[3.9] Hierophant Caustic Arrow Braindead af build

My plan is to create the most braindead build that is unique in it´s gameplay and i also love creating Hipster builds so here you go.

What is the idea?
Hierophant Ascendancy allows us to stack tons of Mana and Energyshield while also getting tons of Area of Effect if we don´t reserve the Mana.
With Caustic Arrow getting a Buff in Radius my idea was instantly to scale it to absurd amounts.
4.000 Life and Mana with Mind over Matter is easy doable while also having around 3.000 Energyshield. Another defense layer is the huge regen we can get along the Passive tree from Templar all around to the Ranger area which will ultimately amount to 9% of Life and Mana regeneration and having Wicked Ward combined with Soul Strike to get the same effect on Energyshield.

How is this build different to other CA builds in general?
Tons of AoE.
Using the Hierophant Ascendancy we get 125% Area of Effect allready. Traveling from Templar Start area we take Templar,Witch and Shadow AoE clusters for additional 80% AoE. For this build i am also Using Carcass Jack but it´s an absolute luxury item at this point.
Please note that this is without the added +3 Radius which will be in the 3.9 Update.


The Damage is lower however but not as bad as you would think.
400.000 Shaper dps is possible with trash gear. All you need is a good Bow and you are good to go.


Will update soon
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Enjoying this build so far. Awesome idea.
ANy update on the build? is it working well?
works good so far, but i have trouble proccing arcane surge.
it seems like its triggering very rarely.

im not sure what causes this.

looks like casting spell totem-wither does not proc it.
blink arrow-curse on hit-despair-arcane surge(lvl1)-gmp aint proccing it too.

ive replaced blink arrow with frenzy for frenzy charge generation.

i could beat catarina with it.

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