[3.8] Return of Elementalist Blade Flurry | 2 Mil shaper dps | Insane clear | Video Guide | Smooth

^ T16 Maze of Minotaur

3.9 Update = Build receive buff because of the chill and shock recalculation, you will be easier to inflict shock and chill without needing the conflux to inflict ailments.

Fixed yoke of suffering bugs, this is a buff to our build on paper, not very sure in mechanics wise but it looks good!

Before I start this build guide, I would like to address that this build is a remake version of somayd's one tap elementalist, it works almost the same, but have some minor change in gear swap, gems setup and passive tree.

Also thanks to @mexi69 for helping me in understanding the mechanics in the build and making this build works and have the chains back.

This builds requires EB (eldritch battery) because we have 0 unreserved mana. Even with reduced wrath mana reserve this build is unable constantly channel blade flurry.

Update 1 : So after I watched exilecon, I did a minor prediction, this build is pretty much nerf proof unless they changed something major (herald of ice or inpulsa) which can hit the build. But overall it looks pretty solid at the moment for 3.9.

Let's start =)


Videos / Clips

Video Guide : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hE7DJ3JVvc

Showbase build : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hGofXCUUys


Is this build for you?
Looking for something with smooth and fun gameplay, not 100% committed to fully focus on getting currency, want to seat back and relax, or some meme type of builds? Well this build would be for you!

Is this build NOT for you?
Are you looking for something tanky or you have an objective like deep delve or uber elder farming? This build is not tanky at all and it is not made for endgame bosses like deep delving, auls and etc. It has good damage indeed but just the fact that it is a glass cannon, very punishing if you did a mistake.

I. Insane clears
With many mechanics behind this build, it is able to offscreen mobs with this build. Based on how dense the place is, the distance of mobs between each other and the current conflux you have, you may able to do a 4 screen chain clear.

II. Good Bossing damage
As the main skill is blade flurry, it's not surprised that the boss damage is not bad. As you can see in the video, even a T15 mob with ele resistance and EE on players, the boss still pretty much get melted.

III. Satisfying
This is one of the most satisfying build you can find here, with smooth gameplay and one shotting all mobs in the whole screen, triggering herald of ice and herald of ash effects, it looks very good and feels satisfying, especially you have herald mtx. Sometimes opening a legion monolith, you maybe able to one hit kill all the mobs.

IV. Autobomb
It may not seem like one, but it is an autobomber. In the GIF you can see me just using whirling blades and able to kill T16 mobs, you can also swap to shield charge and basically autobomb almost all of the enemies except rare monsters, which requires some stage of Blade Flurry channel to kill or sometimes they died from the chain. This build is considered a high tier map autobomber, able to do bosses too. Although it is not as fast as an assassin herald bomber, but it still does the job as an autobomber

I. Bad Survivability
Because of sitting at 4k life on a melee character isn't that viable for endgame content, as most of your skill gem is almost mandatory, the only defensive layer you have is certain flasks, fortify and steelskin, without proper timing, dodging and knowledge of the boss, you might get yourself killed pretty easilly.

II. Laggy
Because the code of the game cannot handle the amount of mobs died in 1 second, your game might experience lag if you have a toaster PC like me (as shown in the video), if you have a potato PC then well done, prepared to get your GPU destroyed. (it's a joke btw, incase some people took this for real, but it may get laggy)

III. Budget
Because this build requires some expensive uniques to make the build works, this build is not ssf and league start friendly. It is highly recommend to play this character once you have some currency to invest in.


Path of building : https://pastebin.com/qv2tyF8t
My Character : https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/CryexArchon/characters


Mechanics of this build

First 2 mandatory item you need is three dragons following by inpulsa broken heart, so here it says inpulsa explosion cannot shock, after we use the three dragon golden mask, enemies that explode will now freeze. After the enemy is freezed,this will allows our herald of ice to shatter the enemy, making another explosion.

Then we use storm's gift to proliferate the shock when an enemy dies, so the next pack of enemies can be killed by the inpulsa explosion. So here is the fun part begins, some enemies might not die from the inpulsa and herald of ice explosion,so we use herald of ash, creating another small explosion occur that burns nearby enemies, since they are shocked, it will deals an additional burning damage to the monsters, finishing monsters that did not die to the inpulsa and herald of ice explosion. So these are all the mechanics behind the chains you see.

Yoke of suffering is to improve our chance to shock the initial monsters in order to make the first explosion occur. It also increase damage to ignited monsters, improving our clear.


Gearing (items / flask / jewels)
Here is how the pricing works here.
1-10c falls into the category of CHEAP
11c-80c falls into the category of MODERATE
80c or above falls int into the category EXPENSIVE


For claws, look for these stats, it is according to priority level

High Flat added lightning (100> in market search)
High attack speed (20>)
Increase lightning damage
Elemental damage with attacks

Optional (can be helpful)
Maim on hit
Headhunter mod
Elemental Penetration

Here are some example of claws that are suitable for this build

Note that critical strike chance can help but not that useful
And Critical Strike multiplier does not benefit the build at all

You would want a ilvl 83 claw or above, to see an item level, make sure you have "advance mod description " in the UI section in your settings enabled. It is super useful in identifying good items.

Price : Moderate - Expensive

My current claw (multimod)


Because we are based on witch and doesn't have access to high amount dexterity, we will need this shield on our offhand so we don't need to invest a single bit in accuracy rating.

Also this shield increase your health and boost our defenses, this shield greatly benefits us.

Price : Cheap - Moderate


This helmet is mandatory for our build. It plays an important role in the chaining, go to "mechanics behind this build" section to understand why it is important for this build.

Price : Cheap (no helmet enchant)
Recommended to get a maxed rolled elemental resistance

Helmet enchants
Blade Flurry increase damage (40%)
Blade Flurry increase area of effect (12%)
Blood rage increase attack speed (12%)

The helmet enchant i am using currently benefits on clearing, it is optional but not very useful in bossing.

Price : Expensive (with helmet enchants)


Body Armour / Chest piece

This item is our main source of the chains, if without this time, your clear will feels very flaccid. You can feel it when you do blighted lanes that are immune to lighting towers, those mobs will not have inpulsa explosion for some reason, it might be a bug but i don't really know. Anyways, it is recommended to get a 5L on this item, just buy the prophecy Jewellers touch to get a 5 link instantly.

Price : Moderate (non 6 link) - Expensive (6 link)



This item is responsible for spreading shock to enemies, without this item, the clear may not feels good.

Price : Cheap - Expensive
Depends on the implicit of the item.

For bossing, you can swap this glove for another glove, but I personally don't do that. Here is a secondary glove you can use for bossing / general clearing (not recommended)

Look for
High Life roll
Fill resistance

Price : Cheap - Moderate


We will look for a rare boots with these following stats
High life roll
Fill Resistance
Movement speed
Energy shield (for mana issues)

This boot might be the only rare item in this build to boost your defenses and resistance. So it may get expensive to have a lot of high tier stats filled in it

Price : Moderate


We are going to use a rare Stygian Vise with these following stats
High Life roll
Fill resistance
Elemental damage with attack
Energy shield

Price : Cheap - Moderate

If you have very good abyssal jewels, you can use a

If you don't have very good Abyssal jewel, it is not recommended to get this item.

Price : Cheap



This improve our clear and damage. It is highly recommended to get this item, I have no alternatives for this item at the moment because this item offers a lot to this build.

Price : Moderate

For anointment, we will be looking for Divine Judgement, it increases our damage and clear.
Price : Cheap



At least 37% reduced mana reserved or we will not able to reserve all of our heralds and auras.

For implicit, look for increase elemental damage.

Price : Moderate - Expensive
Depends on the implicit

Ring 2

This item helps in our damage and clearing, it is not mandatory as it falls at the category of expensive, but it helps quite a lot for us.

If you don't have the budget for that ring, look for an opal ring with fill resistance and life.

Price : Moderate


Look for
1 Divine Life flask
4 Utility flasks

Life flask with removes bleed is very helpful, near mandatory to maintain your exp.

We would want a speed flasks to clear faster

Without removes freeze, you might die to freeze strongboxes, as long as you are careful enough, you won't lose exp to that.

Any other Utility flasks also helps this build.


Unique flasks
Cheap price section

This flasks improve our damage and life leech by a lot, it is super useful

Moderate price section

This flask improves our dps, make sure you have lightning as the highest so that this flask will benefit us.

This flask helps us both in clearing and survivability. It recovers our health and energy shield on kill also increase burning damage, thus increase our overall damage, it is very good flask for us.

Jewels (important section)
To start off, abyss jewels benefits us a lot, you would want some T1 / T2 added lightning damage and life on your abyss jewels. Here are some examples.

Look for
T1 - T2 lightning
T1 - T3 life
These are your offensive and defensive stats, they help us quite a lot

For watchers, look for these stats (according to priority)
Wrath convert
Wrath penetrate
Wrath as extra

Here is an example of the watchers I am using

For other jewels, I use

This increase our survivability. It is optional but I just take that with me.


Gem links


Main Skill
Place these gems on your chest place, it is according to priority.


4 Links (all of these gems should be linked in a 4 link together)


I link this on my helmet

I link this on my boots (if you have a +1 level of socketed gems / cold gems, place this on that item instead)

Note : Cold to Fire makes the chains even longer


2-3 Links (All of these gems should be linked between each other


First support

It gives us additional melee damage, also helps us damage and tank some of the damage. By supporting it with culling strike, it will instantly kill any mobs that have lower than 10% of their life, instantly kills of bosses too

Second Support
(keep these both gems at lvl 1)

These are used to reduce the resistance of enemies, pretty useful at times


Fortify gives us some defenses to our build, you can swap this with shield charge too.


Can be place at anywhere, doesn't need to be linked together


Another option you can use is steelskin for defense options, blood rage and lightning golem increases our damage speed, greatly increase our overall dps.


Passive Tree

26 points

62 points

Before swap

After swap


Here is what you would want to do during the transition to Blade Flurry

During respec
1. Immediately remove Cracking Speed (the 3 lightning tree on the right side of the tree) into Arcing Blows (basically just next to them)
*In case you don't know where is it*

2. remove spell crit on the middle of the tree and lightning walker, replace immediately on Amplify (near templar life side tree)

3. Put as much points on the claw as possible, then to the channeling points (channing points is on the bottom right side of the tree, it gives about 300k dps boost)

note on (3) : you can don't take the 4 channeling points, instead take Melding (on the right side of the witch tree, the life and energy shield nodes)

4. Take as much jewel sockets as possible, then dump all of your abyssal jewels into the tree.


Major God
Soul of Arakali

We choose arakali because it increase our survivability against the weakest part of our build, damage over time.

Soul of Lunaris

Lunaris also improves our survivability, but we usually die to blighted monsters because of the damage over time and also bosses, this does not offer as much as arakali but it helps too.

Minor God
Soul of Grukthul

This improves our survivability on both blights and clearing. This soul is jack of all trades and used in most builds too.

Kill all

because we are not a crit build, we use Elemental Overload keystone, so Critical multiplier does not help for alira. Also we have near 0 unreserved mana, mana regen from Alira also doesn't help us, so the best is to go with 2 passive skills.

We don't help Oak because we are not tanky enough to have the life regen.

For Leveling you would want to level with any other characters, like arc witch, storm brand etc.

So for me I leveled with storm brand + arc, It is highly recommended this character as your second character.


lvl 1 - 4
Freezing pulse - Onslaught

lvl 4 - 12
Orb of storm - onslaught

Frost bomb - arcane surge

Lvl 12 - 18
Arc - added lightning

Orb of storm - onslaught - arcane surge

Lvl 18 - 31
Arc - added lightning - elemental focus

Orb of storm - Onslaught - Control destruction

Herald of ice + Herald of thunder

Lvl 31 - 70
Arc - added lightning - elemental focus - controlled destruction

Orb of storm - Onslaught - Controlled destruction - Elemental Proliferation

Lightning spire trap - Controlled destruction - added lightning damage - elemental focus - (if you have a 5l) concentrated effect - trap and mine damage

Herald of ice + herald of thunder


I swap to blade flurry on level 70 immediately after i am able to use lvl 20 gems, since I have all the gears ready to use. If you don't have the gear ready to swap, you can still use the leveling setup I use until you have the gear (three dragons and inpulsa). Drop Wrath if you don't have enlighten level 3.


Additional notes :

This build is NOT made to do endgame bosses. I did all 4 guardian maps and I found Chimera as the hardest one to kill due to mana issues (lack of energy recharge) and killing Shaper is EASIER than killing Chimera due to phases issues. This build is only made for fun and not for hardcore grinding bosses.

Oh and btw I did managed to do shaper deathless but uh I didn't recorded it.

Good Luck exiles!
I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
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Updates / Edits

Edit 1 : added gem links
Edit 2 : added leveling
Edit 3 : Finished the whole guide, touch up the guide and added some colors.
Edit 4 : Changed the Gif because someone hates it <3
Update 1 : Added my prediction for this build on 3.9. Conclusion : solid, pretty much nerf proof for the moment.
Edit 5 : Added my character profile.

QnA (please look at here before asking questions or else I will ignore those questions had already been asked and put into the QnA section)

These are all the Questions asked on some of the streams and my youtube

Why not crafting "hits can't be evaded" and dual wield instead?

The reason behind hits can't be evaded on the claws is because it is a local mod, means if you dual wield, it doesn't means all of the hits you deal to enemies cannot be evaded. You would need 2 claws with the affix in order to have complete "hits cannot be evaded". But this makes you even squishier, and also more expensive (hits can be evaded affix cost 3ex). The shield is not expensive and it gives us the defenses we wanted, meanwhile dual wielding hits can't be evaded claws are expensive and equipping a single one of them will make your clear inconsistent.

won't replacing a gem in the chest piece with elemental focus should deal more damage?

No it does not, because you cannot inflict status ailments to enemies, which most of our damage comes from. Without able to shock, freeze and ignite, we will deal significantly less damage from our 3 items, Yoke of suffering, The Taming and Inpulsa, which have a similar stats of "ailments you inflict deals additional damage" (not all are the same but similar). This only works if you have kill a nearby enemy and the ailments proliferate to the target, which is not quite possible during bossing. So to sum it up, Elemental focus does not benefit us a lot.
Won't golem nodes will increase your overall dps?

No, in fact you lose 1 mil potential dps on shaper, which is a HUGE deal, because you cannot inflict status ailments. The reason is pretty similar of swapping to elemental focus, because you cannot inflict status ailments, means you lose a lot of dps from your gear for the bosses.
I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
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This seems like a very interesting build. The guide itself is very thorough and well-presented,
PoE Tool Compilation (Outdated)
- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2703056

Scamware! Protect Yourself From the Dark Side
- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2763480
Is it possible to do this kind of build with any skill or is blade flurry required? I'm a fan of the mechanics but not really into blade flurry.
Yes you can do it with any other skill but you are required for high single target damage or else this build just doesn't feel good in general.

I think Blade Vortex works too, didn't tried it.
I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
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Fast and nice service would recommend.
how is this build doing in 3.9?
Yeah it still works, with HH it can 1 shot high tier Metamorphs and Conquerors as far as I know. This build will falls off about T11+ maps because lack of defenses.
I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
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