[3.9] My league starter. With the NEW Ivory tower chest. tendrils/arc.

Hey I wanted to start explosive arrow but it seems it's getting a rework and it will be played by Raitzqt. Maybe next league.

So, monster hp is getting buffed, but more important their magic resistances too. This means 10% LESS damage for everyone.

I guess i'll be playing Inquisitor then, so i can ignore magic pen. Other reasons are that people will be playing mostly bows totems, melee or minions, and hp based builds overall, imho.

This is intended to be a cheap, starter build. But the damage should be enought to clear all.

I saw the new item https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2681427 and to me it seemed really powerful.
Considering shavs is around 1ex at the beginning of the league, this might be at around 80c, just because none will notice it being op untill pros play with it, but i think it has potential to be even more powerful then shavs.

We can use Pain attunement for the 30% more spell damage.
Seems good but it comes with a price: we can't get a base 6L chest.
There are 2 options: 6L staff which is 2ex+ worth with a nerfed multimod, or we can look for other items.

And remember, in my book low life means Prism Guardian. Just too underrated.

Speaking of underrated: The tempest's Binding is what we are looking for, ez 6L so good for starters, just buy the pieces on the market.

We have alot of base added and mixed damage with those supports so i thoght that the magic pen and crit from inquis would be so good. Iquis also has good synergy with es with percent and flat regen.

Lightning tendrils has good single target and arc is being buffed! and will help us clear leftovers.

With this low budget setup we are dealing around 700 000 dps combining the 2 skills, with no flasks and no jewels. Impressive right?

The tree is simple, just start 10 point in dmg and then respek later when you swap from hp to es, or if you feel the need to be tankier (we have 207% es from tree, ignoring int) i will swap around act 10.

This is what i came up with, i hope you enjoy!


Good luck next league!

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I Don't know if some of you actually tried my build, but i wanted to update the build and show you want i achieved so far.

This league i managed to get 2ex so far, and spent those on a presence of chayula, since i know the price stays at 2ex almost always.

I got my call of the brotherhood at 20c (now it's 0.7ex)

And i spent like 15c for all my other items

Currently sitting on 4k hp (because of solaris lorica...), and destroying all the content i come acrss: arc chain is so good for clearing while tendrils is good single target.

The only problem is that you are basically melee range (i didnt want to invest on increased area yet and probably never will)

So you aren't using the Ivory Tower? Why not? Isn't it dirt cheap right now?
ham2715 wrote:
So you aren't using the Ivory Tower? Why not? Isn't it dirt cheap right now?

Just checked his character - he is using Ivory Tower.

Anyway ... interested in this build ... I can see OP has it to 89. Is it tanky enough to do "all content", or more an early league mapper to farm currency?
I'll wait for the update :)
I'll wait for the update :)
Interesting... I will wait for new updates.

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