[3.9] Ballista Totem | Ele Hit Chieftain Tukohama's TANK | 600K~4M DPS

Hello Exiles!

I've decided to try the new Ballista Totem Support on 3.9. This build I'm actually using on Standard (no time to farm on Metamorph) and trying to push it further. Ballista Totem Support came veeeery nerfed in DPS terms and don't even appear on poe.ninja builds (41% less damage. Maybe GGG will buff it someday). I've tried to use it with a Bow and using Bow skills too but the best one by far until now is Elemental Hit. As a Chieftain, using a Bow requires a lot investment on passive points to reach the "ranger" part of the tree, also was too expensive and squishy. So I've decided to try with a Wand instead since Elemental Hit can be used with any weapon.
The key concept of this build is to use Wand/Shield(Tukohama's Fortress) with Elemental Hit(Fire only), Charges and Skitterbots to improve survivability and DPS.


Zana's T16 Elder Map (trying to Facetank Purifier = 2 deaths)

*** This video shows exactly what this build is able to do and what's not. T16 maps without any problem but on endgame Bosses it's better to drop totems and move out.

BTW, after this fight i've managed how to survive against large sequential damage (that life regen and life leech aren't able to recover in time). Before receiving a second blow (exactly what happened on video) use a Panicked Eternal Life Flask (yeah, panic button) as explained below on Flasks section.

Zana's T16 Elder Map (post build update, against Eradicator, Deathless)
(Panicked Flask usage at 2:00)

+ 6 Totems.
+ 8~9 Endurance Charges (always up).
+ 3~4 Frenzy Charges.
+ 18~30 projectiles.
+ Good clear (can offscreen with Chain).
+ Medium armour (17k+ and 90% phys. reduction).
+ Medium Life (5K+)
+ Ignores most Hits.
+ Freeze, Chill, Temporal Chains and Stun immunity (Hrimnor's & Kaom's).
+ Life Regen & Life Leech.
+ All map mods viable.
+ Lab Farmer (Facetank Izaro).
+ Can use Totems as a Bunker against projectiles that don't pierce.
+ T16 maps without any problem.
+ HC viable (drop totems and move out)
+ Budget friendly but 6L is highly recommended (Tabula Rasa at least)

+ Not SSF viable (some uniques/jewels are needed to work).
+ Not as tanky as a dual Nebuloch Juggernaut.
+ Only one Aura (Mortal Conviction).
+ Weak against Chaos Damage.
+ No Regen, No Life Leech or Elemental Weakness map mods can be difficult but still doable.

Totem Main Attack 6L is: Ballista Totem, Elemental Hit, Elemental Damage With Attacks, Combustion, Endurance Charge on Melee Stun, Chain

*** On Bosses swap Chain for Hypothermia and also swap Endurance Charge on Melee Stun for Fire Penetration if Map or Boss have high Elemental Resistances.

*** On Bosses also try to use Frenzy and Shield Charge to keep Frenzy charges, Elemental Overload, Fortify and a Curse always up.

*** If you can't to rely on Skitterbots chilling aura, swap Hypothermia for Slower Projectiles.

*** Hint: For easier gameplay, activate Always Attack Without Moving on Elemental Hit, Frenzy, Flame Dash and Golem on Skill Bar.

Why Elemental Hit? Elemental Hit (Fire) has high base damage (besides recent nerf), good aoe chain reaction, does 10% more damage per elemental ailment on enemy (that's why skitterbots are awesome on this build) and can be used with any weapon allowing to use the powerful Tukohama's Fortress Shield.

Mandatory Gear:
- Tukohama's Fortress Shield (Main item of the Build): +1 Totem, ~2900 base armour, Blood Magic and Mortal Conviction
- Essence Worm Ring: Allows the use of Skitterbots without Life reservation.
- Kaom's Way Ring: +1 Endurance Charge and Life Regen.

Mandatory Jewels:
- Brute Force Solution: For Int Requirement.
- Combat Focus Crimson Jewel: Ele Hit cannot choose Cold.
- Combat Focus Viridian Jewel: Ele Hit cannot choose Lightning.
- Rain of Splinters: +2 Projectiles to Totems.
(See Passive Tree or POB to know where to place the Jewels)

Recommended Gear:
- Xoph's Blood Amulet: Avatar of Fire, 10% Inc. Life and Cover in Ash.
- Lioneye's Vision Chest: Best option overall 7L. (with this you don't need to use Chain and you can also use Fire Penetration instead of Hypothermia)
- Piscator's Vigil Wand: Best option, DPS.
- Hrimnor's Resolve Helmet: Fire Damage + Freeze & Chill Immunity.
- Kaom's Roots Boots: HP, Temporal Chains & Stun Immunity. (corrupted with +1 Endurance Charge if possible).
- Rare Gloves: Try to find one with % Increased Attack Speed, To Maximum Life and % Increased Lightning Resistance at least (or whatever reistances you still need). if possible Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Faster Attacks
- Stygian Vise Belt: Best option, DPS. Try to find one with % Increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills, To Maximum Life and Elemental Resistances.
- Loreweave Chest: DPS, good attributes and fixed maximum resistances.
- Skin of the Loyal/Lords Chest: Good DPS and a cheap viable 6L chest but you will need to find one with the right socket colors.
- Tabula Rasa Chest: Cheapest 6L option to start since Tukohama's Shield provides good armour.
- Bubonic Trail Boots: Good option, DPS.
- Essence Worm Ring: You can use another instead of Kaom's (for Anger), but loses survivability.
- Pyre Ring: Small DPS increase.
- Dying Sun Flask: +2 projectiles to clear large packs (Delve, Blight, Legion, whatever).


*** Due to Passive Tree's Juggernaut and Ryslatha, a Panicked Eternal Life Flask can instantly heal around 5000 HP when used on Low Life... Preferably, use a Staunching one to also remove Bleeding when needed. If possible bring a Blood of the Karui or a Seething Eternal Life Flask for quick heals when out of Low Life status.

Auras: Precision only (with Empower if possible) also use Summon Skitterbots on Essence Worm Ring.

Buffs: Blood Rage.

Defensive 4L is: CWDT(2), Molten Shell(11), Increased Duration(20), Blood Rage(20)

Tactical/Movement 4L is: Shield Charge, Fortify, Curse on Hit, Flammability (or Projectile Weakness or even Enfeeble)

*** Hint: Activate Blood Rage (try to keep it always up) and alternate between Flame Dash and Shield Charge for faster movement. Also try to use Shield Charge running past enemy packs, this will apply the curse on all enemies along the way and still have a chance to Stun them. Flame Dash is also used to jump between gaps or to get out of danger.

- Golems, choose 1 setup or swap when needed:

Defensive Golem 3L is: Summon Stone Golem, Minion Life, Meat Shield (for Life Regen and Taunt)

Offensive Golem 3L is: Summon Flame Golem, Minion Life, Elemental Army (for Increased Dmg and 10% Fire Exposure)

- Tawhoa: DPS and survivability (Endurance Charge sustain).
- Valako: Survivability (High Life Regen and +1 Endurance Charge)
- Tukohama: Totems Leech Life to you.
- Arohongui: DPS and survivability (Elemental Reflection Immunity and 8% Less damage taken)

Resistances: Capping resistances is the highest priority on any build. Passive Tree, Amulet, Helm and Endurance Charges provide a lot resistances but need a few more on Gloves and Belt to reach the cap. Overcapping is recommended because of debuffs/curses (isn't hard at all.)

Priority order for Rare mods:
- Elemental Resistances (until cap at least).
- % Increased Attack Speed.
- % Increased Elemental Damage.
- % Increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills.
- % increased Fire Damage.
- Added Fire Damage.
- To Maximum Life.

Amulet Anointment Options:
- Watchtowers (probably the best option overall but unavailable now)
- Piercing Shots. (probably best option if you don't have Lioneye's Vision wich allows to swap Chain)
- Prism Weave. (Highest DPS by now)
- Command of the Elements. (DPS)
- Fusillade. (Cheap DPS)
- Disciple of the Unyielding. (DPS)
- Forces of Nature. (DPS)
- Herbalism. (survivability)
- Crystal Skin. (survivability)
- Sanctuary. (If you are lacking resistances)

Anointment List:

Bandits: Kill All.

Major God: Lunaris (defensive layers and Avoid Projectiles that have Chained)
Minor God: Ryslatha (instant Life Recovery when on Low life) or Shakari (Poison or Caustic Ground Maps) when needed.

Give your feedback, it helps a lot!

My Gear:

Endgame POB (lv 97):

POB Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/bmufDCyR
POB Web: https://pob.party/share/ininamanarikom

+ 6K HP without Kaom's Heart or Jewels.
+ Without Flasks (not always up).
+ Without Cover in Ash (not always up).
+ With Lioneye's Vision and 9 Endurance Charges
+ Shows projectile DPS (Basically a large stationary Boss will die very fast and a small moving one will die slowly).

*** DPS is around 100K~130K per projectile on Endgame:
- If only 1 projectile per Totem hits = 600K~780K DPS
- If 3 projectiles per Totem hits = 1.8M~2.3M DPS
- If all 30 projectiles Hits (during Flasks) = 3M~4M DPS
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Updated POB.
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Thanks for the guide.I try next char (without amulet) manual avatar of fire
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Thanks for your reply, I'm glad to help!

It's possible to run without Xoph's, you can take Avatar of Fire on passive tree or through Ascendancy (and also get Cover in Ash) if you wish.
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Updated POB and Gear.
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If you have another mapping character save 2Ex and buy Xoph's first
Xoph's is key to unlocking the damage

I disagree that this build is expensive on the contrary it very CHEAP!
Pisco's 1c Fortress 7c Worm 7c Koam's 18c Rainbows 1c Resolve 1c a decent 5/6 link chest (mine is garbage can't figure out whether to go with Vision/loreweave
or something else) YMWV Your mileage will very

*The character below was created in the new league with ~15 chaos
The first two Exalt drops were spent on Xoph's

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Nice! Thanks for your feedback! cost problem removed.
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The POB link doesn't match the forum post for Elemental Hit links; which is accurate/recommended? i.e. POB link includes an Endurance Charge on Melee Stun (I'm guessing that's wrong?).

That said, the concept has piqued my interest... always a fan of Chieftain totems, and this looks like a fresh breath of air from Ancestral Warchief versions I've tried :)
endurance charge on belt is legacy so you might want to exclude that or note (not available in league)
Stygian vise is what I recommend as you further fix resistances with abyss jewel

This is a great choice with extra damage, defense and resistances
Dirt cheap too. I didn't think about using it until I needed to fix lightning res.

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