[3.8] Plague Bearer Trickster - Toxic Rain poison everything

Hey guys here is my take on a Toxic Rain based Trickster which focuses on damage output through the Plague Bearer gem. The original concept of the build was to utilize plague bearer AND Death's oath armor aura; however, Death's oath aura provided so little damage and it became much more valuable to get the extra HP. Also plague bearer melts all mobs instantly while mapping anyways.

Solid DPS - no issues with Shaper or Guardian kills.
Walk into things and destroy everything.
An option for death's oath/RF fans who want to deal better damage.
Quick mapping.
Modest budget

4600 HP (its not super low but it's also not high enough to be tanky)
Does not work as well in single target fights as Plague bearer gains damage much faster multi targeting. I still killed Shaper fairly quickly but you will be relying a lot more on Toxic rain and Herald of Agony damage.



Ideally as we are using a Vaal Molten Shell you should actually try to have your items with armor on them to increase your molten shell defence. You can also use Steelskin). You can also take out Cinderswallow Urn (i'd also suggest not using the increased crit enchant) and utilize a phasing flask or sulphur flask.

BOW: The bow can certainly be changed, I just had this bow from a previous build and decided to use it. You can use other crafted bows with + to gems, chaos damage increases, etc.


Weapon: Toxic Rain - Deadly Ailments - Poison - Unbound Ailments - Vile Toxins - Mirage Archer
Helmet - Plague Bearer - Empower - Increased Area of Effect - Arcane Surge
Ring 1 (Vivinsect) - Malevolence
Gloves: Herald of Agony - Clarity (lvl 1) - Enlighten (clarity and Enlighten are not needed (makes managing mana easier), feel free to put a Lightning golem in the gloves as well.
Boots: Withering Step + Vaal Molten Shell + increased duration + Efficacy (withering step to apply wither for increased chaos damage taken)


Kill all for +2 passive points and I utilize Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Shakari

Thanks for checking out the build, have a good one!
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