[3.10]Burning Arrow ignite "Elementalist" | End game content | POB | Videos | 2-3M fullpower ignite

Tried an ignite burning arrow build in 3.8 as a joke for an underused ignite skill and it was amazingly viable and pretty strong in terms of dps. Seeing that there is a buff coming for burning arrow in 3.9, i believe it will be 1 of the stronger skills to build around ignite

Changes in 3.10
Explosive arrow got nerfed, that means burning arrow is still the go to bow skill for igniting stuff

Other than cluster jewels, theres no changes to this build.

I will be streaming for 3.10 https://www.twitch.tv/astariftt playing and testing out different builds every now and then.

Bosses down with this build:
Awakener 8
Uber Elder
Cortex 1 death(crit multi + resist + extra cold damage mod), forgot to take video for this
Distant memories
Shaper and elder guardians

3.9 Videos
T16 summit with extra damage mods, less resist, boss more life, elemental equilibrium. None of my golems died, also i did this with a 5 link bow and without malevolence aura

T14 Redeemer

T16 shaper guardian map with proper items

Awakener 6
i died twice on this, not the perfect run, but pretty much show that we can do the end game boss with this build

3.8 videos:
Uber elder

T16 guardian map clears
Chimera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duSGrGhKkDs

Changes in 3.9 for burning arrow
Sudden ignition has been removed, burning arrow got major-ly buffed
Burning Arrow
Now converts 100% of Physical Damage to Fire Damage (from 50%).
Now has 50% chance to Ignite Enemies at all gem levels (previously 30% at gem level 1, up to 49% at gem level 20).
Now deals 50% more damage with Ignite at gem level 1 (from 30%), up to 88% at gem level 20 (From 68%).
Now applies an additional debuff when you Ignite, dealing extra burning damage based on the magnitude of the Ignite.
Now gains +1% to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier per 2% gem quality (from 3% increased Ignite duration per 1% gem quality).

Vaal burning arrow got buffed as well, making it a strong single target skill
Vaal Burning Arrow
100% of Physical Damage is now converted to Fire Damage (from 50%).
Now has a 50% chance to Ignite Enemies at all gem levels (from 30% at gem level 1, up to 49% at gem level 20).
Now deals 150% more damage with Ignite at gem level 1 (from 30%), up to 188% at gem level 20 (from 68%).
Now gains +1% to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier per 2% gem quality (previously 3% increased Ignite Duration per 1% gem quality).

Burning Arrow explanation

Burning Arrow is the 1st skill you will ever see if you played a ranger, its a very simple skill where you fire a burning arrow that deals fire damage and has a chance to ignite. By itself, burning arrow has a pretty solid single target damage with 1 of the highest effectiveness of added damage mod (184% at lvl 20) for a bow skill.

Vaal burning arrow bascially explodes on impact and deals even more ignite damage to targets. This is where the single target damage shines in this build.

My initial goal was to make a burning arrow build in 3.8, when it was pretty much a dumpster tier skill,(before the buffs) viable built around the ignite mechanic. It went surprisingly well and i was able to kill uber elder relatively easy.

Burning arrow's biggest weakness is that it does not have any inbuilt aoe/clear mechanic baked in, so we have to cover it up with pierce and ignite proliferation. So our goal mainly in this build is to boost the clear of burning arrow to make it viable and not painful to play with

Ignite explanation

Ignite deals damage over 4 seconds which is scaled by base damage, damage over time multiplier, burning damage, elemental damage/fire damage. Refer to https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Ignite for a list of damage modifier that scales from ignite

Ignite as a base mechanic, does not stack and only the highest instance of damage of ignite can deal damage at one time

Why Elementalist?
Actually, why Golementalist would be the question. Golem buffs has gotten a huge buff and you can get up to 520% increased golem buffs. With this, we can get up to:
Chaos golem(level 22): 32% physical damage reduction
Flame golem(level 21): 130% increased damage
Ice golem(level 20): 195% increased accuracy and critical strike change
Lightning golem(level 26): 71% increased attack/cast speed
Stone golem(level 26): 903 life regen/second
+180% increased damage for having 9 golems up from Elemancer ascendancy
Thats assuming you follow my gem set up
We also get elemental ailments immunity

With lightning damage/cold damage, we ensure a shock and chill from beacon of ruin and a flat 20% more ignite damage

Golems Set up
2 Lightning Golems
2 Ice Golems
2 Stone Golems
2 Chaos Golems
1 Flame Golem

Our golems might be immune to elemental damage, physical and chaos damage will kill them. Sometimes heavy degen/phys damage might kill them, so we keep them on our hotkeys to resummon when needed. Very very very rarely i see more than 4 golems die, so you gotta manage abit

Tanky due to golem defensive buffs
Great clear speed, one tap packs easily/off screen them
Vaal burning arrow sounds very satisfying to press
As this is a dot focused build, we can spend most of our time not dying and avoiding mechanics
We pretty much out regen most common degen/lab traps

Sometimes need to resummon golems
We need a set of golem jewels+primordial chain
Build does not scale exponentially at late game, but handles all end game content well(Cleared all normal end game bosses with this)

My current set up


PoB I want to use cluster jewel versionyou can read thru the pob section after this, but i will mainly have a PoB here for cluster jewel and explain more on cluster jewel notables


For this PoB, we sacrificed some life to get enough points to spare into a cluster jewel node. As of now, we do not know how rare the good modded jewels can be, so i will leave it as 1 cluster jewel slot for now

Our main goal from cluster jewel would be to get nodes with increased survivability and dps elements added in

Notables for survivability with some dps added
Flow of Life, Brush with Death

Notable for golems survivability: Primordial Bond(very good node), Dread March, Feasting Fiends, Life from Death, Blessed Rebirth,

Notables for Dps
Vengeful Commander, Force Multiplier(debatable, but having a 5% chance to do a double damage ignite feels juicy), Brutal Infamy, Calamitous, Sadist(probably 1 of the best), Master of Fire, Blowback, Cooked Alive(important), Burning Bright, Wasting Affliction, Circling Oblivion, Astonishing Affliction, Wish for Death(this is good for all builds that curses), Heraldry, Empowered Envoy

Notables for survivability:
All health notables are good we want them all, Natural Vigour, Darting Movements(more dodge is good)

If you have problems getting pierce: Aerodynamics

POB and skilltree explanation

My PoB is usually planned with the items i am currently using, most of which within 1ex(unless unique items)

There are definitely many ways to build the passive tree, however my main goal is to allocate as much easy avoidance(phase acrobatics and acrobatics) and damage within a lvl 90-ish level, which is easily achievable for most players.

I understand there are many more optimal way to maximise our dps from the passive tree, but most of the time it is at the cost of a few defensive layer or QOL in clear speed, its a give and take, we cant have everything.

There will be a few version of the passive depending on pierce.
We have 3 ways to about getting pierce, penetrating quiver or piercing shot(anoint)/allocate yourself
Pierce is definitely a huge qol improvement in clear speed i would definitely recommend it
Also, i took some AoE nodes, its mainly because it affects the aoe for ignite proliferations, once again its a qol for clearspeed

I did not tick "enemies are shocked" but we can assume the enemies are shocked for 19.5% more damage taken because of beacon of ruin(pob only calculates 50%, which is bs)

We also do not use life flask, because we regen roughly 20-25% of our life every second via stone golem and our "leech" comes from igniting from Xoph's nurture.

My PoB is set to lvl 93-95 max, because its unrealistic to set a lvl 100 PoB

Version 1 would be more focuses on early game, more damage less golems survivability

Version 2/3 would be mid game depending on your decision on upgrade route

Version 4 is my end game version because golems survivability can be an issue against metamorphs. Version 4 is what i used to do all end game bosses with literally no issue(sirius kills golems, we cant avoid that)

Version 1: allocate our own piercing shot notable
-doesnt need amulet anointment
-we can anoint another passive instead of piercing shot(burning brutality is biggest dps boost)
-dont need to gear as much dexterity
-you can unallocate the +30dex between witch and shadow if you can get some dex in your gear

Version 2: anoint piercing shot
-we can have more life nodes
-gotta have some dex in your gear
-You need to allocate a +30 dex node to fit in the dex requirements
-last 2 points should be spent on Lethal assault

Version 3: no piercing shot whatsoever, but penetrating quiver
-1 less pierce, but it might not make a huge difference
-we wont be using signal fire, so dps will be lower
-gotta find that ideal quiver with the stats to make it feel worth it
-anointment can be used for dps

Version 4: End game version with good golems survivability


-We assume that we have piercing boots/quiver in this situation, we anoint indomitable army
-minions get like 62% increased life, 2% life regen/second(you get the regen too)
-another jewel slot, possibly for another primordial eminence(more phys armor on minions, 2% more phys reduction for you)
-Slightly less life for you, but you do get more sustain in terms of regen
-overall dps is slightly lower, around 5%, but if we gotta keep the minions alive, we gotta do what we gotta do
-get more dex on gear
Final version is about 2 mil shaper/boss dps(we count in 5 stacks of ignite debuff and shock, i dont include them inside the PoB)


This is the ideal route to go for
1: Liege of the Primordial
2: Elemancer
3: Shaper of Desolation
4: Beacon of Ruin



We will be using up all the gem slots, there won't be any space for kaom heart or root. It's very important to follow the gem set up for the golems to maximize their buff effect and survivability

Importance from left to right, right being the last to add in when you have a 6l **this is for end game, while leveling, make sure to have a gmp/arrow nova linked in your burning arrow
On Weapon, assuming Xoph's nurture, else replace combustion with ignite proliferation
Vaal Burning Arrow-Deadly Ailments/GMP-Elemental Damage with Attacks-Burning damage-Combustion-Unbound Ailments

Ideally, we want to use vorici in research on our bow, we want 1 of the green socket to change to white, so we can do gem swap of gmp to awakened unbound ailments

**take note
Gem swap GMP is for clear, obviously
These gems are assuming you already have 100% chance to ignite without combustion
*why unbound ailments over swift affliction(long explanation, skip to tldr if you dont wanna read)
Considering our choice of watcher's eye(damaging ailments deals damage faster while affected by malevolence) and dydian dawn, we actually can get up ignite to deal damage up to 57% faster. This is good for dps, but we also have to consider that swift affliction further reduces our ignite duration and our "burning arrow debuff" duration. In an ideal situation where we do not have to dodge at all and can hold our right click button down 24/7, swift affliction gives more dps, however in other cases, unbound ailments might just be better. Also, it causes our non damaging ailments to be more effective, that means our shock will be stronger. Going by the math, unbound aliments makes our shock 34% more effective(of our minimum baseline 12% shock), which adds up another 5.1% increased damage taken on enemies.
That being said, i do feel that unbound ailments provides overall better flexibility and effectiveness compared to swift affliction(which is a 10% more multiplier than unbound ailments)

tldr: unbound ailments > swift affliction

On Armor
Summon Flame Golem-Summon Ice Golem-Flame Dash-Enhance-Meatshield-Empower
Summon Flame Golem-Summon Ice Golem-Flame Dash-Enhance-Meatshield + Precision level 1

6L here is more of a luxury, but ideal because the support gems all improves the golems' survivability and reduces flame dash's cooldown
Either empower or precision, you decide(empower is expensive)

Quality on golem gems, increased life is very important late game

On Helm
Summon Lightning Golem-Summon Chaos Golem-Summon Stone Golem-Empower

We want to hit lvl 26 lightning golem and lvl 22 chaos golem, we could use empower and + socketed minion gems prefix from helmets(lvl 4 empower and lvl 21 lightning golem needed if you want that extra attack speed)

Quality on golem gems, increased life is very important late game

On Gloves
Malevolence-Anger-Enlighten-Herald of ash

Cut herald of ash if you cant get a circle of anguish with the mods required
Cut anger and put in herald of ash instead if you dont have enough mana early game
A level 3 enlighten is good enough(lvl 4 is just an extra plus)

On Boots
We can use lioneye's paw and curse on hit to apply curse or a storm brand to apply curses. Lioneye's paw gives a high uptime even while clearing, which is not really required. Using a rare boots means you gotta weave in the storm brand while killing bosses, which is not really a big deal unless you prefer to play with just 1 skill
Lioneye's Paw
Curse on hit-Despair-Flammability
last link can be decay for the lil bit of extra damage

Rare Boots
Curse on hit-Flammability -Despair-Storm Brand
I would go for rare boots+2 curse just because we dont need an extra curse for a lil bit more dps against having more life(curses arent as effective against bosses)


Best in slot is Xoph's nurture, this will be what you want to aim for

Xoph's nurture is cheap, but look for one with great phys roll, the base damage increases our dps by a huge amount. I used Hillock 3 stars on transportation to make it 28%(this is a huge dps boost considering its not tough to achieve)

Honestly, even the strongest mirror bows are like a tiny little bit more dps than Xoph's nurture. I absolutely do not recommend any other bows

Find high phys bows as u level before Xoph's Nurture


The choice you make here depends on which version of my pob you followed. Version 1/2 uses signal fire

Signal fire might sound bad because you already have 100% phys to fire conversion, however it still gives a fair amount of flat fire damage and phys as extra fire damage. Ignite scales hard on extra flat fire/phys as extra fire damage

+1 arrow corruption isnt a must, once again more arrow means better clear. This build has great damage so my concern has always been clear speed
You could take a corruption with more fire damage or phys as extra fire
If you feel that damage isnt much of an issue, go with a rare quiver with flat fire/phys implicit

Version 3 uses a penetrating quiver with:
Added phys/fire to attacks
Elemental weapon damage

If life is an issue, its probably time to try to upgrade out of the signal fire
Version 4 end game rich version

Bought this for 1ex, but definitely the best in slot is to have 2 of the damage over time multiplier mod and a good life roll+weapon elemental damage mod

Body armor

Tabula is always good for early 6 link

Belly of the beast comes close but my ideal slot here would be an incursion chest with highest possible life/maximum increased life

You can squeeze in res/dex in the chest on top of the life roll. Incursion armors arent rare, they drop off legion blight and metamorph commonly


We need resist, life here, nothing special

Added fire/physical damage to attacks is a good to have
I craft +1 socketed aoe gems here to bring anger/malevolence/herald of ash to +1 level


This is a slot where you can decide how you want to play the build. Lioneye's paw is for early game and easy curse application at the loss of flat life and res. Rare boots with pierce and high flat life/movement speed is superior late game

As of 3.9, it is suggested to swap out of lioneye's paw late game, because getting a 3rd curse isnt easy and its too much to sacrifice a slot for more life/ehp. If you can get a 3rd curse without huge sacrifice, then this is the way to go
Lioneye's paw is to apply 3 curses(if you can get +2 curse including whispers of doom from passives) with the free rain of arrow
This is assuming you can find a +1 curse chest with decent stats

The weakness of lioneye's paw is that you have tighter requirements on resistance and life on your other part of your gear, also lioneye's paw wont be accessible early on as it is a legion exclusive
The benefit of lionseye is that it is more lax on dexterity requirements and also, you dont need an extra button to apply curses.
As of the removal of +1 curse craft, I would usually recommend a rare boots with high life, resist and movement speed.

What i am using in version 4:

Boots like this exists, also hunter influenced boots can roll ignite deals damage faster. With this our ideal boots is now a hunter influenced boots with
pierce 2 target mod(prefix)
ignite deals damage faster
Movement speed(prefix)


Life, resist and definite +socketed minion gem level

Ideally we want to hit lvl 26 for lightning golem for the extra attack/cast speed, but it doesnt break or make the build

Lab enchant:

Phys as extra fire is roughly a 5-6% dps increase in my pob. This is a stronger stat in terms of clear

However, debuff effect is stronger overall because once you hit the 2nd time, the dps of debuff effect overtakes phys as extra fire
Effectively, 24% increased debuff effect is an increase of about 15.8% more dps(after 5 hits)

tldr: phys as extra fire for clear(should be the cheaper enchant to go for), debuff effect for single target long fights where you can attack 5 times and the target is still alive

Neck and anointing

We absolutely need to have Primordial Chain here, else you gotta get life/resist/flat fire/phys damage from this slot

**take note, we want the golems has less life to roll as LOW as possible, thats 35% if you can find one

Amulet anointing
Piercing shot
This is mainly due to our need for clear, however there are many other sources of pierce, like hunter influenced boots

If we chose to allocate piercing shots/get out pierce elsewhere;

For GOLEMS survivability(this is very important):
Indomitable army(more life) and phys reduction
Grave Intentions(chaos res)

This is my choice of anointment because golems survivability

For more damage(listed in priority based off how much damage they provide):
Burning Brutality(currently cant anoint this because theres no recipe)
Lava Lash
Divine judgment

A damage anointment gives maximum around 9% more dps(thats burning brutality and lava lash), whereas not using 3 points to allocate piercing shot ourselves saves us 3 points. This is personal preference
Arsonist is the cheaper alternative

For surviability(honestly, we dont need this):
Just get the life nodes, which usually cost a minimum of 1-2 golden oils


This slot can be flexible, use this to fulfil stat/resist minimums
We absolutely need lightning/cold damage from this slot, for the chill and shock

If you do have excess resist/stats, you could go for a circle of anguish with the following mods:

This allow you to run another herald of ash together with anger and malevolence

We can argue that increased fire damage while affected by herald of ash can be as good as the buff effect. In my case, ill go for increased fire damage because of cost


Dyadian Dawn

This is a ridiculous item for ignite builds, we get life/resist/leech(on chilled targets) faster burn from ignite and strength
Undisputed slot

**very important: catalyst actually do affect the ignite mod in this item, its worth buying 20 turbulent catalyst to maximise our dps.


We dont need anti freeze or shock because we are immune to elemental ailments
We will need an enduring mana flask to ensure no mana problems

A quicksilver, because we want speed

We can fulfil the requirements of having antibleed/curse flask on the above 2 flasks

The next 3 flask can depend on how rich you are, i suggest getting in priority
this is a 10% more damage multiplier

Good mod to have is:
1: Increased movement speed, avoid stuns
2: life regen during flask effect
3: critical strike chance(we use elemental overload, i know, but we want higher crit to apply shock consistently)

Cinderswallow is simply disgusting not to have while mapping, the sustain it gives(1-3% life on kill on ignited mobs) is ridiculous

Anything below is a good to have, but not must have for this build

This will be rarer in 3.9 due to shaper not being as accessible, you could use a granite flask with anticurse/bleed instead so you could use a fullspeed quicksilver

I wouldnt go for dying sun considering its price and the minimal benefits it gives, if its below 1ex anytime, go for it, else go for another survival utility flask

This is also a 10-13% more damage multiplier, but extremely expensive, hopefully it is cheaper with the new divination card in 3.9

Alternatively you could use another defensive flask in place for this
Bottled faith is expensive, however the dps boost it gives and the conserated ground buff it gives is pretty substantial. This however is strictly a luxury item and you should never focus on getting this(bought mine for 6ex on 3.9)


Anima Stone, Primordial eminence and harmony, these three are mandatory late game
We need Anima stone for 2 more golems.
I run 3 extra primordial harmony in my jewel slot. 6% more life regen/second is quite important to keeping the golems alive

Lethal pride with
Phys as extra fire
Increase burning damage
Ignite deal damage faster
I suggest having a lethal pride if you can afford
Ideally, you place it above blood drinker and reallocate a few passives for it if you can find one with 3-4 good rolls(there are 6 passives which we allocate in this circle)
This slot can be changed for primordial harmony unless you absolutely can find a good lethal pride

For rare jewels, we are looking for:

Watcher's eye aura priority
Damage over time multi(malevolence)
Phys as extra fire(anger)
Damaging ailments deals damage faster(malevolence)
Listed in priority based on dps.

Got this for 2ex, pretty lucky and its proven that watcher's eye arent rare and expensive

TLDR gearing priority for power spikes(from start to end)
1: Signal fire (because its probably gonna be decently cheap)
2: Xoph's nurture
3: Dyadian Dawn
4: 9 golems from Anima stone and primordial harmony and eminence
5: Cinderswallow urn
6: Watcher eye with either mods(if you can find one with both mods, its the best)
7: circle of anguish with reduced mana reservation
8: Circle of anguish with reduced mana reservation + increased fire damage
9: Bottled faith(i have a bias on how good this flask is, but its a sulphur flask that applies increased damage taken by enemies, also consecrated ground = life regen)
Bottled faith like i said, is not a must, its a luxury

1-4 is a must, get them asap
6/7 depends on your choice. Similar dps boost, but circle of anguish might be cheaper for a single mod


Solaris or Lunaris are good

Abberath because i hate floor on fire
Shakari with poison immune(poisons/caustic ground is a huge bitch in metamorph and Sirius fight, his beam poisons)


We want +2 points


This is not a hardcore leveling guide, we will be focusing on damage as priority for fast leveling and a little life so we dont die 1hit to everything
Leveling should be alot easier than what i had on 3.8 as theres is a flat 50% chance to ignite built in burning arrow from level 1

Change your bow frequently, favor full phys bows over elemental damage bows, we scale hard on phys to fire

I suggest leveling with frost shot until you reach the 1st wheel of ignite notables
We will be using Burning arrow-Arrow nova/LMP-elemental proliferation-deadly ailments
LMP might be better than arrow nova

By this time, you should have all the starter ignite notes. We want the Golem commander before level 34. At around lvl 35-40 we will refund the passives we took on the left side and reallocate them towards shadow starting and path towards growth and decay
At this point, we will be using
Burning arrow-ignite proliferation-deadly ailments-arrow nova/GMP
Change to gmp and ignite proliferation asap when you get them

Straight to piercing shot, this is when we get the clear speed spikes up, also stop using arrow nova and swap it for gmp/lmp(mana flask is mandatory in this build, we dont use mana leech)
At this point we pretty have pretty much taken all the dps nodes on the passive tree

**at any time you find/buy an anima stone, get the jewel slots first and socket in 3 other primordial jewels(-1 if you have primordial chain ready)

56-68(before map)
Finish up heart of flame on the north side of passive tree, get acrobatics and phase acrobatics and some life nodes. Just remember to balance your resistance and we are golden for map, should have easily 3k+ life

Go for the aura nodes before the remaining life nodes in the passive


Q: I only see 1+mil dps on your PoB
A: PoB doesnt count in the extra 5 debuff burning arrow gives(200% more damage)
Also, i did not calculate in shock damage(we have 19.5% increased dmg for shock based off beacon of ruin)
Effectively i am looking at 2mil dps on shaper

537742.1 dps on shaper tier bosses(choose is enemy a boss in PoB)
537742.1 X 332%(100% base damage, 232% from burning arrow debuff, i got 16% increased burning arrow debuff from lab enchant, itgoes up to 24%)
1785303.77 x 1.195(shock effect)
2.13mil dps

Q: I cant get either burning arrow nor elemental proliferation early on my witch, why?
A: you have to start a new ranger character(burning arrow drops from the 1st zombie you kill), kill hillock and go into lioneye watch for the burning arrow
For the elemental proliferation gem, just repeat the same thing but with a templar instead

Q: My damage looks low on PoB compared to yours
A: Chances are, you dont have the golem's buffs included in your pob as pob does not calculate it from the elementalist ascendancy(lines/passives listed in red in pob arent calculated)

Q: I cant reserve all the auras required
A: We only run malevolence anger herald of ash and precision if you have the passive Sovereignty, level 3/4 enlighten and Circle of Anguish in your set up

Q: i cant do awakener with this build
A: He got nerfed so much hes pretty much a joke already, i would say its more of grasping the mechanics than getting a build that can kill him


Full clean up and reupdate of guide on end game set up

added current set up on version 4 pob, added shaper guardian kill videos

Updated PoB added a version 4 to focus on golem survivability
Changed swift affliction to unbound ailments
Various more explanation on gearing

updated PoB for version 1/2
Lab enchant decided on which is better

3.9 update
My Builds/Stream

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My Builds/Stream

Looks cool. Was thinking of playing a burning arrow prolif build during this league, this might be the build. I haven't really played with golems before so that could be interesting.

So burning arrow and xoph's nurture were both buffed in 3.9?

I'm a bit worried about all the league specific uniques. Boots from legion, ring from synthesis, amu from delving, bow from xophs realm, plus some of the flasks. Pretty specific way of getting many of these items (it's not like i'm playing ssf but still).

I usually make one character per league and play it to about level 90. How viable is this as a starter? Fire arrow now has 100% conversion so rare high phys dmg bow will probably be pretty decent for a long time, right?
Last edited by letteralex on Dec 10, 2019, 6:07:35 AM
letteralex wrote:
Looks cool. Was thinking of playing a burning arrow prolif build during this league, this might be the build. I haven't really played with golems before so that could be interesting.

So burning arrow and xoph's nurture were both buffed in 3.9?

I'm a bit worried about all the league specific uniques. Boots from legion, ring from synthesis, amu from delving, bow from xophs realm, plus some of the flasks. Pretty specific way of getting many of these items (it's not like i'm playing ssf but still).

I usually make one character per league and play it to about level 90. How viable is this as a starter? Fire arrow now has 100% conversion so rare high phys dmg bow will probably be pretty decent for a long time, right?

I would say the only absolutely mandatory unique would be Primordial chain

Xoph's Nurture would be expensive, but a high phys bow could replace it for early league

Lioneye's paw isnt required, i just used it for easy applicable for curses+i needed to have 3 curses up in my set up

Ring is used to throw in herald of ash in our set up, also a good to have

Flasks are pretty flexible, although ill say cinderswallow is pretty important to have
My Builds/Stream

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Really looking forward to the leveling section =P
Have you noticed the fossil crafting changes? It completely destroys the current chest selection, what do we replace it with?
letteralex wrote:
Have you noticed the fossil crafting changes? It completely destroys the current chest selection, what do we replace it with?

We will be using xoph's nurture so the chest wouldn't matter as our main 6link will be on the bow instead of chest, I will update the guide according to the new pob and 3.9 patch notes

jay9231 wrote:
Really looking forward to the leveling section =P

Will be adding this in the day before league start
My Builds/Stream

Also waiting for a leveling guide, looks like my leaguestarter if leveling isn't horrible
Done editing and added in a leveling guide
My Builds/Stream

Hmm, interesting. I was looking to try out Chieftain BA but this looks fun as well. How bad is the levelling experience?

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