[3.9] Apollo's Legion - Mirror/Blink Arrow [Put on hold]

James convinced me to swap to elementalist.


We shall begin by asking you a few questions.

Do you:
-find yourself alone on Christmas/New Year's Eve?
-find minions to be unreliable and useless?
-find other players to be unreliable and useless?
-feel like you can only count on yourself to do things properly?
-not care about shapers per second or running maps in 30 seconds?
-really love your MTX and as such want to fill the screen with it?

If you have answered "Yes" to at least 50% of those, we are presenting you "Apollo's Legion". The blessing of the outlandish god "Apollo" shall allow you to split your body into many, and thus take on entire armies by yourself.

We have leveled with this, reached blood aqueducts in 7 hours at level 50 although the build really takes off at level 63 when you have all of the "required" uniques.

We are not yet sure on end game items/links as this is a work in progress build.

As Mr James has said, the way this build works is on a scale: On the left side you have high damage, and on the right side you have a lot of clones.

Finding the sweet spot might allow shapers per second of dps or clearing maps in 30 seconds.

We shall update this in the future with version for witch/guardian/other classes.



+30+ mirror/blink arrow clones
+RNG based defense
+possibility of switching into triad to go full chaos damage
+you are no longer lonely

~ might be able to do reflect although annoying

-RNG based defense
-somewhat slow gameplay, at least was while leveling
-questionable damage
-3r/2b/1g on bow/chest
-difficult to fight kitava/the spider lady. Makes it easier if you replace the totem stuff in blink arrow with something else.


Works best on an open map.

What you do is: Start walking towards a pack, shoot a mirror arrow at the edge of the screen for it to take aggro, get close to the mobs and put down a blink arrow ballista, then shoot another mirror arrow, then put down another ballista, so on and so forth.

For bosses, if they have a speech before they start fighting that is a good time to get your clones/ballistae down although the ballistae won't start firing until the boss becomes targetable. Might experiment with using worm flasks to trigger them early although we find that not needed.

[Content which is very difficult or impossible]

This will be updated as soon as we find out more things that we can not do.

Currently only speaking from a Ballista using point of view:

-allies can not die packs
-alva temples
-kitava/a7 spider boss


[What we mean by "RNG based defense"]

While playing this build you will have 50+ clones on your screen, this lowers the chance of the enemies actually targeting you because they will be targeting you (your clones), although due to the nature of the build you are not exactly the tankiest person around, instead you shall count on yourself (your clones) to distract the boss from hitting you.


[Current links (to be updated as we level the build up)]


-Chest piece(or Bow)-
Blink Arrow - Ballista Totem Support - Multiple Totems Support - Minion Damage/DeathMark Support - Feeding Frezy Support - Increased Duration

-Bow(Chest piece)-
(We only have a 5 link)
Mirror Arrow - Faster Attacks - Impale - Maim - Elemental Damage With Attack



The "required" items allow you to reach the 50+ minions that I talk about. They are under no circumstances required to make the build work, and you could perhaps end up with more dps if you get rid of multiple totems support as well.

Chest piece:
Something with a 6 link.
Vis Mortis (if you have a Doomfletch Prism)
End game goal that we have in mind: Saqawal's Nest

Depending on the rest of your setup Doomfletch Prism might be a good choice.
Currently using

which for us seems to have more dps.

Again, not sure!

The Devouring Diadem [Required] (Allows us to have Hatred + Precision + Herald of Purity + Flesh and Stone)
Gull's Nest (if you have something like Victario's Influence on your chest piece or simply don't want to have four auras)

Grip Of The Council
Triad Grip
Rare gloves with resists/life

The Flow Untethered [Required]

The Stampede [Required if you are not Deadeye]
Seqawal's Nest with -2 to Avian's Flight Duration
Rare boots with resists/life/movement speed

Everything else: Cap your resists and get health.

Abyssal jewel with physical damage added to minions, health, minion attack speed

Would be good to have: Minions have increased attack/cast speed if you/your minions killed recently, minions have 3% chance to hinder enemies on hit/


Blood of the Karui (if you are going health)
(Mana flask if you do not have Devouring Diadem)
Wise Oak or magic:
Stibnite/Amethyst/Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz/Jade/Granite depending on what you need

End game goal: Bottled Faith


[Skill Tree]

[Ascendancy Order]

Fast and Deadly
Gathering Winds

We plan on going for Far Shot into Ricochet although Rupture might be more useful for moving while bleeding does not cause you to take extra damage. Still not sure if Ricochet works on minions. Probably not.

Alternatively, if we were to go guardian instead we would go for Radiant Crusade - Unwavering Crusade - Radiant Faith - Unwavering Faith.

However going Guardian would prevent you from reaching 50+ clones and make the build unplayable til level 63. It would however offer more DPS and going down the mana guardian route would make you tankier.

If we were to go Necro we would go: Commander of Darkness - Mistress of Sacrifice (or if you go with the betrayal chest piece you go something else) - Mindless Aggression - Unnatural Strength

This would be a bit of a dps increase, perhaps as big as the Guardian but Guardian has Onslaught so hard to tell.


[Videos - To add when we get to maps]


[Numbers of time the game crashed]
Crash #1: 12 hours 47 minutes


Our current character can be found here under the name Riael_Riael_Riael_Riael:
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This is a meme so we are going to reserve this post to make further edits in the future.
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Been playing my own version of a blink/mirror arrow build since league start (as some point mirror arrow got changed to count as a movement skill but idk when, secret update?), been able to do red maps, lots of kinks to still iron out so I have died a lot but its getting better.

I decided to go elementalist to test out the effect of the buffed effect of Carrion golem (with stone/chaos as defense and lightning for "wrath" and AS for smooth shooting) so far I'm finding it better than going deadeye, thats because cooldown recovery speed has diminishing returns having a few large sources of it is more "cost effective" than over investing in it.

I'm using max rolled "The Stampede" for 80%, Haste watchers eye for 49% (goes upto %50) and 30% from the passives in top left corner of the tree. which gets my cooldown to 1.16 seconds, the flow untethered only gets that down to 1.08 and even if I went deadeye for the 100% it only gets it down to around 0.9, you are far better off with 5 clones doing massive damage than 10 doing less damage.
Having higher dps per clone also feels smoother, less need to ramp up lots of clones to get your damage high enough to feel good.

Carrion golem in a +3 minion helm with a lvl 3 empower is giving 40-60 additional physical damage to minions, and I have 430% increased buff effect so its actually giving 212-318, so I'm using doomfletch prism and gaining 100% of phys damage as each element.

Rigwalds quills are best for clear speed, although fork/awakened fork work well if you get a better quiver for dps.

With all the added physical damage (from carrion golem, abyss jewels, etc) available now days Blink/Mirror arrow can do really high dps with doomfletch prism, so even if you dont go elementalist its still OP
Going Elementalist for golem buffs is something we did not think about, on that note would you get more damage from abyssal jewels with +phys or Primordial Eminence jewels?

Perhaps the deadeye indeed does not need the stampede, that would seriously boost the movement speed.

Untethered Flow is nice because of the 10% increased action speed, perhaps it is not as needed if you aren't using ballistae.

Indeed the important thing would be to find a sweet spot between number of clones and damage, we originally wanted to return to the good days when you could use multiple traps to fill your screen.

Doomfletch Prism is a nice idea, we wonder if it would still allow you to use triad grip to turn the phys into chaos.
I found 4 well rolled ghastly jewels ended up giving around the same damage as using 3 primordial eminence + anima jewel, but the latter was then also giving me more of the other golems buffs too (so more defenses), but T1 added and T1 of any other minion mod (attack speed, minion skill recently damage, etc) ends up with more dps. Its pretty easy to test in Path of Building, and im using the LocalIdentity Branch because its kept more up to date and has finally implemented things like the elementalist ascendancy calculations

Yea, the deadeye and elementalist each have their merits, like elementalist has more "require uniques" and stuff but more freedoms in other ways like easy access to the minion nodes.

Unless there is something I'm missing I really dont think ballistae are worth it, fairly sure the 50% less attack speed and 50-40% less damage is actually passed onto the clones too, definitely looks like it.
I can get way more clones using the totem but each one is doing 1/4-1/3 of the damage.

In my testing I noticed trap/mine cooldown reduction works for blink/mirror arrow, so a trap/mine version may still be viable especially if blast chains "Supported Skills deal 5% more Damage for each prior Mine in Detonation Sequence" is passed onto the clones.

You cant use multi-anything (totem, mine, trap) because of the cooldown but you can still get the cooldown very low with mines and traps (but still nowhere near the old days though), felt to janky for me to try, but im sure someone could make an OP build if they found the right balance.

And Doomfletch prism is "as extra" where triad is converted to, so it isnt affected, as far as i know "as extra" doesnt care about conversion, it just cares about the base damage beforehand.

So if you had a base of 100 physical damage, Doomfletch Prism would give you 100 fire cold and lightning, without triads you would also deal 100 phys, with triads you would instead deal 100 chaos.
BTW Mothers embrace is really powerful with this build
Its a belt that makes your minions use your flasks when summoned with reduced flask charges used and increased flask duration.
So you use:
- Sulphur Flask (40% damage and conc ground) with 9-12% attack speed + 25% inc effect and 33% reduced duration, this alone is OP.
- Atziri's Promise (phys and ele as extra chaos), extra potent with Doomfletch Prism
- Wise Oak for ele pen (most minions have their resistances balanced so its easy to use with them)

And potentially:
- Diamond flask (if you they are getting power charges or other crit gear)
- Granite (for survival)

And there are soo many other combinations you can do with it.

depending on the flasks, its way better than the cooldown and stuff you get from untethered, but does mean you often have few flask charges for yourself
We have not noticed the attack speed difference in clones from totems and clones without.

The multi totems is only used for the 2 extra totems as we found it difficult to get past 30 clones with 4 totems but with 6 you get 50 constantly.

Having tried a few maps and metamorphs, it is much safer to have a screen full of clones vs 6/12 that deal a lot of damage.

It again depends on what your goal is.

Perhaps a pathfinder with mother's embrace. Would be a thing to test in the future, so many ideas, so few hours in a day.

Edit: At the moment a witch based on golems, perhaps with primordial chain to get extra golems for more buff effect with a mother's embrace and atziri's flask with doomprism seems really good on paper.

Edit 2: With vis mortis as a chest piece and perhaps also going for crit since you have ice golem with increased buff effect and diamond flask on the minions.

Last edit: I think this is the max achievable dps on this kind of build, especially if you find a way to get power charge generation, nevermind I'm a goomba, conduit is party members not allies
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I've never tried to max out my clones, ive been focusing on individual dps instead of numbers, im sure number of clones works too, just wasnt what i went for, so you are the resident expert there :P on the totem/numbers/etc. I have found having fewer clones has meant ive been targets more so you do have a point.

Dont think you can use primordial chain, it has no non-golem minions on it, havent actually tested that though.

BTW Other than the Carrion, i believe Golem buffs dont apply to the clones, however lightning golems attack speed boost does make your attack time with blink/mirror arrow faster (i dont think it makes them shoot faster though), So I use carrion, stone, chaos and lightning golem (I think lightning golem also has a wrath aura sometimes but PoB wont calculate it)

Shroud of the lightless works well the doomfletch, "elemental penetration" provided by it is effectively cold/fire/lightning pen all in one. but Vis mortis would work too.

And you can use spectres (carnage and host chieftain) to periodically give them frenzy and power charges, not very effective while zooming around but very useful against bosses and metamorphs

Ah on closer look you're correct that other golems only affect you, that is a bit disappointing... Indeed carrion, stone, chaos and lightning is the way to go.

Shroud of Lightless would help in bosses/metamorphs since it reduces chances you are targeted, won't need that many clones if you manage to get that going.

Probably will go tabula into 5l shroud until I can afford a Saqawal since the 20% chance to deal double damage is too good to pass on.

Far as I've seen power charge on crit doesn't exactly work... as well as the fact that in boss fights you won't have 100% uptime on the diamond flask.

Ascendancy will go for Liege -> Elemancer -> Paragon of Calamity and then for uber respect paragon into Pendulum->Mastermind for the effectiveness for herald of purity.

Still playing around with things, will make an elementalist forum post if you don't want to ^^

Edit: I'll go carrion 3x lightning instead, perhaps their buffs will happen at different times and end up with more uptime.
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I believe Saqawal's is actually better than you think
Aspect of the avians might buff has:
10% chance to deal Double Damage
Minions gain 10% chance to deal Double Damage

Saqawal's Nest then has:
-100% increased Aspect of the Avian Buff Effect
Aspect of the Avian also grants Avian's Might and Avian's Flight to nearby Allies

So the buff is doubled to
-20% chance to deal Double Damage
-Minions gain 20% chance to deal Double Damage

but it also says it gives the buffs to nearby allies, meaning the minions will benefit from both mods not just the minion double damage, giving 40% chance to deal double damage (I think).

Power charge on crit requires them to already have a high enough crit chance to be getting them, host chieftains are the easy way to go, the actual amount of damage a diamond flask add isnt very big, things like a sulphur flask or silver flask give more, diamond just adds to the top and means there is a higher chance of freeze/shock/ignite

Just like golems Herald of Purity also only affects you, so it would up your damage but not your clones, so going mastermind would be pointless unless im missing your point.

I plan on making a post on reddit and or the forums with my own version of the build at some point in the future, but that shouldnt stop you, we will each be doing things our own way, more diversity is better

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