[3.8] Mirror/Blink arrow Deadeye summoner

Welcome to the duality equinox bui- wait wrong game.

Okay so... do you like clones?

Do you like making army that consist of yourself and making enemy figure where is the real one?

Do you like the idea of playing a summoner and not being afk while your horde deals with everything.

Do you like meme builds, unable to do the game contents and selfcest

Then maybe you should try thise version of Clonemancer. With recent summoner rework and upcoming ranged skills rework this buil has a lot to explore.

Pros and Cons

- Cheap to start
- Easy to scale
- Offmeta
- A big field to experiment with
- Medium clear, good single target dps

- Leveling is not smooth
- Summoner build but no Necro ascendancy/utility
- Clearspeed can be rather slow before you get proper item
- Squishy because Deadeye

Idea behind the build and the playstyle
The idea is very simple. You spawn bunch of clones that use your bow and quiver as well as benefit from all the minion mechanics. The skill that summons your minions is also your movement skill (Blink Arrow) so you are always in motion. You jump around, buffing your minions, dodging enemy attacks trying to survive. Stable minion build tactics.

On other hand being able to spawn your minions over the corner (Mirror Arrow) is very similar to a totem build. You can put your clone ahead of yourself, making it take inivital bursts for you, or just generaly agro the enemies.

This guys are tanky. Having hidden 70% dmg reduction they will gladly face tank shaper beams like it's nothing. Another pros of this build, you don't need to invest anything into minion life.

How and what damage does it deal
This build deals elemental damage with lots of enemy resistance strip. Mainly focused on two elements with Elemental Eqilibrium.

Using curses and More Damage modifiers to boost up minion projectile attack damage further.

As for the clear, build uses fairly new gloves
to chain explosions with minions piercing attacks. Those are rather expensive and before you can get those you have to rely on extra minions to help with clear.

Using Herald of agony, zombies, phantasms smoothes the clear speed.


How to gear up

As you start the build you can use the follwoing items.


Victario gives a huge dps boost as well as fixes the mana reservation problems before you can get to take the aura nodes.
Lioneye's fixes up minion accuracy before you can take minion accuracy passives as well as giving your minions extra damage from Far Shot

This amulet adds about 15-25% more damage to your minions and fixed your dexterity needs.

This three items alone is enough to get you up to red maps and get you into farming currency for an upgrade.

The rest of your gear should be focused on getting life and resists.

You can look for gloves like this to get your minions chance to blind and more damage

Penetrating Quiver adds to clearspeed since it gives all your clones extra pierce. If you manage to get Chance to poison on it, it will greatly buff up your HoA as well ass lets you use Vile Toxins for clones.

Upgrading your gear
As you progress in the game the next following upgrades are required

This one fixes all existing mana issues and unlocks your body armor for replacement.

Fenumus can be the chest that can carry you to the end of the game. It provides pretty much everything you need. Damage reduction, resistance strip, shield regen and a good amount of energy shield. As you get it, it's safe to alocate Mind over Matter.

Try to find boots with either Movement Speed + Dodge or if you are lucky Increased Duration boots.

Don't forget to craft Aspect of the Spider on any of your gear that you don't plan to replace soon.

This gloves fix all your clearing issues. Once you get them you are free to drop HoA and replace it with Skitterbots for more damage boost to your mininos as well as minor survivability from chill.

After getting you minion accuracy up with pasive tree, you can replace your bow with one that has % to deal double damage. If you have currency - multicraft it. If you don't, craft minion damage on it and use as is. Later on the 'Trigger a socketed spell' craft provies a lot of utility since you not gonna have to youse most of you skills yourself.

As you reach the end game content you might wanna add a bit more survivability to your build to stop getting oneshotted.

replacing you amulet with high life one will help a lot. Yes you will lose 15% of your build DPS, but you should already have it high enough. Plus with Summon Spectral Wolf craft you get a fine addition to your minion army.

Note that explosions caused by your gloves are counted as your kill and will summon wolfs.

Rare Vaal Regalia with high life roll and %Life as Energy Shield craft makes you a lot tankier. You will lose about 5% dps from not having Fenumus Shroud resist reduction aura, but if you manage to roll +1 to support gems, it will be even more DPS than Shroud would provide.

Gem links

Body armor - Main DPS ability

Mirror Arrow - Minion Damage - Immolate - Elemental Focus - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Hypothermia

Easy and simple. Minions skill and bunch of MORE damage modifiers

Boots/Gloves - Secondary DPS ability + Buffer

Blink Arrow - Elemental Army - Summon Phantasms - Feeding Frenzy

Because Phantasms do not benefit form Wrath - their primary damage is going to be fire. While Blink Arrow primary damage is going to be lightning. That way your Elemental Army support gem will remove both fire and lightning resistanses from enemy. Both this and Feeding Frenzy buff will benefit the main DPS skill.

Gloves/Boots - Curse setup

Split Arrow - Projectile Weakness - Curse on hit - Mirage Archer/Elemental Weakness

Since you only can have 2 curses at once and your gloves have Temportal Chains on hit - replace Elemental weakness with Mirage Archer when you get the gloves.

Helm - Aura setup

Wrath - Anger - Generocity - Herald of Agony / Summon Skitterbots

Replace HoA with Skitterbots after you fix your clearing speed with gloves.

Weapon - Utility setup

Summon Stone Golem - Steelskin - Rize Zombies - Culling Strike - Desecrate - Flesh Offering

Golem provides us with more Energy Shield regen and Taunt
Zombies provide extra clear and serve as a meat wall and Taunt.
Desecrate provides us with constant healing from Devouring Diadem as well as 100% uptime with Flesh Offering and source of Zombies.

Remember, this build has no minion HP nodes so your zombies will die easily. But because you summon a new one every 4 seconds with "Trigger a socketed spell" you always gonna have them.

Note that "Trigger a socketed spell" uses gems in sequance from 1 to 6. So if you want you Devouring diadem have time to devour corpses, make space between Desecrate and Flesh offering gems as Flesh Offering will consume all corpses.

Culling strike is optional. You can replace it with Meat Shield or Melee Splash to give your golem and zombies extra dmg, but I feel like ending up boss fights instantly is much more worth it. You can also keep that gem slot free if you don't wanna use unset rings.

Unset Rings - Optional standalone skills

Vaal Haste
Vaal Summon Skeletons

WIP - Feel free to ask queastions and maybe make improvements to the build while I make the Jewel, Flask, My gear sections and Debated sections
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This is good!
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