Improve Empyrean Weapon Effect Trail

The Empyrean Weapon Effect looks amazing, until you start moving.

The issues:
- rectangular end of trail, looks cheap
- trail is very bright and very dense
- messy colour palette
- trail along the whole weapon (see comparison below)

If it only had a thinned trail at the blade of the weapon (like e.g. the Shadowstalker Weapon Effect) it would be one of my favourite effects. In short: fix the straight edge at the end, restrict the trail to the blade.

In general the trail is just to massive, which is problematic on two-handed weapons as it has stark clipping issues with your character (which is further amplified by its brightness).

- right: Empyrean, trail along the whole weapon, including grip
- left: Shadowstalker, trail only on 'blade' area of the weapon

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