[3.9] Welming's Heavy Flicker - Berserker "Umh.. What?" DPS - First Guide!

Hi, welcome to my first build guide ever! Thank you for your interest and I hope this build will bring you as much fun as it did to me.

The Build works around 2 skills :

Heavy Strike : Attacks enemies with a forceful blow, knocking them back. Requires a Mace, Sceptre, Axe, Sword or Two-Handed Weapon.

Flicker Strike : Teleports the character to a nearby monster and attacks with a melee weapon. If no specific monster is targeted, one is picked at random. Grants a buff that increases movement speed for a duration. The cooldown can be bypassed by expending a Frenzy Charge.

Gameplay : Flicker Strike the map, Heavy Strike the boss and save your butt with Rallying Cry.
League : This build can do any League just fine.
Budget : What even is a budget?
My life : Help?

Pros and Cons :
Pros :
+ Explodes groups of monsters
+ Damage is so high that I'm not even sure PoB is correct on this one
+ Can stun a boss forever
+ A really fun way to barge in enemies
+ Can do Elemental Reflect maps
+ Shocks enemies on first hit
Cons :
- Relies on dodging abilities with Leap Slam (Which is fun)
- Dies quickly, so this is not viable for HC
- Cannot do Physical Reflect maps
- Dies quickly when you don't pay attention to what you're doing!
- Cannot live without Mana Regeneration
- Dies quickly even if you're paying attention.
- Not very flexible since we rely on killing before being killed
- Dies quickly if you suck lmaaoooooo
- Also it's pricy

What your tree should look like :

Path of Building :

Gear :
Here's my final gear :

Flasks I'm using :

Ascendancy :

Important Links and Skills :
Terminus Est Tiger Sword 6L :
Flicker Strike
Melee Physical Damage Support
Melee Splash Support
Multistrike Support
Brutality Support
Increased Critical Strikes Support

Starforge Infernal Sword 6L :
Heavy Strike
Increased Critical Strikes Support
Ruthless Support
Damage on Full Life Support
Ruthless Support
Melee Physical Damage Support

Belly of the Beast Full Wyrmscale 6L :
Ancestral Warchief
Melee Splash
Brutality Support
Melee Physical Damage Support
Maim Support
Faster Attacks Support

Any 3L :
Immortal Call
Increased Duration Support
Cast When Damage Taken Support

Any 3L :
Leap Slam
Faster Attacks Support
Fortify Support

Any 3L :
Assassin's Mark
Increased Duration Support

Any other slot Available :
Rallying Cry
Flesh and Stone (Always set on Blood)
Summon Ice Golem

Pantheon :
Yes, I also play League of Legends (Add me : Welming)

Bandits :

Any question? :
Discord : Welming#7632

Inspiration :

Feel free to leave comments and chat about it! I am currently running some standard if anyone is interested in grouping up! My in-game character name is also Welming.
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[Extra Bump in case I want to make videos of the build]
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Hey just a quick question if u went rage would that be better because if you can sustain your frenzy charges your leaching and hitting mobs rapidly same with boss so i wasn't sure if you thought of that im newer so might of misunderstood somthin

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