the end of Act 5 as he lowers your resistances and you take increased elemental damage if you don't keep them up.

As soon as you enter Act 8 you go and do the Cruel Labyrinth and get Avatar of the Slaughter.

After that just keep pushing the acts and look over the rest of this guide to start preparing for maps.


This is the Skill Tree you should be aiming for by hitting Level 68 and defeating Act 10 Kitava



Way of the Poacher -> Avatar of the Slaughter -> Quartz Infusion -> Avatar of the Veil




Path of Building




Budget Version


This build is already overall pretty budget. But there is a way that you can even push the price down more if you aren't ready to invest into this character. The main source of cost comes from The Taming rings and the Hyrri's Ire.

Everything else in this build is still pretty solid and since I will make this as budget as possible I will also make recommendations to swap our your belt and gloves.

30c for a not 5-linked Hyrri's Ire Hyrri's Ire still adds so much damage and a regular not 5-linked Hyrri's Ire is currently 30 chaos. So I would still opt in to get one. Otherwise you can just use a Tabula until you get the money for a Hyrri's.

1c Hrimsorrow's are actually a pretty viable option for this build overall due to its added cold damage to attacks and conversion from physical to cold damage as well. Along with that it adds cold resist to help us even out the builds resists.

Rings 1-30c Now the main thing about rings I would say is atleast to get the amount of resist still needed for your build. We have some from the boots, gloves and belt so make sure you get enough resists on a pair of Rare Rings that you will pickup as your budget option.

I have 3 different ones showing here for different reasons.

A Diamond Ring for some extra Crit Chance that gives a little bit of dps. Along with that some Life and resists to even out the defences of the character. Also having flat cold damage would be a great option.

A Two-Stone Ring just for the purpose of adding resists. Along with that the two stone ring has resists and life. (This ring is just for show though, it has a bit too high resists and will not be needed and that perticular Two Stone Ring is pretty expensive due to its high cold/lightning resists)
Once again any flat cold damage works great.

And last a Opal Ring because of its increased elemental damage is really nice. Pair this with life and resists and you got a decent ring to use as substitute the Tamings. This specific Opal Ring does not have life and resists though I know. Just wanted to show the base as an example.

Self Crafting with Essence of Horror

Now another pretty neat trick is to use a Essence of Horror on a Ring to guarantee the mod "4 to 7 Cold Damage per Frenzy Charge" This can be used to heavily increase damage on a ring for our build but you need to be lucky enough to also get the resists on it because WE MUST BALANCE OUR RESISTS! Another option if you don't wanna gamble with these Essences is to perhaps look for an already crafted ring with resists and life perhaps along with this mod.

Stygian Vise with Life/Resists/WED 5-20c I still believe you can pickup a decent Stygian Vise with Life, Resists and Elemental Damage to Attacks for a decent price. Perhaps lower the overall numbers of the mods to be able to afford a Stygian Vise and if that is still too much. Look for a Leather Belt with the previously shown mods on a Belt because that will be much cheaper.

Maxing out the Build



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i'm waiting for budget version
Very fun build and a good guide! Thanks for that. I have a question - how do you get the INT and STR? Do i miss something?
fleXXX31 wrote:
Very fun build and a good guide! Thanks for that. I have a question - how do you get the INT and STR? Do i miss something?

Int and Strength will come along more as you level up. In the later part of the skill tree we get "Coldheart Calculation" which adds 20 int along with "Trickery" and "Coordination" which adds 10 int each.

Intelligence isn't a really big requirement for the build anyway, you need 68 int to max out Herald of Ice and Hatred. Other than that its only leveling up the Curse on Hit which won't really do much. Make sure you have enough int for Herald of Ice and Hatred to be maxed out and then level your Curse on Hit as much as you can.

The strength requirement I just noticed now I probably missed explaining. I opted in for "Primal Spirit" early in the Skill Tree for that extra Int/Str. That along with the extra attributes from the Yoke gives me enough Strength to max level the gem Elemental Damage with Attacks Support.
Draegonz wrote:
i'm waiting for budget version

Sorry for the Delay. Just updated with a Budget Guide included as well under "Min Maxing"
I use Hopeshredder then when the frenzy charge activates and i'm on the move my life is out, I have a big problem, ¿What I do?
efextus wrote:
I use Hopeshredder then when the frenzy charge activates and i'm on the move my life is out, I have a big problem, ¿What I do?

When you run you take cold damage from the Hopeshredder. You need to max your cold resistance against this. If you are lower than your max cold it will hurt ALOT. I also suggest getting Survivalist in the skill tree for higher max res to help as well. And then use a life flask in emergency cases and just kill mobs to leech hp :)
Thanks for this

just tried it on 3.9 standard and i like it although its a bit low on the life pool if you get 1 shot.

it is very fun and fast at clearing I am hoping to use this as a starter for 3.10 as Shrapnel Ballista has been enhanced as far as i can tell

pushing into endgame items what would you suggest

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