[3.9] Bergerbrush's ScreenCluster Deadeye TS Arrow Nova - Semi MF on a Budget

This is my first ever attempt at a somewhat real Build and attempt at my first Build Thread as well so I am sorry if it doesn't look extremely pretty or all the information will be available straight away.

This build is made as a League Starter where you can map fast and make decent money with the amount of quantity you can squeeze in easily. You can spend more than I have and push even further if you want too but do keep in mind this is just a fun quick budget league starting build I did where you just drop arrow novas and the whole screen just flash with Tornado Shot+Arrow Nova.

You can always reach me live on my Twitch Channel where I stream almost Daily if you have any questions or need any help!


Pros and Cons

+ Very fast Clear Speed
+ Semi MF on a Budget
+ Very Budget build overall
+ Decent Movement Speed
+ Good Insta Leech with Thief's Torment
+ Thief's Torment allows us to do No Regen Maps

- Not strong Single Target
- Struggle with Higher Tier Maps
- Not very tanky/low healthpool
- Can become expensive the more you wanna progress
- Can not do any Reflect map

Now keep in mind this is a very budget build that I made for people as a league starter or for them to try this out. Better gear can absolutely be added to progress further into maps and increase map clearing speed, same goes for the amount of Quantity that you have. You can always add quantity gear such as boots/belt/gloves but you will need to juggle your resists.

I spent approximately 70 chaos on this character to clear T10 maps with a decent speed. But do remember, Bosses is a pain due to it not having any bossing setup currently.



15c Bow with Flat Phys/Ele Damage and Attack Speed is what I looked for - Managed to pick up this beauty for 15 chaos though. Very nice budget bow with high flat damage for a budget build like ours.

15c A Tabula will work fine for the beginning, might wanna upgrade to a cheap (perhaps corrupted) 6linked armour with life and resists if you wanna juggle around the rest of your gear and perhaps add some more layers of defensives and life overall.

1c Starkonja for Life, Evasion and Damage.

2c Drillneck for Life, Evasion and Damage.

5c Gloomfang adds alot of damage per chain as we chain multiple times with the Chain Gem, Chain from our ascendancy and another chain from the amulet. This chain helps us Screen clear even better.

5c This is one of the most important parts of this budget build, the Gloomfang adds screenclear with chain and damage but also make us lose a ton of life with Lose Life for each enemy hit. This ring counters that by adding a high amount of Life gained for each enemy hit and it adds so much that we get great insta leech and mana leech from this ring. Also it adds great resists and a small amount of quantity to make this a Semi MF build. Be careful trying to swap out this ring and keeping the Gloomfang as you will lose HP everytime you kill mobs without this ring on.

10c Life, Resists, Evasion gloves that also had some Flat cold damage.

What you wanna look for is gloves with life/resists and perhaps attack speed/flat damage and possibly Gripped Gloves as base. In theory you could use Sadimas Touch here for added Quantity and flat damage as long as you get resists somewhere else. (Perhaps swap Starkonja's for a Rare Helmet)

5c Life, Resists Belt. Feel free to look for Elemental Damage with Attack Skills as well.

10c Evasion Base boots with Life/Resists and Movement speed, nothing too special.


5c Selfcrafted flasks and Atziri's Promise. Remember to have Anti-Freeze and Anti-bleed on what ever flasks you may use.

Abyss Jewels

Abyss Jewels can be extremly good for Rangers and a character like this. Anything with flat damage such as cold/lighting makes a huge difference. Then perhaps one with Onslaught on kill to help with map clear and if your budget allows you, go for life as well. These are an example of something nice you can use.

Gem Links


6 Link
In my opinion it feels really nice to be able to just drop some quick Arrow Novas by using Faster Attacks. Otherwise Arrow Nova feels generally slow without great attack speed which we will not really have. Also I currently don't have my Uber Lab done on this character.

If it already feels good enough without Faster Attacks or when I get my Uber Lab done and perhaps more attack speed, then I would opt in to swapout Faster Attacks for Added Cold Damage just to have more flat cold damage to clear packs easier.

or swap out Faster attacks for

If you are struggling with Mana then keep Precision at Level 1!

Curse Setup

Movement Skills

4 Link Shrapnel Ballista to help with Single Target

2 Link Artillery Ballista because of its long range it can help to drop bosses with Culling linked to it

And then last a Blood Rage Gem optionally for extra Attack Speed

Leveling Guide


A Tabula and Quill Rain is usually my go to for leveling Rangers and using Rain of Arrows and just adding flat damage feels great as well.

Skill Tree Part 1 - Around Level 35

Skill Tree Part 2 - Around level 55

Skill Tree Part 3 - Level 79

Skill Tree Finished



Gathering Winds->Far Shot->Ricochet->Endless Munitions

You can choose either Gathering Winds or Far Shot from your first Labyrinth. Personally I like Gathering Winds as it makes us run through the acts quicker.



Save Alira for the Resists to help you early in the league or help us budget this character through having to get less resists on gear. Alira also gives decent damage with Crit Multiplier and some nice mana regen.

Otherwise KILL ALL for the Skill points.

Path of Building


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+1 this build.
Updated with some different gear that I bought to make sure exactly how much money I spent and added some extra defensives with higher life and evasion due to Starkonjas.

Will also make a video today for the build.
Basicly done with the Build. Obviously don't have leveled gems and a 70c budget won't really get me further can t10 maps and the idea behind the build is to make it budget/league start as a fun build with TS/Arrow Nova.

Will still make a video soon and post but will not update this anymore really.

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