Zana mission showing wrong map tier

Zana gave me 3 choices for her mission. The only problem is that at least two of the three choices were maps that showed the wrong tier. Here were my three choices:

Spider Forest / Tier 7 / Rare
Armoury / Tier 7 / Rare
Jungle Valley / Tier 6 / Rare

When I look at my atlas, Armoury shows as a tier 2, and Jungle Valley shows as a tier 1. I didn't think the names were supposed to repeat for different tiers.

Last bumped on Nov 9, 2019, 7:13:42 AM
You probably found Zana on a T6 map, and the offered maps were Shaped ones with +5 tiers (like Shaped Armoury [T2->T7] and Shaped Jungle Valley [T1->T6]).

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