In just over a week, we'll be hosting ExileCon, the first official Path of Exile convention, in Auckland, New Zealand over the weekend of November 16-17 (NZ Time). Approximately half of the content of the event will be streamed live for free online, with the rest recorded to be posted in our news later. We're planning to post a full schedule for ExileCon later this week, but today we wanted to give a rundown of the type of content you can expect on the livestream if you're watching from home!

The livestream kicks off when the big countdown on ends with an hour of pre-show hosted by some streamers you'll definitely recognise. As they'll have had a chance to look around the venue, their speculation about what we'll be announcing should be pretty interesting. After the pre-show, we'll switch over coverage to the main theatre where Chris, Jonathan and Erik will host the keynote presentation, which includes various Path of Exile announcements including the massive 4.0.0 mega-expansion.

After the keynote, we'll cut back to the same streamers who hosted the pre-show, so we can watch their initial reactions to the announcements and see how accurate their speculations really were. We'll get a senior developer to join the streamers after a while, to answer specific questions about the new expansions.

After an hour of post-keynote discussion, we're going to have a streamer play a gameplay demo of 4.0.0 while a developer answers their questions.

Once the gameplay demo is over, we'll be hosting a deep dive into the 3.9.0 expansion in the main theatre, which will also be livestreamed. This presentation is the same type of format that journalists usually see on the Press Tours that we host for upcoming expansions and leagues. We'll present a lot of details about the new expansion and league mechanics as well as information about new skills, support gems, unique items, etc. If there's time, we'll field questions from audience members.

After the 3.9.0 deep dive, we'll head straight into a similar deep dive for the 4.0.0 mega-expansion, going into a lot more detail than we covered in the keynote earlier in the day. We expect to also be able to answer questions from the audience in this presentation.

Once the 4.0.0 deep dive is over, there are two more hours of streamed content on the first day as well as another seven hours the second day (culminating in the Racing Finale). We'll post a detailed schedule of these sessions later in the week!

While attending ExileCon in person is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we are really looking forward to bringing to players who can make it, we have tried very hard to make sure that the free online livestream is also as interesting and informative as possible.

We can't wait to show you what we have been working on!
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You spelled recognize wrong
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I could do without the streamers.
I just checked on the Path of Exile community and I'm over the moon to see the response to Harvest! Even when you're super confident in a launch, you're always afraid people will hate it or something terrible will happen. It's such a relief and a joy to see how happy everyone is! - Bex 20 Jun 2020
Kamiri21 wrote:
I could do without the streamers.

Then don't watch.
Sounds really cool!
Nice! Can't wait :)
thx for the free streams
IGN : @Morgoth
Can't wait
Cannot wait, im exploding here

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