One last SSFHC private blight league


I love difficult private leagues, and since there's almost exactly 10 days until the new league, I've set up one last private league for blight -- starts today, 2-3 hours from this initial post (countdown in link).

Monster Life II
Monster Speed II
Monster Damage II
Monster Projectiles
Reduced Player Resistances II
No Magic/Rare drops

Here's a link to join the league (updated 12/8):

Here's a link just to view the league:

Global channel 888.

I've set it up with room for 20 and crowdfunding for another 10 -- we'll bump it up beyond that as needed.

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Nice, in for this.
Apologies - I initially set up the league incorrectly -- I've fixed this, but if you joined previously you'll have to click on the link again.

THanks a lot for this, i apply to test if i'm ready enough for the SSF HC coming Ziz challenge (at least i hope to finish the 10acts on it), so this even harder private league is a could testing ground^^.
gret.looking for that
Added 10 slots and accepted all applied
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You're in, tresemme!

9 more slots available.
Invite me plz :D

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