[3.9] EXPLODEY Bane/ED - Awakener 8 downed

Hey guys, here is my take using one of my favorite skills in the game, Bane! The build is a lot of fun for mapping but is also tanky and has enough dps for the end game bosses. I've downed all the Conquerors, Catarina (83 zone), Elder, Shaper, Uber Elder, Sirus at level 8, fully juice meta bosses with the build.

Tanky life/es build (11k EHP)
Explosions for good clear (wicked ward + obliteration)
Good defences (max resists including chaos [76 lightning])
Can do all map mods (mana flasks for no regen)
Can do all bosses

Slightly longer boss kills as Bane/ED damage doesn't scale super high.
This is basically the only "weakness" of the build but should be expected with all the defences it has.



Some important notes about the gear, the body armor is not required as is. You can get any 6 socket Energy shield based armor and craft it with Aetheric/Dense fossils. I utilized the base in hopes I would get the explosion mod but I hit this instead. Personally I would craft mainly for the arcane surge mod (Aetheric fossil mod) on body armor and anything extra is bonus.

For Sirus level 8 I swapped out obliteration wand for a crafted wand with +
Spell damage and + Chaos Damage over time multi

The amulet is also easy to craft, I spent about 40 chaos on the hunter based ilvl 82+ amulet and used Abberant and Pristine fossils to get this mod. An even better amulet would have the +1 to all chaos gems mod on it as well.

For Sirus 8 swap out all flasks for 4 Divine life flasks + 1 Forbidden Taste unique flask

6 link body armor: Bane + Despair + Swift Affliction + Void Manipulation + Controlled Destruction + Efficacy.
4 link ED helm: Essence Drain + Controlled Destruction + Efficacy + Swift Affliction
Movement: Flame Dash + Faster Casting.
Auras: Malevolence + Summon Skitterbots.
Defences: Summon Stone Golem + CWDT (lvl 8) + Steelskin (lvl 14)
Curse gloves: Temporal Chains + Enfeeble + Increased AOE

Kill all for +2 passives. For mapping I use Soul of Arakaali + Soul of Shakari. For Sirus kills I use Soul of Arakaali + Soul of Ryslatha.

Thanks for checking the build out and hope you guys enjoy.
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Thx for Build

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