[3.9] Poisonous Blade Vortex with Plague Bearer


The idea is to poison with Blade Vortex and to charge Plague Bearer that way. Once PB is charged you unleash it to do some crazy damage to everything around you. On bosses the poisons from blade vortex are stacking to some crazy heights, doing even more damage! Also the build is easy enough to be played in a new league and there is no mandatory gear.

I am not playing regularly and i usually get bored before i get too far in the atlas and then i start a new build, so please do not be too demanding to the video. I made it just to show you the build.



Level 90:

Anything will do really as long as it has health and resists.
What you need to do is get 100% chance to poison and the build will work. It is another matter if you want to improve from there.
The first thing to aim for is to get some descent spell crit chance on. Here is what other things you can aim towards if you want to improve.

My current gear and some other gearing choices:


The dagger with the +1 to all levels and +2 to chaos is for the Plague Bearer link. You can use Voideye unique ring to socket in the Plague bearer and put Empower gem in the BV link and replace the daggers with this unique:


You can use the Poison support gem instead of Void Manipulation and use Carcass Jack for better aoe:


This two uniques have really good synergy with the Noxious Strike ascendancy. You poison yourself to trigger the ascendancy duration increase and to cap the Plague Bearer really fast while the helm is preventing you from dying to the poison. Sadly, it works only for the first 100 poisons and because your poison duration is so long, you have to wait longer than 10-15 sek for the poison on you to expire before you are able to poison yourself again. The purpose of those life flasks is just so you remove the poison on you. When you get to full HP the poison immunity buff is removed, so you can self-poison again. The small flask needs only 7 charges to use but will not heal you if you are not full. The other flask will heal you, but will recharge slower because needs more charges to use. Pick one.

Also you will have pretty high chaos resistance (if not capped) so you can even use this flask for instant heal and avoidance:


A problem might be the lack of lifesteal in this build. I have not yet encountered something like this tho. A suggestion is to use the Watcher's Eye jewel with the mod "Gain a flask charge on critical hit while affected by Precision" or some wording like that. Level 1 precision gives us 40% crit chance and takes us 1 gem slot and 22 reserved mana, so if you need you can try playing with it.


Another idea to boost even more the poison duration is to link Firestorm with Unleash support and to use it. It will add poisons when it hit affected by Despair curse enemies.



I am putting here what i am using; i have no idea if its the best or not.

Blade Vortex:

Plague Bearer:


Whirling Blades:


The Temporal Chains is both defensive and damage curse. It prolongs the debuff duration on enemies so the poison lasts longer. It still does the same damage every second its just 40% longer as long as you stay nearby for the curse aura range.

It would be better to apply Temp. Chains with curse on hit or something if it is reliable. Then you can use Summon Skitterbots for the shock.

For Despair its best to keep it as aura because it overlaps with Plague Bearer.


It is easy to star with Gaustic Arrow (on 3 link with Void Manipulation and Concentrated Effect) and keep using it until you get to act 3 and get the Plague Bearer gem. You can use Blade Vortex (supported with Lesser Poison and whatever you feel like) together with it. Before you swap completely to BV you should have taken at least one of the Increased Skill Effect Duration nodes.

Take the Noxious Strike ascendancy first. To benefit from the healing you should keep the Herald of Agony gem to level 1 so it does not steal your kills.
Take Toxic Delivery second and the power charge generator 3rd. For the 4th you can pick between damage and survivability - Deadly Infusion for even more damage or Mistwalker for movespeed and Dodge.

Thanks for reading and enjoy playing!
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