[3.9] ONOMI's Berserker Frost Blades (/w Berserk ~85m dps/~44m Shaper dps)

[3.9] ONOMI's Berserker Frost Blades (/w Berserk ~85m dps/~44m Shaper dps)

[Updated Jan. 15, 2020]

Welcome guys. My name is ONOMI from the Montreal Chill Club Guild.

First off, I just want to say this is my first build I've ever posted here, so forgive me for the lack of editing/knowledge to present something good. I will be editing this post for clarity/more info/more explanations if anyone is interested.

***Updated Jan. 15, 2020 Build Links:
Damage Variant:
(The Saviour: DPS Doubled Basically)
Note: This Variant is stronger vs Bosses, in Parties/Aurabotted, and used to showcase its min-max capability.

Speed Variant:
(The Saviour: DPS Doubled Basically)
Note: This Variant is more relaxed, faster, and quality of life in general. (I usually use this one for all-purpose mapping)

Original 30m DPS Link (Without The Saviour):
POB Link: https://pastebin.com/55b8L72W

Summarized Updates to Build:
January 15th Updates:

Did a big makeover over certain items, squeezing all the resists anywhere I could.
1. Gave up my non-trigger spell Paradoxica for The Saviour, which doubles whatever DPS you see basically.
2. Gave up chest for Sporeguard with +1 Curse anointment.
3. Realized I've been inputting the Taming wrongly in my configurations, essentially forgetting to tick on that other 72% elemental damage increase (I can't believe I didn't realize). I actually get more DPS out of it than Mark of the Elder I believe, but nonetheless had to use it for its resists due to new shoes.
4. Tailwind Boots (Got lucky).
5. Replaced Helm for a Suicide Helm Abyssus. Huge Dps boost. Hardly notice any particular increased deaths from physical damage. Yay!
6. Some Tweaks in general. You might see a mistake in the "reserved mana" in these variants. My bad. I forgot to delete old repeated gem links of which repeat themselves when you re-import your character into POB.

January 7th Updates:
I've left most of this build in-tact with its original information and left "Updated" in some parts. Here I'll summarize my findings:
1. Multistrike generally better than a "more damage" gem in most cases.
2. Dropped The Taming for Mark of the Elder
3. Dropped Skitterbots ONCE I got my Late-Game +1 Chest. Now only running: Hatred + Herald of Purity + Higher Level Precision (about 11). Please disregard notes on this concept below.
4. Switched Some Gem placements once I got the chest. Now I've put Frostbite instead of Summon Golem (which is now on CWDT) in my Weapon that can trigger socketed spells.

-Starter Build Friendly (<1 ex)
-Medium Progression (~7ex)
-This Current Build (~40ex) and where I'm at.
(Check Item Acquisition Order Suggestions below for more details)

So I've been following the builds posted to try out Frost Blades for a while (mainly Krovah's), and have been messing with it to get a high dps. I still die a lot from lag and not knowing how to fight certain bosses, and by no means am I a pro player, but...

My POB says I'm sitting on ~6.5EHP with a potential maximum ~85m dps using the "Damage Variant" of my build. It's important to note, that's max dps with Berserk, 50 rage, all flasks, and all my vaal skills popped. In my mind, if you can't kill it in 5 seconds, you're dead anyway (aka, avoid Boss with Phases). I chose to use the ~60m dps "Speed Variant" of this build.

There are a few things I've added myself to make sense of the build for POB, as POB can't factor in certain elements, like Close Combat for example. Please see my POB NOTES at the bottom, as any errors I made in my build might stem from that.

If you'd like to read on the original build I've based mine on to start:

- Damage: You kill pretty much anything within a second.
- Economy: You can start the main mechanics with less than 1 ex. You start to feel the bulk of this build play better at around 6-7ex. I'm currently at about 30-40ex worth of this build, which could go up to maybe 60 when I'm done.
- Sustain: Generally, nothing really kills you, except Lag, Random Oneshots, and if you don't plan your mods right or never faced certain bosses (especially phase bosses).
- Clearing Speed: Starts of Decent at 7/10. If you take Ancestral Call, its 9.5/10. At late game, my clear speed is about 9 without Ancestral Call.
Each attack spawns like 16 projectiles, each one-shotting most trash mobs. That's 32+ if you count the clones (not sure if they get tribal fury too). Everything in T16 with decent mods always explodes.
- Unless they have One-Shot weird mechanics, almost every boss/Metamorph I fight I can facetank. Also, especially with Damage Variant, almost every boss (non-phase) is fully frozen for the fight.

- Health: Since 1/3 your EHP is energy shields, you have less Life. That makes you susceptible to Chaos/Poisons and most ailments compared to 7k Life. Also gives a bit of anxiety jumping around with 0 energy shields before the fight starts.
- Degen: Blood Rage and Rage Degen become annoying, even when you're rich enough for the Vaal Pact Gloves
- Not the Fastest Movement speed at start. (Although Late Game with the "Speed Variant" I'm Fucking Fast with choosing 30% movespeed on boots mod + Rage + Blitz + tailwind)

- The Max DPS requires max rage. Some boss you start with 0, which gives a bit of anxiety.

Here's my current item combination. This is not the final build but where I'm at currently in this league:

Current Build (Updated Jan. 15, 2020)

Last Build (Updated Jan. 7, 2020)

Original Build:



Here's a quick explanation of the build:
This Frost Blades build revolves almost entirely on the choice of Amulet. Please bear in mind this was my league starter, so I started it all from scratch following Krovah's Build. I'll explain as best I can the main components of this build that differentiate from the most popular one.

Key Concepts:
1. Amulet: Yoke of Suffering
By allowing your cold damage (elemental) to be applied as a main shock damage source, you can turn on "shocked" in POB. As well as being a high critical chance build, you can assume it's always on.
The take modifier uses any ailment as a "take increased damage" (aka a Total more damage), so I've abled to normally apply ignite, chill, shock, poison. There's potential for bleed (From Leap) and frozen, but I'd rather not click on those on POB as they're not consistent.

2. Updated: Auras: Hatred & Herald of Purity & Precision
Note About Dropping Skitterbots:
I have dropped the idea of Skitterbots with Bonechill, as someone on this thread said it might be confusing to use with this build. Skitterbots' aura is "always on" generally, and I'm not sure if your stronger "Chill" and "Shock" correctly override it. While that's good for Shock (as ours is stronger), it's confusing for their Chilled (Skitterbots chill = enemy takes increased damage) vs your chilled (more slowed but no damage increase).

-Hatred Max Level
-Herald of Purity Max Level
-Precision: Raise to the highest level you can while having enough mana to perform 2-3x your skill cost or whichever you're more comfortable with. Mine is about level 11.

3. Ring: The Taming (Updated: Mark of the Elder is "can" be Stronger)
The base of this ring gives 60% increased elemental damage with attack skills. With all 3 damaging-ailments checked, and while working on increasing the damage mods through elemental quality, the ring gives me at the moment +14% increased elemental damage with attack skills
With Quality: my ring gives up to 144% increase.

(Update: Jan. 7, 2020)
After playing further around with rings, I found out that Mark of the Elder (with Hatred Corruption) can do a lot more damage somehow than the Taming's ~144% elemental damage increase. You however lose out on the extra resistances that helped against certain map debuffs. It's up to you really. I'd play with your POB with both seeing which fits better for you.

4. Tribal Fury
I'm kinda surprised certain builds weren't updated to state the utility of this. It's a free ancestral call. You lose out on the extra 3rd random monster hit, but just having 1 makes the mob-clearing job done all the same. That frees up your 6th gem slot and makes a huge difference in dps.

5. Multistrike vs Melee Physical Damage Support:
Multistrike: After playing around with it, I've noticed more DPS in using different certain gems instead, such as Hypothermia (which beats Melee Physical Damage Support surprisingly later on). Additionally, I noticed that valuing a higher amount of raw damage vs attack speed (while still dual wielding) might be important if you like Chill-Freeze locking bosses. In my mind, the bigger the hit, the better it'll affect Chill and Shock. As you can see on my boots and other tree choices, I've put importance on "increased effect of non-damaging ailments", which also synergizes with other things in this build. In the end, I've concluded: If you're solo, use multistrike. If you're in a group, use multistrike. Don't use multistrike if you have an Aurabot Friend, or if you want to see your MAX DAMAGE on bosses lol. But Multistrike really helps doing shit faster in general.


Main Right Click
Faster Mapping/Overall Ease (Chest) (4 Red/2 Green)
[More Atk Spd/Less Bigger Hits]
1.Frost Blades
3.Rage Support
4.Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
5.Ruthless Support


Variation Main Right Click (Chest) (3 Red/3 Green)

More Damage
[Less Atk Spd/Way Bigger Hits]
1.Frost Blades
3.Melee Physical Damage Support
4.Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
5.Ruthless Support
6.Close Combat

Note: Depending on your equipment, some gems may appear stronger than others, while some are just too damage hard to socket the right colors. I have an "armour and energy" chest, and it's damn annoying to get 3R and 3G.

The configuration of the rest of the Gem Links depends on if you have the mod "You can apply an additional curse" or not. The second curse would be "Frostbite Lv.20" which would be in your Paradoxica that can trigger spells.

For Leveling/Don't have it yet

Main Left Click/Travel (Boots)
1. Leap Slam
2. Fortify Support
3. Blood Magic (Slot in Main Skill Bar)
4. Faster Attacks (Originally had Endurance Support but you're mobility is a bit more important)

Helmet (Auras)
1. Hatred (Slot in CTRL Secondary Skill Bar)
2. Herald of Purity (Slot in CTRL Secondary Skill Bar)
3. (Free Slot) Late Game: CWDT (Lv.20)
4. (Free Slot) Late Game: Summon Ice Golem (Lv.20)

1. Vaal Grace (Slot Vaal version in Main Skill Bar)
2. Precision Lv 5 (Use lv 1 if needing more mana)
3. Ancestral Protector (Slot in Main Skill Bar)
4. Multiple Totems Support (Needed to use all 3 totems at once)

Weapon A
1. Blood Rage
2. Vaal Ancestral Warchief (Slot Both versions in Main Skill Bar)
3. Berserk (Slot in CTRL Secondary Skill Bar, Pref in "Q")

Weapon B (Important Mod: Trigger Socketed Spell when you use a skill)
1. Summon Ice Golem
2. Vaal Molten Shell (Slot Vaal version in Main Skill Bar)
3. Wave of Conviction

1. This mod is important in order to have these things casted every ~3 seconds. For me, it's a free 800-1300 extra HP shield for ~3 seconds, a golem you never have to manually resummon, and the Wave of Conviction is a sweet "enemies take 25% increased cold damage" exposure mechanic, that procs randomly, but mainly used on bosses.

2. Summon Ice Golem could be moved somewhere else later on to make room for Frostbite once you get the "Can apply an additional Curse" mod on your chest. Mad Expensive yo.)

If you have the mod for an Additional Curse:
Main Left Click/Travel (Boots)
1. Leap Slam
2. Fortify Support
3. Blood Magic
4. Faster Attacks

Helmet (Auras)
1. Hatred
2. Herald of Purity
3. CWDT (Lv.20)
4. Summon Ice Golem (Lv.20)

1. Vaal Grace
2. Precision
3. Blood Rage
4. Multiple Totems Support

Weapon A
1. Blood Rage
2. Vaal Ancestral Warchief
3. Berserk

Weapon B (Important Mod: Trigger Socketed Spell when you use a skill)
1. Summon Ice Golem
2. Vaal Molten Shell
3. Wave of Conviction

1. This mod is important in order to have these things casted every ~3 seconds. For me, it's a free 800-2000 extra HP shield for ~3 seconds (depends on your armour value), a golem you never have to manually resummon, and the Wave of Conviction is a sweet "enemies take 25% increased cold damage" exposure mechanic, that procs randomly, but mainly used on bosses.

2. Summon Ice Golem could be moved somewhere else for another Curse, if you get the "Can apply an additional Curse" mod on your chest. Mad Expensive yo.)

Off the bat, I still die alot. I have no idea how people don't die a lot lol. I lag a lot and rubberband die plenty, and random one-hits. My build's hp is low, so I can get annoyed quickly with ailments. However, my EHP is still 6.5k. I achieved this through using certain mechanics.

1. BELT: Soul Tether
Simply put, this allows you to keep your leeches past full life (sucha pain not having this), and effective allows you to build your energy shield as extra life. I get a measly 5% from my not-best rolled belt, 10% from master craft on my body armour, and 20% from my timeless jewel. Therefore, I get approximately 4736 life and 2327 Energy Shield, which I hope to bring to a flat 7500 EHP by the end-end game.

2. Gloves: Atziri's Acuity
My god this thing is expensive. 7ex when I got it. I've always wanted Vaal Pact in the build, but it was such a dangerous mechanic to have while Delving or waiting out the Boss phases. Besides Blood Rage and the Berserker Rage Degen eating your hp between monster kills, moving anywhere without full life is just anxiety.

With these gloves, your Vaal Pact turns off after 4 seconds of not hitting anything, which is roughly the same time your leeches wear off too. This is perfect so your natural crappy regen takes effect, leaving you full life for the next wave.

Starting a Fight/Between Monster Waves
You always start your fight at only ~4700 Life. With that in mind, it's best to pop your flasks before you leap in just to be safe from those first big hits. Also, it might be wise, after flasking, to leap a bit away from enemy monsters and attack further away, just to start the energy shield leeching early, that way your first hit will be on 7k EHP than only 4.7k HP.

Between monster waves on maps, I'd suggest popping your flasks every so often, especially if it's been more than 5 seconds since hitting your last monster and have no leeching life in reserve. Save a full load though if you know the bosses are coming up.

Dangerous Rare/Unique Boss/Map Boss/Metamorph/Exile Boss


This is the normal rotation I do, with optimal circumstances.
- You hit the last monster within the last 4 seconds (for leeches)
- You have all your Vaal Skills ready to use instead of empty

(Depending on if the boss takes a while to spawn, or is already ready to fight)

Have your leeches still running hopefully and POP your buffs in this order (which you can customize your skill bar with my recommendations in the Gem Links Section):

1. Put down Ancestral Protectors (will spawn 2)
2. Put Down Ancestral Warchief
3. Put down Vaal Ancestral Warchief
4. Pop all 4 battle flasks (your 5th is your HP potion in case)
5. Pop all 3 Vaal Skils
6. Leap into into boss and start holding right click.
7. Depending on boss, I'd recommend to always leap diagonally of the boss every 3 seconds; refreshes fortify, might dodge some shit you didn't notice eating your health)
8. Wait about 3-5 seconds after you start hitting or until your Rage is 50, then get ready to use Berserk. If the boss is dying within 2 seconds, don't pop it. If the boss suddenly starts doing something that makes you lose your health fast, pop it. If it's a map boss, you generally want to save your berserk for the Metamorph after, but don't take your chances with dying.

I generally try to do my Map Boss midway through the map if I found it early, so I don't have to fight the Metamorph Boss right after, which is normally the case. If you know your boss isn't a problem for you, save your Vaal Buffs from Step 5, as usually the Metamorph boss is a lot harder)

E) Item Acquisition Order Suggestions

Here's a list I'd suggest to focus on getting first, in order. These prices are what I remember seeing, more or less, as of this league on Jan. 1,2020 :

Starter (<65 chaos):
1. Tabula Rasa (10c?)
2. Soul Tether (15-30c)
3. Yoke of Suffering ( only 30c! wtf I got it for an 1ex :( )
4. Oskarm Gloves (5c: for Assasin's Mark)
5. 2x Scaeva to start (2c: try to put all green sockets for both)
6. Abyssus (~5c)

Medium (~7ex):
1. Paradoxica with "Trigger Spell" mod with 140-150+ PDS (<1ex)
2. 150+ PDS normal Paradoxica (pref stronger). Try to get Blind on one of them, Poison on another (need %chance to poison somewhere to proc an additional ailment for Amulet's function). On the normal one, try to get higher critical chance.
3. 6L Chest: pref with at least 100 flat life, with an empty Prefix to put "Gain 10% of Maximum Life as extra maximum energy shields" mod (1ex-3ex without mod) (~1 ex)
4. Shaper's Touch (5-50c) to replace Oskarm. You only get these if your able to afford Item#5's ring. This will boost your current energy shields by almost half.
5. Shaper Ring with Assasin's Mark: (30c up to 3ex) depends on stats/resistances you need to cover for your build. I also put my one source of fire damage here, to get that ignite ailment for Amulet)
6. The Taming: (1-2ex) Make sure you get a good roll on the 20-30% elemental resistances.

End-Game: (As of Jan. 15, I've been in it for about 3 weeks)
1. Atziri's Acuity (7ex): You replace Shaper's Touch gloves. You'll lose a bit of a chunk of Energy Shields, but you now have double life leached. That's regaining your entire pool within 7 seconds, to about 3 seconds (which can change everything in boss fights). You also don't need to worry about vaal pact fucking you up between fights as it will turn off the same time as your leeches.
2. 6L Chest with 100+ life and "apply 1 additional curse" (if possible also +% to critical chance) (5ex) OR: Sporeguard with "Whispers of Doom" Annointment (+1 curse) for 6-8 ex
3. The Saviour (HUGE DPS BOOST: 12-15ex)
4. Tailwind Boots (might need to build your own with Hunter Influence, preferably on Two-Toned Boots, as your resists might suffer trying to slot this in; 3-10ex+)
5. Currently Working on: Better Shaper Ring (But I don't think I can Min Max much more from here)


Main Skill Bar:

Ctrl Secondary Skill Bar:
*Update Note: Replace Skitterbots with Herald of Purity


1. Close Combat:
I added the mechanic of this gem on the middle right side of the tree, using the "projectile" socket route. There should be a very small margin of DPS error due to trying to slot a FAKE jewel that has "59% more melee damage" to make up for the lack of response of adding a Close Combat Gem in POB. While it's true this damage drops as the enemy is further away, I generally leap into rares/uniques within the 15 cell range. All other crappy minion monsters die anyway from the projectiles, so the added DEX and Projectile damage is completely negligible.

2. Timeless Jewel: Glorious Vanity
At the bottom right of the tree, you'll see another FAKE jewel I've put in, with evasion nodes that aren't that on my screen, as POB doesn't really get timeless jewels. I don't really have evasion, so those factors are neglible. On my in-game tree, I get 7% increased physical damage, +10% lightning resistance, +6% chance to ignite, and then finally the "Corrupted Soul" function, which is an extra 20% energy shield that I mentioned earlier. The nodes leading up to his are kinda negligible for the build besides the small lightning resistance.

Berserker Ascendency Order:
Crave The Slaughter/Rite of Ruin/Aspect of Carnage/Flawless Savagery (Or Pain Reaver If you want better leach)

SKILL TREE PROGRESSION: Might Need to Zoom in (Hold Ctrl + MouseScrollUp)

I've included in-progression pathway as well in the top POB links. Just click on the bottom left when you open it up, and switch Tree View to either "Start, Mid, Before Maps, End-Game." In the POB, there's some Notes from here included.

Special Mention: matthew24906793 (For helping me sort out POB guide)

This all depends on if you're going into this build as a second character with money or your league starter. Either way, try to get a Tabula as quick as you can (~10c). I'll write this mini-guide as if you're poor though, as that's how I started it.

From Start:
Use Molten Strike From Quest: Has AOE built-in.
(+Socket Onslaught/Ancestral Call)

With Tabula as you level to 24 (since #sockets on regular trash gear is limited to level, i.e. max 3/4):
Moltenstrike+Onslaught+AncestralCall: you can add: added fire damage support/
Auras: (Use Precision/War Banner for now)

Once you reach Act 3, Frost Blades is minimum Level 24 to use. You can wait till act 3 to get it from a quest, or you can buy it on Trades whenever you reach that level.

Once Act 2, use Herald of Purity. You can also use Ash/Ice as you wish. (Ice is garbage later) You can start using Blood rage, and the 6L below (in that order of however max slots you have)

6L: Molten Strike/Anc.Call/Onslaught/Rage/Ele.Dmg.W.Atks.Support/FasterAtks

Once you have Frost Blades, you can use the 6L below (in that order of however max slots you have).

6L: FrostBlades/Anc.Call/Onslaught/Rage/Ele.Dmg.W.Atks.Support

Anc.Call: Clear Speed
Onslaught: Until you get a jewel with it, try to use the SKILL TREE to get it at the bottom right so you can unslot it in your 6L. It helps a lot for map speed.
Rage: Helps build up some extra rage. Once you become berserker, the gem becomes more important. Until then, it's just slightly extra damage, but mind as well level it up now.

Near-End of Campaign, you should switch up to this once gems are available. I recommend getting the Onslaught

6L: FrostBlades/Anc.Call/Multistrike/Rage/Ele.Dmg.W.Atks.Support/Melee Physical Support(Or CloseCombat, as you wish, same principle for both)

See above for the order of Budget Build Items to get first. Mainly the belt and the amulet. Try to get "Tribal Fury" asap on your amulet, so you can de-slot Anc.Call for Ruthless.

H) Pantheons/Bandits
Pantheons: Major: Soul of Solaris, Minor: Soul of Shakari
Bandits: Kill All


1. Switch up Flawless Savagery for Pain Reaver
-This loses maybe/depending: 5-10% total dps, for 50% more leech. (from 2k/sec to 3k/sec when it matters most)

2. Watcher's Eye: (Credit to <HOC>Neveraa) Slot in a Watchers eye with ~40% physical damage conversion to cold. This essentially lets you take out the 6 skill points in that area for that physical to cold conversion, allowing you to add 6 points in other places (all into life could mean 300-700 more eHP depending)


If there are any significant errors I've made, please let me know. Also, if you have any suggestions to do even more damage, I'd be much appreciated. I'd also like to apologize for the updates in this thread. First time making a build, while progressing/making changes to it through time. There might be some concepts (ex: skitterbots) that I've deleted that some parts of this original post may refer to.

And if you have any questions, you can message me in the current Metamorph league:

Account: ONOMI

Again, thanks for reading, and have a Happy New Year.
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I love frost blades and the feeling of playing it, the clear speed, the spread cover and such.

First impression is that your build is solid, berserker is a no miss when it comes to fast damage imput and speeding through maps.

Few things I could add:

-I believe a rare amulet with nice damage mods and a good flat live would benefit more in matters of damage/survival. As for annoitment I would rather go for a damage one(throat seeker, fatal blade etc) It kinda feels like a waste using such a nice mechanic to add just a single extra target to our frost blades, in time, awakened ancestral call would be a nice fit for those who dont mind swapping gems every once in a while for increasing single target (honestly, most of the times you won't even need to swap gems)
-Aspect of Carnage/Pain Reaver -/- Blitz and Savagery, IMO you could test around both ascendanscy ways, to be honest I'd feel Blitz way is a little better, we get more benefits since we still have to run maps fast, so might as well gain more added buffs

-Like you said in gearing, a nice crafted flat crit/hp pool with maybe extra curse chest might be an extra step foward endgaming maxing, I would like to see that in this build.

Overall I just gave my impressions looking from above did not went on PoB and etc, I will probably give a try to Zerker sooner or later this league and I feel like frost blades fit nicely.
Last edited by Mukee on Jan 2, 2020, 4:06:27 PM
Thanks for the reply Mukee.

I was thinking of a strong nice damage amulet instead, but I'm too afraid of giving up that "elemental damage shocks" part.

I tried out the other ascendancy combos, but didn't feel it right. I'd def agree that Blitz charges make the quality of life of clearing a lot easier in the speed, which I definitely lack. I find though I'd rather keep the bigger hits (For strong chills/freezes/shocks), and maybe keep multistrike in for clearing.

Still playing around with it though. Thanks again for the helpful suggestions though.
nice jewel - 59% more melee damage
Close combat for POB. I wrote why in the post.

nice jewel - 59% more melee damage

Mayb instead of being ironic read the guide. Close Combat doesnt get calculated in PoB so he added the jewel.

Do those paradoxica still overrule let's say a dual wield 450 pdps with 1.9As jeweleed foils?

To go for better dps is flat phys the best mod to get?
Hey Bjerg! Thanks for your interest in my build.

I'd undoubtedly imagine that a foil with higher than 400 pdps would shine better in the main hand for sure. I just used a dual paradoxica cause an okay one is about less than 1 ex, and a good 420-450 foil could be anywhere from 3-7ex. Since I have a bit of +# flat physical damage to attacks, it benefits a bit more. I'm still pretty poor.

For DPS though it's tricky I find on what I want to focus:

Atk Speed: Comfortable mapping/Faster Rage Gain/Better Survivability (Using Multistrike)

Bigger Hits: Slower/Clunky/Freeze, Chill, and Shock benefit a lot more (Not Using Multistrike)

I guess it depends on what you want. The Bigger Hits focus though gets higher DPS for me, but I always end up putting multistrike back on for mapping. ALthough, with Bigger Hits, you see Bosses freezing even, it's pretty funny.

If you want, you can always PM me in game: @ONOMI
Have you tried this build with the saviour?

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