[3.9] Stupidsmile Ultimate Spectre ?!? #Coming Soon

Self cast still got nerf, rely on the mana flask.
Self attack got nerf as well, the flask now require es.
Actually they are not nerf, just a bit cluncky thats all.
So probably a lot of end game players will be playing using third party skill such as totem/mine to cast/attack. A.R.C probably.

My build for this coming 3.9 will be focusing on a high lv 94-95 Spectre.
Basically its a Lv34-35 Raise Spectre skill gem and we will using 5-6 of them through out the game.

What makes my build different?
No bow. Coming soon..
For minion helmet mirror service

Stupidsmile Ultimate SRS Minion Instability Build
Last bumped on Dec 10, 2019, 12:46:10 PM

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