[3.8] Qlida's 20M+ Shaper DPS Perforate impale crit Champion | All content viable

Do you like to Impale, skewer and let your enemies taste metal? If that is the case, then you have found the rightful place exile. Welcome to my guide on how to achieve it!
Have a little taste of whats to come.

Like it? I do.

This guide will focus on the skill Perforate while scaling it with critical strikes aswell as impale as our offense, aswell as leech and a TON of armour to midigate incoming damage.

Ask me about the build LIVE!
I will be playing this and many others builds live on twitch, and i welcome ANY player, new as well as veterans, and i love to answer questions! So tune in!



Comming soon, all in my twitch vods atm D:



+ Very high DPS
+ Fast clears
+ Semi tanky ~6k Life and 20k vMS & 7k normal MS
+ Only one map mod it can't do
+ Interactive gameplay
+ Off-meta so cheap (30c 21/23 skill gem, 100c helm enchants)
+T15 Blight map no turret viable


- Not a one button build
- Can die if you don't know how to use your molten shell & movement skills
- Stance dancing between blood and sand stance


For clearing maps and general multiple target killing we use the sand stance of the build. This looks as shown below.

For single target we use the blood stance version of the skill. Here we want to be abit away from the target, but still close, as the spikes spawn closet abit away from our character. Enemies can also be hit by multiple spikes, which makes our DPS skyrocket on bosses, so notice your positioning!


The dps of the build is quite hidden, as tooltip doesn't show alot, and doesn't really show in PoB either, so i want to explain how to calculate the DPS.

First of all, the PoB shows 603k, this is due to the lack of impale, multiple perforate impales, Close combat support aswell as multistrike multiplier.

First of all, swap close combat support with a level 30 damage on full life support. We can do this as we do dps within a raidus of 15 units, which gives our close combat support full effect of 59% more damage, which is the same as damage on full life. This gives us 970k damage. Furthermore we use mutlistrike and can therefore use a 1.5821 multiplier of our damage from PoB, assuming we hit all 3 strikes. 1.5821*970=1,534m. Okay, now we only need to add impale, and here i am gonna pass you on to a video aswell as a spreadsheet, as this isn't straight forward.


We use the spreadsheet in the description and put in 9 impales, 101% increased effect aswell as 100% impale chance with out 1.534m dps.

This means that each spike deals a dps of 4,3m dps. We have 8 spikes, so if we say that 6 on average hits, this will mean that we have the following dps:

6*4.3 = 25,8m Dps.
Assuming that we get 8 spike hits
8*4,3m=34,4m Dps.

So yeah, i think we get the dps we need ^^

POE Planner of skill tree & Ascendency order



Kill all, we need the skill points


This won't be holding your hands through-out leveling, however it should be a good idea of where to path and what to pick up in which order, hopefully you'll find it useful anyway.

List of useful uniques

Weapons through leveling

Useful jewelry

Useful armour pieces

Level 1-9
You can pick up perforate after killing Hillock level 1, which is nice as we don't have to change our main skill through leveling. Follow the skill tree presented through the duelist starting area, aswell as picking up blood and sand after doing Breaking some eggs. You want to fill in as many early melee links as you can, such as chance to bleed from your level one skill, Ruthless after killing hailrake, aswell as maim and leap slam after killing brutus. You also want to pick up dash as your first movement skill before killing brutus. At level 9 your skill tree should look something like this. Remember to pick quicksilver flask as the reward for killing hailrake.

Level 9-31
You want to pick up Melee physical damage after completing sharp and cruel. You also gain access to faster attacks here, which you can link with your leap slam aswell as your perforate if you have room. You should drop chance to bleed here if you're lacking sockets. You also want to pick u Herald of purity and Herald of ash after completing intruders in black. This should carry you through act 2. Once you hit act 3 pick up Pride and dreadbanner after doing Lost in love, followed by fortify after fixture of fate (libary), link this with your leap slam aswell as your perforate. Your main skill links should now be Perforate - Fortify - Melee physical damage - Maim Followed by faster attacks aswell as ruthless if you have a Tabula, if not nevermind these. This setup should make you able to push through act 3 onwards to act 4. Once you kill dominus go do your first ascendecy into unstopable hero. Your skill tree should look something like this:

Level 31-50
If you pick up a 5 link you should get Impale support in your links. You should also drop maim - Ruthless for multistrike - Brutality once completing the eternal nightmare. Your leveling process should be pretty smooth at this point, if not try getting a better weapon, especially Rigwalds charge if possible. At level 50 your skill tree should look something like this.

Level 50-70
At level 55-60 you should do your next ascendency into Master of metal, so your impale chance is around 100%. The link should be about the same, if you find a vaal molten shell use this, as it give you some damage midigation. Your skill tree should look like this:



Main skill! Perforate - Weapon to utilize fortify!

Perforate - Melee physical damage - Brutality - Multistrike Close combat support - Impale Support

Our Auras - Chest piece

Enlighten - Blasphemy - Blood and sand - Dread banner - Pride - Vulnerability

Gloves - Our movement skill
Leap slam - Fortify - Blood magic - faster attacks

Helmet - Our Boss dps increase
Ancestral protector - Multiple totems - Increased duration - Ancestral Warchief

Random stuffs - Boots

Lightning golem - Vaal molten shellPrecision Increased duration (For Shell)

Off socket skills
Assains mark - Only once +1 curse is achived from chest piece.

Aspect of the spider - Get this on belt if possible. Note this takes 25% mana reservation, but increases damage taken by enemies, aswell as slowing them.


In this build we utilize the 7 Link of a exquiste blade with high quality and damage with hits can't be evaded.

This can easily be multimodded with just the socketed gems are supported by x level fortify and fully mulitmoded, however the better the sword - The better the DPS! We use the hits can't be evaded so we don't need to stack any form of accuracy, aswell as it gives us the ability to run the second sight keystone node from brutal restraint.

This gives us 25% MORE critical strike chance, which is huge when counted in with a diamond flask.

We also use a

With a vulnerability - blasphemy aura, as this gives a free vulnerability to close enemies, and since we want to be close to enemies due to close combat support, and the small area of blood stance perforate this amulet works great in the build. It also adds alot of other stats that we are looking for in this build, and it is quite cheap.

We also use a additional curse chest, as we use assassins mark on a shaper ring to gain even more critical strike chance, aswell as mana & life on kill. Any shaper ring will do, however if you can live without the resists, a steel ring is more dps.

The shaper ring can also easily be paired up with a mark of the elder, since the precursors ring is quite hard to get a hold of.

My 3.8 gear on the character


1. Life flask
This is quite straight forward, we want as much life as possible, aswell as bleed removal on use. Something like this.

2. Silver flask
Since we don't really generate onslaught anywhere else (20% movement and 20% attack speed) we want it from a viable flask option. Here we got 2 options, either freeze immunity, or % critical strike chance, this is a mastermind mod, and therefore may be hard to come by.

3. Free spot flask
Here you can use whatever you feel like, Quicksilver if you run alot instead of leap slamming, Dying sun if you want more AoE for clear, or Lion's roar if you want to have more single target DPS.

4. Granite flask
We want a granite flask of Iron skin here, as this helps our defenses alot when popping molten shell. Try to get increased flask effect aswell as the armour roll when rolling it, as it boosts the shield gained from the molten shield procc.

5. Diamond flask
This is essential to the build, as it makes our critical strike chance lucky. This means that our hit is rolled twice with our critical strike chance, so if the first roll isn't a critical strike it will roll again. Furthermore curse immunity is really nice to roll on this, as it gives alot of survivability and in general quality of life.


In this build we use 2 essential jewels. First of all i want to explain the placement of them.

Brutal restraint
We pick up a brutal restraint of nasima, as this grants second sight. We place it so it is in range of the iron grip keystone, so we get the second sight for 25% more critical strike chance, not increased, but more which is huuuge.

Transcendent flesh
We use this as it gives 1% physical damage reduction per 10 allocated strength in the radius, aswell as 7% critical strike multiplier for every 10 unallocated strength in the radius. This means that we get 5% physical damage reduction, aswell as 35% critical strike multiplier.

Watchers eye
The location isn't key here, however the rolls are. I'll present a list of rolls we are looking for here.

1: Pride - Inflicted impales last 2 additional hits.
2: Pride - Chance to deal double damage.
3: Pride - Increased attack damage.

1: Precision - Increased attack damage.
2: Precision - Critical strike multiplier.
3: Precision - Increased attack speed.



We start off with a elder exquisite blade, itemlevel 83 preferably, as it has the itemlevel to roll all the mods we need, aswell as blocks out some others.

Buy the sword! YAY EASY!

Roll the sword with perfect fossils, i'd say hit 30% quality, as quality is big on the dps increase. (you can also use Hillock rank 3 on transportation if you're cheap). Also pretty easy!

Step 3:
Craft 15-18% additional quality on the sword. You do this by hitting it with a Orb or scouring, so that the weapon is white quality. After that you pick the highest attribute & quality craft avalible to you. Also easy YAY!

Step 4:
6 socket and 6 link the sword, while having as much quality as you can! RIP your finger and currency, and good luck! (easy but can be expensive).

Step 5:
Once it is 6 linked reroll it with alteration orbs. What you want to hit now is Socketed gems are supported by level 16-20 Fortify (go for 20 its more dps by far), as well as 20% increased attack speed + 20% increased attack speed if you've killed recently, OR T2+ attack speed. These are a suffix and a prefix so they can roll at the same time. This should take quite a few tries, but it is worth going for both. If you're low on currency just the fortify can do.

Step 5:
Once we hit the desired mods we have to do the most expensive steps. So here we go, buy a Craicic Chimeral beast and beast craft a magic imprint of the weapon. Once you have the imprint, regal the weapon and annul the regaled mod of if it is not useful. Here you have the chance to hit adds # to # physical damage. if you hit tier 4 or above KEEP IT, as it is better than the crafted mod, and if you hit tier 1 you're rich. Other mods just anull it off, even if decent critical strike rating or multiplier, the crafted mods avalible is stronger.

Step 6:
This is super easy if you know a trusted crafter, and have a good stack of exalts, however not all of us does.

Multimod it -> Craft flat physical damage, Critical strike chance & quality, Hits can't be evaded, attack speed if you didn't hit it.

My 3.8 craft, i hit both the hybrid attack speed aswell as T4 flat.

You should now be left with the juicest buff for the build you could dream off. Good luck exile!


Soul of Solaris & either soul of Tukohama or soul of abberath.

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First of all thanks a lot for the detailed guide!

Do you think this Build is viable as a league Starter?
gr3yb4ck wrote:
First of all thanks a lot for the detailed guide!

Do you think this Build is viable as a league Starter?

Yeah i feel like you could league start with it. You just have to be sure to always have a decent weapon, or else your dps will be very low.
Looks good, but I think your DPS numbers are wrong.. I can kill guardians almost twice as fast than your video shows, but my PoB DPS is only 10mil Shaper DPS. Then again, I am a Slayer with 20% cull..
Thanks for the great build guide!
Would it be possible for a more budget-friendly gearing section or advice on what gear to use as a transition into the later parts of the build?
looks like a really fun build. any chance for a berseker variant ?

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