Killed Baran but no Watchstone dropped?

Just killed Baran but he didn't drop a watchstone. Is this a bug or a mechanic that I'm missing? This was supposed to be my 18th watchstone. Zana also did not have the watchstone.
Last bumped on Feb 9, 2020, 7:18:26 PM
Same problem here. Just kille Baran. Zero Watchstone. I have 21 Watchstones, It would be the number 22 if it dropped. Is it a bug?
Same here, Baron downed, and no watchstone. should be my 21 watchstone had it dropped. Bug???
Thanks for your report, you can only receive a Watchstone from a specific Conqueror if you haven't already received their Watchstone from that Region before.
I can't be sure that this is a bug, it depends on your atlas, and those watchstones that have already dropped.

Each of the citadels has four watchstones, each a different color. Each of the Elderslayers drop a particular color of watchstone.

Baran only drops the crimson watchstone.

IF the area where you are fought him already had the crimson watchstone dropped earlier, he won't drop one.

If that atlas zone lacked the crimson watchstone, YES, it is a bug. Otherwise, it's a mechanic.

Also, you won't be able to respawn Baran until you enter the Sirus arena.
Wish I had better news.


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