Integrating Blight into Core Path of Exile

I was going to play the new league and was extremely excited to do so... but now.. not going to play PoE at all I guess. Wasted time developing a new campaign instead of working out the end game and now you're adding terrible mechanics to the core game continuing to water down your content? Oof.. Ok, Boomers.
Soske wrote:
No one wanted this. Thanks.

How you plan to make blight harder?

Only for meta build like damage check if you can clear it? -> Skip mechanic for me if so
Make monsters able to one hit? -> Skip in HC/Melee
Make it more turret focus like TD should be? -> Ok can be fun if it's rare encounter and rewards.

Those who say it's easy and play SC, just don't listen them, they do not even know word "hard" only soft.
Feel a bit meh about Blight going core. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. I am glad about oils still being in the game as I love the amulet anointments, but I fear that the oils for the best passive nodes will likely be so expensive that they are out of reach to a majority of players, so just one more really powerful game aspect that's only available to the super rich no-lifers and streamer-RNG'ers...

My requests to GGG are:

1. dedicated currency tab slots for oils

2. dedicated slots for the four types of currency shards that currently don't exist on the tab (Harbinger's, Ancient, Binding, Engineer's)

Yes, we have the wild card slots, but we'll have new catalyst's in 3.9 with no dedicated slots anywhere, and it's nice to have some free slots for things like prophecies I'm planning to use in the near future or other items that fit there that don't fit anywhere else... very annoying to have to store those on some random tab.
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Hey GGG,

Console player here - really enjoyed Blight was something unique and different. Totally understand it was horrible for performance and don't expect you to add it as an encounter or add blighted maps until it's fixed up.

But have a real problem with not having access to oils and blight Uniques. Betrayal was added to console in an interesting way to get around performance issues, please find a way to at least give us oils and b Uniques in a sensible fashion. Legion chests, delve nodes, Strongboxes - please give them to us somewhere because otherwise we are now playing a watered down version of the game . And those of us who stuck through all the performance issues and are still playing and supporting you on console, we will not continue to if we are playing with different builds and different mechanics to the PC PoE community.

Please listen as this will be a turning point for console which you will have a very hard time recovering from.

Give us blight encounters that only ever have 3-4 lanes with double health and double rewards? Give us a blight chest room in Temples? Hell give us Blight chest rewards from Metamorph!

There are a million easy solutions to oil and blight unique availablity. Please don't just remove that content from the game for performance reasons unrelated to it.

Thanks for reading!
Sounds like good news. Guaranteed oil per encounter means you can pretty much farm them at the same pace as you have done now, especially since blight maps also drop more often and you find more oils there.
Those who don't want to do them can skip them.

Everyone *should* be happy.

Sometimes I don't understand how GGG still can say things like "this community is nice and amazing" when every time they do something, angry people are screaming for everybody all the time and talking shit on devs.
Smile! <3
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What's the point of this actually ? More bans threatening ?
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How will you guys handle where to store oils in our tabs now that they are core?
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Lyonnel wrote:
I will never understand why you didn't add the synthesis in the core.

Removing f***ing fractured items and fixing the f***ing decay bugs would make the Synthesis mechanics really pleasant.

To be honest, despite its big flaws, I much prefer Synthesis to Legion or Blight (I think those leagues are really annoying and unpleasant to play. big loot, but no fun)

Blight in core ? I'll only buy the oils I need for a good passive node and I will skip everything else (I'll miss some loot, but I'm really fed up with that bad tower defense that really has nothing to do in a H&S game)

Because it's a meme league, having to have a hundred tabs open behind the scenes for crafting was a fucking joke... just like the league. Not going core was a win.

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