[3.9] Dominating Blow Guardian - Need help optimizing!

Hi everyone,

my Templar has reached tier 15 maps, but it is getting hard killing things quickly enough - in consequence i started dieing more often.

This is the char:

5.395 life
Resists 116/119/82/-7 without flasks
4268 Armour
3 end charges, 3 frenzy charges - for minions as well.

I am running pride, punishment, HoP, Dread Banner. Yet I feel like i don't kill things quickly enough.
I have no clue how i can buff my sentinel's damage even further.
Is dominating blow just not for the endgame?
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i saw u switched to ES. How was ur build with 5l shav? decent?
Hey there I just saw your post.

Dominating blow is indeed end game viable. Unlike zombies and skeletons, you have to look at your sentinels as "just another source of dps" and not your main minions. In other words, you will have to attack the enemies straight on yourself first in order to see your sentinel's full potential.

As for your gears, it is almost fine but a bit messy. I suggest making room for holy relic. It can grant your minions a good amount of regen if you are attacking.

For your main attack, dominating blow, use support gems that can benefit both your attack and your sentinel of dominance. So remove the "Damage on Full life" (if you are reserving life) for lets say "Brutality", give "feeding frenzy" support to your herald of purity and use "increased attack speed" support gem (attack speed makes a lot of difference, especially with The Scourge).

Hope it helps.
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Holy relic sucks. It's ok in lower maps but once things start to get harder it just dies all the time. I couldn't get it to survive in delves around 400+ i think.

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