Increased weapon damage vs attack damage

I was thinking about creating a melee based Ranger and looking at the passive skill tree I saw that I had the option to choose between dual-wield and one-handed and shield. The subsequent passives were similar but I noticed the wording was different. Mainly for dual-wield the passive offered increased weapon damage while the one-handed and shield offered increased attack damage. Is there a difference between the two?
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Attack damage is distinguished from spell damage (and also from DoTs and secondary damage.) This is the broader category of the two.

Weapon damage is referring specifically to the damage provided by the weapon in the attack damage calculation.
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Except if you go for the unarmed road, those 2 mods will provide the exact same result.
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Attack damage also scales Spectral Shield Throw, which would be a viable option for Rangers.
Weapon damage does nothing for that skill.
Attack Damage and Weapon Damage are mostly the same thing, but Weapon Damage doesn't apply to attacks that don't use a weapon - such as skills that hit with a shield, or unarmed.

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