[3.8] Share If You Don't Think - My lazy un-build finally beat the game.

Real talk: I have no idea what I'm doing. But on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog, and earlier this week, this dog had his day. Here's the 3-mod Eye to prove it.

This isn't intended to be a guide so much as a story. I did this. You can do it, too. You can definitely do it better than me. This "build" isn't optimized for anything, because it's not supposed to be. I've tried doing more "correct" things before: a Baron, popcorn skeletons, even Dom Blow when they reintroduced that. In one league, I even actually chased the meta with an arc trapper. I didn't hate it, but it wasn't me. This game is about an aesthetic, for me. Not going fast, not being the best, not winning on the market; it's about feeling like I did when I completed Trang Oul's Avatar years ago. It's about rolling deep with a bunch of rattling idiots that turn the game into a walking sim. It's about feeling like I figured out some hot tech by sticking "minion" into the search bar and stumbling around the passive tree like a drunk. It's about how GGG was generous enough to give me the power to finish the War for the Atlas in the last league it'll be available. I thank you sincerely for that, Chris. Not snark, not meme, I genuinely appreciate that gift, and I know I didn't really earn this the way lots of other people did.

But I did earn something. This did take work, and if this were my first league, I wouldn't have pulled it off. So, I'll tell you about it.

Here's probably the most important part:

Yeah, Guatelitzi's armor. That's it, it's that simple. I mean, that won't do it alone, but this combined with how they buffed necro in general made me very sturdy compared to my previous attempts. It was *really* easy to get. A decent suit dropped from a blighted map pretty early in the league, and it wasn't by far the last one I saw. It doesn't have to be 6l; I only managed to get that first suit to 5l, and that was good enough to carry me until I could buy something that I haven't been able to improve despite checking several times. Putting minion damage into the zombie/golem link is just a bonus, so you may as well keep the sixth slot for a portal gem.

The next most important thing is probably flasks:

I switched to this for the uElder fight:

Finishing that fight only took me three attempts, and that flask was the most important tweak I did after getting completely demolished the first try.

The hybrid flask is a fairly recent addition that I made when I learned (later than everyone else, just like most things) that there are passives you can get from anointing that aren't on the tree. I could afford a golden oil, so I made this.

Fortify in a bottle is broke as hell. That was only a couple weeks ago at most, though; for those who can't get a golden oil, Cloth and Chain will take you pretty far and is quite cheap. I'm assuming this info will be relevant in future leagues where golden oil is rarer than hen's teeth, but who know's if that's even going core.

So, let's talk about skills, starting with what's in my armor, since you've already seen it. Zombies, a guardian, and a couple carrion golems on meat shield. Is pulverize the best thing to give them? I have no idea. I don't know anything about the mechanics of melee supports, so I picked this because it seemed thematically appropriate. That will be a recurring theme; I trusted that the devs wouldn't make something that sounded cool/right work badly, and didn't care if that trust was misplaced. Of course I want my zombies' slam attack to leave a big crater.

I don't really care about their damage anyway, since they aren't the primary source of it, at least when I need to do Big Boy numbers. I know they're doing some, though; I regularly start combat by rubbing my face into the taint of the most dangerous mob I see, and this usually results in me running through packs of trash like they weren't there. If anything on this link ever dies, you're under level 75 and probably doing something a little too hard. I don't think I lost one zombie to uber Atziri when I finally got around to trying her. They're rock solid, and that makes you rock solid, because body blocking is the best blocking.

The guardian is a standard cheerleader: dying breath, ambu's charge, leer cast, victario's flight, southbound. These were a little more expensive than usual this league, but they still count as budget. Don't worry about the 23% gem, it was a lucky vaal for shits and giggles.

I'm pretty sure this is where most of my damage is. No, I didn't check PoB. No, I won't check PoB. It's fine software, I've used it before, but I've proven to my satisfaction that whatever I'm doing here is working. I'm just guessing this is my engine because I've heard people talk like skeletons with their attack speed cranked up is the hottest thing necros can do other than maybe a srs bsns SRS build. Feeding Frenzy certainly has them doing lots of off-screen work for me. These guys are the secret to killing uElder and Catarina with this build, since you can focus completely on where you're standing. uElder actually died off-screen while I was taking fatal damage from an icicle.

That helm tho, right? This isn't the coolest one I've seen, I've missed a few opportunities. I do wish I could get one with an open prefix for +1 zombie/skeleton; I had one before this that did, and bought this one before realizing it didn't. It's served well, though. You do not need one this awesome. If you're not picky about what else is on it, a bone helm with that particular 5-link is totally accessible to a middle-class player entering yellow maps.

It doesn't work like it used to, but it still seriously friggin' works. It's interesting how they switched it from making your boys better to making you better. I considered switching to Queen's Escape because of that, but the regen and blocking are very nice. The 6l here is necessary, or rather, either one is necessary and the other isn't.

That link is where the build gets really Aesthetic. My spectres are objectively stupid, and I heavily encourage you to do something else with them unless you are truly devoted to style. They are Bone Husks named Mr. Clatters, Mrs. Clatters, Junior Clatters, and little Suzy Clatters. They fill the screen with exploding bone walls that prevent you from escaping death traps just as often as they prevent enemies from touching you. Proficiency with bodyswap will be necessary to fix this unless you change one of my flasks to the one that gives you phasing; perfectly doable if you go with eva gear, but I didn't do that because there are armor passive nodes much closer to the rest of the stuff you'll be getting. Also, my rig isn't actually new enough to put up with this bullshit. I've developed a perverse taste for powerpoint slideshows about applying poison stacks to off-screen enemies.

With that said, they are dangerous. I'm pretty sure they outdamaged my skeletons for most of my character's growth. GMP and phantasms mean the fifty feet around me are made of poison.

I'm not even sure if I need to do this, but I like doing it anyway. Synergies give me warm fuzzies. It did not help with the ES gimmick build in HoGM. I had to get a carry for that. This is the first time I've done self-cast instead of a totem, because intensify seemed cool. I should've tried it earlier; it's a testament to how much I don't understand this game that it never occurred to me until now that nothing reflects chaos.

The usual utility setup. You are not allowed to use a different movement skill. Nothing else is even close to this fashionable, and now that it doesn't require a corpse, you can't complain about it being hard to use. Unless you're trying to escape from the Clatters' bone prison and you can't find any targets. Then you can complain. But do it anyway. Clarity is just here to turn on Commander of Darkness, but it also obviously makes MoM better.

There's also a Desecrate on an unset ring, and a Portal on the other one. They aren't shown because the rings are freestyle, just get whatever you need to finish the resists and dex (you'll need 111) on the rest of your gear. I keep desecrate around for the rare times when one of the Clatters clan eats shit, or to abuse bodyswap for shortcuts. I find that easier to do with bodyswap, which is one of the reasons I like it.

I was already pretty clear about how to do the passive tree: type in "minion," and meander towards everything that lights up. Get as much defense as you can on the way. Obviously, I skipped Necromantic Aegis, and that means Decay Ward was too far out of the way. This is fine, everyone's tanky enough. Constitution isn't too far from where you're already going to be, and it's a no-brainer. I think it's important to get Bone Barrier and Commander of Darkness before Unnatural Strength, because you're the one who needs to be a harder target. I've got three jewel slots with +max Life and minion damage. If I play anymore this league, I'll try to grab a fourth for that watcher's eye, because Clarity ES is nice.

So, there it is: my low-effort, optimization-resistant, kitchen-sink necromancer. I've been playing it forever, but it actually worked this time. It's garbage, god bless it.

If you're new to this game, don't follow my build. Don't follow any build. I didn't. They're all better than mine, but you don't need one. Do what feels cool and fun to you, stay the course, and wait for the buff fairy to visit. You'll get to the end of this road eventually. If I could do it, anyone can.
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