[3.9] *Link’s Burning Arrow Elemancer (Budget, All Content, Unique Build) - Awakener*

Good idea using flame dash, i can never time blink arrow correctly when you Sirius says "Die".

Yes 1-2 physical damage will convert to fire and give enemies +25% fire resistance instead of -50% fire resistance, take out that jewel!
Is Volley for Mapclear best choice or can i use Greater Multiple Projectiles Support, too?

I feel lil better with GMP i think..
what kind of gems do we use for 6L LA pre lvl 80?
So i tried out to remove Volley and add Deadly Ailments and faceroll with dying sun on my flask and i think thats also a good thing :))
So how did this build performed in 3.9? What would be your final upgrades? I still see your character using these unique gloves. Are they BIS given you can have one with damage over time multiplier and whatnot. What to improve tankiness? Build struggled a lot in that Sepulchre map. :/

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