[3.9] Almost "Zero-Fucks-Given" Necromancer - Just Another Cheap Life OP Summoner for TOTAL NOOBS!!!


Hello there!
Are you a NOOB like me ? Do you struggle to make it to the end content ? Do you want to play REALLY CHEAP funny build which clears relatively fast almost all maps ? Do you want to play summoner ? And do you want to play summoner, who actually FEARLESSLY CHARGE IN THE CENTER OF THE MOBS AND LEAD THE WAY FOR HIS MINIONS instead of crouching cowardly in the back in "I am not here" mode? If you say yes, then welcome to my "Almost Zero Fucks Given" Necromancer - because that describes how much you care about 99% of the enemies you can encounter :D.

Yes I know, 29% players in poe Ninja are necros, so this is just another OP fuckin necro, who cannot play anything else, has zero skill and shit like that. Well, not everyone can be as good as Octavian :D





Ascendancy Points:
Mindless Aggression, Unnatural Str, Bone Barrier and Mistress of Sacrifice

Bandits: Kill All


The tree is simple. We want as much defences as possible. We are fuckin OP necro, so we can afford it. You aim for life, increased defenced from shield, life regen. Annoint Ravenous Horde. The build is not Min/Maxed for max dmg, it is designed to keep you SAFELY alive staying in the middle of a T16 horde doing nothing.


life, minion dmg, minion cast/attack speed
at least one with 6% taunt and 6% blind (ideally both in one jewell, but thats not cheap, so take it easy :)))


9x zombies
4x Spectres
1x Carrion Golem
Vaaaaaaal OOOOOOPPPPPPPPPP Summon Skeleton




As you can see, the gear is mostly cheap shit and the gems are not even lv20 :)

The Metamorph league offers a new mod "Increased effect of offerings" and new belt with "You can have an Offering of each type". This means, that I can run both Flesh and Bone offering with only 25" reduced effect. That is immense boost for survivability and damage... and its fun.

The chest piece i bought for 20C, then 6L is myself, the belt was 10C
Rest of the gear is pretty Necro OP standard - the Carrion Wand with +1 gems AND trigger (70C), +3Minion gem helmet (40C), The gloves (10C) Boots (30C), Amulet (20C), rings are self found or 20C.

Before I got this chest, I was running a 60C Skin of the Loyal, before that Tabula (15C). I run only bone offering at that time. I know, its not faaaast, but hey, it worked for me, and kept me alive :)

The "trigger" wand is huuuuge QoL, and I have both offerings+desecrate there.

For difficult boss fights, you can switch to rare belt with resistance or whatever, then place Punishment in the wand.


Classic Spectres for map clear - if you want to know more, see the Kay's Spectre Guide. I use fuckin OP Slave drivers.

Raise Spectre - Minion DMG - Echo - Ele Focus
I use this in the +3 Minion helm. Probably +2 and 20 Mining dmg helmet will be better, but those are for exalts... and so far this one works.
Best will be some armor base tho.

Classic Phys Skeleton for boss killing - for more info see Pure Phys Skeletons & Friends Necromancer guide.

Vaal Summon Skeletons - Minion dmg - Feeding Frenzy - Brutality - Ruthless - Melee Physical Damage

Classic Zombie Meatshild
Raise Zombie - Meatshield - Elemental Army - Melee splash
- splash is just for a little help with map clear

Rest is self-explanatory:

Shield Charge - FA - Fortify (For movement)

Bone offering - Flesh Offering - Desecrate

Summon Carrion Golem
Pride Aura (MOOOOOOOORE phys dmg)
Summon Skitterbots (according to the description, their skill works for both phys and ele dmg, so cool)
Power Siphon - to apply EE at range and for implemented CULLING STRIKE (MVP skill for bossfighs eveeeer)


The mechanic is very simple. We use good!ol Bone offering 75% block combo, with added %defences from shield armor combo + Flesh offering + Trigger Wand + Shield Charge combo.

With Rumis, we block 75% of all incoming attacks, and what gets through is mitigated to survivable level.
We have 76% elemental resists.
We have 9900 Armor
We have 60% HO phys reduction before boosts and flasks
We have 800+ life regen

That all for 240C + links

What we do, is - in T16maps and shit like that - we shield charge directly in the mob, because of added fire dmg from the ring, we apply elemental equilibrium, to the mob, we press convocation (which call all spectress and zombs to us) we press summon skeleton - the mob dies instantly at this moment, and whatever is left is wiped with the skeletons.. we charge in another mob..and repeat. The mobs will be blinded, and taunted.

- have a quicksilver flask with Adrenaline suffix. 65+% movement speed on the flask is good. with 30%MS boots and 75% Flesh offering, you get 110% MS + another 100% from shield charge. That means you are FAAAAAAAAAAAAAST! (at least until you hit a rock.. a wall, a cliff, a corner, another corner.. well, thats the life of a Shield Charger)

- have a life, Rumis and quick flasks at position 1,2,3 and shield charge on R. This way you can constantly press all the flasks+movement.
Summon skeleon and Convocaion on the mouse. EeeezyPeeeezy playing like this. Noob hint!

- have a Bazalt flask for another 15% phys dmg reduction.

- Regarding BOSS fights: REALLY IMPORTANT: You cannot face tank bosses. Normal mobs are fine, and the way the block works, the more mobs around you, the better, but in 3.9, the bosses are made in such a way they instakill even 20k ES templars and builds like that.
So if you just stand there, you will eventually fail your block and get killed. The key to winning a boss fight is always a movement. Simply run around the dude you want to kill, pop skeletons at him, apply EE with siphon, and AVOID all attacks he is throwing at you. I think this is the most important hint to new players. Have strong defences AND run around.

- I have -60% chaos res. Its not good. I recommend to place some chaos res on the gear and have an Amethyst flask with remove poison mod on it.

- HOW TO GET CASH? Simply map dudes! The biggest income for total noobs are 2:
1) simple currency drops. I dropped 4 exalts this league, and i have 4 days in play, some of it AFK and i am really slow mapper.

2) Do the 2 chaos recipe until yellow maps. If you dont do it for too long, it will always bring you starting cash. Use delve for il60-70 jewellery.

Well thats all. Metamorph is fun so far, so have it too!
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Reserved for some reason ?
hi thanks for a very chill guide, actually I just finished act 10 and was searching for a guide that is easy to understand as there are still a lot of things that I should learn. May I just ask how far of the game have you reached using this equips?

I am currently level 72 ( I took my time with the whole story) and looted around 6 exalted orbs, is there any changes could you suggest me given this currency I currently have?
Yo, sure, but you need to make your characters public in the forum setting, so everybody can see them :D
hi sure, did it already i think. :)

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