[3.9] Purifying Flame Mines Marauder! Great League Start. 1600 Life Regen / Sec! Huge Dmg (6m+)

This is Bob. Bob plays SSF Purifying Flame mines with a crappy 5 Link hammer because life hates Bob. Bob still murders everything while regenerating a katrillion health.

Wanna be like Bob?

Check it out! It's this easy!

Step 1: Make a Shadow
Step 2: Kill Hillock
Step 3: Grab Purifying Flames from the Vendor
Step 4: Link it to Blastchain Mine after you kill Brutus
Step 5: Murder everything forever


This was my SSF Test run today.

It was a very good run considering I had no spell damage wep, forced 5 Link with the wrong colors, and nothing went according to plan. The build was clearing 8 mod tier 3-4 maps with ease. Regenerating TONS of life bc of Demolitions expert and Consecrated ground, and the mines are just... amazing.

Heres the PB for my SSF adventure today: https://pastebin.com/nxembyj5
This is a life based setup. Eventually I will transition to Low-Life, once I farm a Shavs (in SSF this can be done in act 9) off Shavronne (Div Cards)

Here is the "Final" Low-life pastebin: https://pastebin.com/jjSjqgnp. I originally was going to go Arc Mines for league start in 3.9 but i felt so VULNERABLE without my icicle mines freezing everything and protecting me. The trade off with Purifying flame is that you stun the frick out of alot of stuff and you regen insane amounts of life, as well as the fact that the shockwaves are like heat seeking missiles, so each mine gives 2 sets of damage. 1: Explosion, and 2: Shockwave. It's like a 2 for 1 whombo combo.

If you want video footage, Check out my most recent steam, it has footage. I will be streaming all of 3.9 and uploading guides and videos to youtube! You can find me on twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/BeardBroGaming

Marauder Variant with life-base setup!

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