[3.8] Soulwrest Summoner 100% cold convert fast clearing - ez boss

My old build from 3.4: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2217017/page/1
Few days ago i comeback to Blight league and i really love this league. Everyone play zombies, the price seems too high for me and you need to stack 1000 str to make it strong enough. So i remake my build to farming first but suddenly it's super strong and safe (not as tanky as zombie build but way more cheaper). I can even beat end game now. Here is my build: Soulwrest 100% cold convert summoner.
About Soulwrest
If you already know about this staff. It will auto summon a phantasm when you consume a corpse. So we consume corpses with skill (Offering) or with items (Helmet, boots). We always have a lot of phantasms with very fast clearing. And no need to 6-links on it. Only 6 sockets. This OP staff mean everything but we sill need more work for the build

The idea is using new gloves

Convert all physical damage from minions to cold. Hatred gain 19% more cold damage. That mean a lot of DPS will be gained. Main Dps is from phantasms (clearing) and vaal skeletons (for boss) and zombies defense + buff Feeding frenzy. I use 4 spectres name Death Bishop (act 3-Catacomb). They auto cast curse Frostbite reduce cold resistance. I don't have to cast curse. Here is the new gears i find out for this build.

This helmet consume 10 corpses every 5 seconds. Help you summon more phantasms. The skill also heal you a lot. Put your auras on it reduce 20% mana reserved and +1 level socketed gems. Level 21 Hatred gain 19% more cold damage. So level 20 Hatred gem is enough.

This chest is really cheap this league. It have all i need. A lot of stats especially dex. Mana reserved. And an Aura: Aspect of the Avian. So i run 4 auras Hatred, Zealotry, Purity of Element, Aspect of the Avian. 9% mana reserved on the chest is perfect fit for 4 auras. 5L is ok because i only use zombies for tank and buff Frenzy to other minions.

Your Skeletons is here. I use Vaal Skeleton for boss, Blight defense or Red beast. It help my DPS a lot. Almost Red map boss die in 5 seconds.

Bubonic trail from my old build. It comsume corpse while walking and really good for mapping. You can change to rare boots for better boss fight.

A bit espensive jewel but it's worth.

I also use Intuitive leap jewel to gain some defense and one more golem. You can check my character name JuzellBright to see where jewels placed.
Or Pob: https://pastebin.com/AXS4vxqE

All gears

Gems and link

I list all gems from very to least important gems
Summon phantasm support: Give 10 more phantasms .11 phantasms at level 21. No need quality it.
Minion damage-Deathmark-Elemental focus-Controlled Destruction Those are 4 gems give the most DPS.
Geater Multiple Projectiles Best one for clearing
That's all 6 gems. But you can use Faster Projectiles (better for mapping) or Added Fire damage if you have colour problem

Body armour
There are a lot of gems for zombies. But the only important one is Feeding Frenzy. It give other minions a lot of DPS. Other gems you can use depend on your colour you have. I list all from highest DPS to others.
- Melee Physical
- Minion Damage
- Deathmark
- Hypothermia, Ruthless, Fortify, Meatshield, Elemental damage with atk, Multistrike...

The Hungry loop unset ring
Put Vaal Summon skeletons here. Skeleton has the same Dps type like zombie. So you can consume the same gems like zombie. Except Feeding Frenzy.This one is only for buff.

Helmet - Your aura
- Hatred-Zealotry-Generosity
- Purity of elemental

Summon spectres - Blood magic
- Level 21 spectre give one more spectre. I use the spectre name Death Bishop (act 3-Catacomb). They auto cast curse Frostbite reduce cold resistance. Link it with blood magic. They will cast spell more often.

- Because our gloves must have 4 green sockets. I only put Desecrate, Phase Run and Portal there. One slot left could be Vaal Haste or Vaal Grace. So we lack of slots to putting blue and red gems. Other gems can put on your only ring left and on boots. Summon Stone golem, Flesh Offering (Bone Offering), Summon Carrion golem
- I want to add Summon Holy Relic but no slot left.

- Soul of Lunaris: Because we do not face tank anything. So we try to dodge projectiles and run faster.
- Soul of Shakari/ Soul of Syslatha (for long boss fight, i beat Catarina with this)

Bandit: 2 Skill points

- Tier 14 map https://youtu.be/wXL8rbm1TXo

- Red elder (I am so bad at dodging things. I just run around circle):

- Tier 16 Minotaur (didn't see his face): https://youtu.be/NAUFjk48Tg4

Cost of the build
- Basically all Soulwrest build is cheap at start. You only need 6 sockets Soulwrest and the boots Bubonic Trail. Then you can mapping really fast. Other gears only for min/max damage and clear speed. Zombie and Skeleton setup still work on 4-5 links. This is the best build to start league if the staff's price is'nt too expensive.
- It's a bit hard to have right colour on staff and gloves. Spam chromatic orb on staff or craft one green are cheapest way. With gloves, try to use jeweller orb in crafting bench. Choose 2 sockets then choose 2 green. Then craft 3 sockets to see what colour appear. If blue or red, craft 2 sockets. The new red/blue socket will disappear. 2 green socket is still there. You try to craft 3 socket again. If green, repeat it with 4 sockets.
- Total my gear(max set up):
+ Staff: 20c (depend on how hot this staff each league)
+ Helmet with enchant: I offer a guy 100c and he accept it
+ Body armour 6L: 4ex
+ Rings: Hungry Loop 2c. Rare ring: 50c
+ Gloves: 20c
+ Boots: Bubonic 1c, rare Boots: 60c
+ Amulet: 20c. Enchant: 40c
+ Belt: 50c
+ Jewels: Fortress Covenant 1ex. Intuitive Leap 50c. Others 10-20c each. I craft those myself

After using this build as starter, i have decent exalts to change my build to zombies build. Since i can't even play slow build, i try my best to get zombies build as fast as possible. But still keep tankiness and dps because you can't go fast if you not strong enough. Here is my version. It could be expensive but really really good.
I manage to have 1k6 str, 17 zombies and still have sick movement speed. Using Watcher's Eye to have permanent Phasing and then annoint Freedom of movement. 5 skill points for 10% speed totally worth Got 10% movement speed corrupted on boots too. Reaching 190% movement speed without vaal haste. It's super effective and expensive version but i love it. You can see my gears below:


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I have a 94 level necro which I'm trying new builds, I did a Soulwrest build few leagues ago, it was fun but didn't perform as well as I hoped, now gonna try this one and see how the new necro changes affected the build.
Echador wrote:
I have a 94 level necro which I'm trying new builds, I did a Soulwrest build few leagues ago, it was fun but didn't perform as well as I hoped, now gonna try this one and see how the new necro changes affected the build.

That's true. Because there are not many good gems, aura and gears for minion build back then. I was focus on fast clearing and damage for farming and level up my character. But it's still very strong and safe. 100% better than old build

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