[3.9] Cyclone CwC Skeleton Summoner of Max Block


My very first character was a Necromancer without using a build guide, it was squishy as hell and had only around 800 HP after reaching maps. It died a lot. After some more characters with different builds I started a new Necromancer for Metamorph that should be the opposite from my first attempt.
Now imagine a Summoner that won't stay behind the minions, instead cyclone in the middle of the mobs with bloodthirsty minions following and murdering everything on the way. This sounds a lot funnier then (de)buffing from the background, am I right?
The inspiration for this build guide comes from Steelmage.

Build Assessment

Easy 90% Physical Damage Reduction with help of Granite Flask
78% Block Chance for Attacks
A lot of Elemental resistance without Items

+ Strong defences (high HP, Armour, Blocking, life Regeneration andRecovery Evasion through Blind)
+ Great Boss Killer
+ Great Metamorph Killer
+ Great league starter with low budget
+ Great for fresh and new exiles
+ Delve deep, delve far
+ Good Clear Speed
+ Great for new player

- Your minions do most of the work

Playstyle and build mechanics
We use Cyclone with cast-while-channelling-support to continuously cast Desecrate and bone-offering. So we can just spin around while we keep up bone-offering. With the Ascendancy Keystone Mistress of Sacrifice we also get the bonus of bone-offering which provides us with a lot of additional blocking chance (up to 26%).
With summon-holy-relic in our back we dish out a lot of nova damage which also heals us and the minions, what an evil holy relic this is.
We use raise-zombie as our meat shield to cover our back and use summon-skeletons in a 5-6L as our main damage dealer. For bosses we use vaal-summon-skeletons to keep the party going. While the skeletons murder the boss we circle around the boss to heal our minions with the holy relic nova. For metamorphs we keep a little more distance and kill the black stuff that is coming up around it.
For additional fun we can also add raise-spectre to increase the overall damage.

Passiv tree
Regarding the passiv tree we go west to increase our survivability by a lot.
Level 100 passiv skill tree: www.poeurl.com/cG4w

Level 70 Skill tree: www.poeurl.com/cG4z


vaal-summon-skeletons 6-Link


cyclone 4-Link


summon-holy-relic and raise-spectre 4-Link


raise-zombie in advancing-fortress 3-Link

fortify-support Level 12 from advancing-fortress

Buffs 3-Link

pride or determination
flesh-and-stone (50% Evade through enemy Blind)
dread-banner (20% Impale chance)

Additional Gems 4-Link


Ascendancy, Bandits and Pantheon

Ascendancy: -> Mistress of Sacrifice -> Mindless Aggression -> Bone Barrier -> Unnatural Strength
Bandits: Kill all + 2 passive Points
Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris + Soul of Abberath

With bone-offering we get a nice blocking chance up to 26%. In addition to a good Shield (+30%) and advancing-fortress, with also +15% blocking chance for attacks, we get a great blocking chance for attacks of 71%, now add the-anvil and we have a maxed out 78% Blocking chance as Summoner. There isn't much now that can penetrate our shield.

skullhead is an overall good Summoner Helmet, also to get the 4th Spectre we can use a +2 Minion Helmet with a Level 21 raise-spectre Gem.
lioneyes-remorse is a cheap Shield with great blocking chance max Life and Armour, with it alone you get a lot of physical damage reduction.
For the rest of the gear take something with high Armour, max Life and capping the resistance.

Helmet: skullhead or Minion +2 Rare Helmet

Body Armour: 6L Rare with Resistance cap or tabula-rasa

Weapon: advancing-fortress

Shield: lioneyes-remorse or Rare with high blocking chance

Gloves: Rare for Resistance cap + max Life

Boots: Rare for Resistance cap, +30% Movement and + max Life

Belt: Rare for Resistance cap and + max Life

Amulet: the-anvil

Rings: Rare for Resistance cap and + max Life

Which Spectre
Solar Guard: Solaris Temple Act 8
Slave Driver: Act 5

No real recommendation but use Jewels that:

- Increase Minion Damage, Life, Resistance, Speed, Blocking chance
- Increase your own Life
- Increase Spell blocking Chance

Craft or get flasks with Bleed, Freeze and Curse immunity, also Poison immunity is good.

Because we already have a lot of Survivability we don't need to play flask piano, but for dangerous opponents like Metamorph they will help.

Silverflask - Speed
Granite Flask - Additional Armour - with increased Armour during Flask effect craft
Basalt Flask - Additional Damage reduction
Quartz Flask - Additional Dodge Chance and Phasing
Life Flask with Bleed immunity

And don't forget the most important point Have Fun

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Hi there,

Your build has been a lot of fun to use. But where do you get the dexterity to raise the cyclone gem?

I have plenty of strength and intel from the tree. The armor, jewelry suggestions made are life, resists and some of the pieces naturally have strength on them.

Being new to POE I've probably missed something or just don't know. Could you please suggest where I pickup Dexterity? or did you not raise cyclone?

Hopefully by raising cyclone it will give the umph needed for the boss runs

Thank you so much for sharing.
For this build cyclone deals very little damage so don't worry about the getting max level.
Cyclone is used to proc flesh offering/fortify/desecrate.
Cycloning makes you unstunnable.

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