[3.8] Spark + Indigon, 10k+ EHP Tank, All Content Viable

For any questions regarding this build, please use this thread.

1. Intro

Spark is an ability about as old as PoE itself I wanted to revisit a spark HC character I did during the Synthesis Race league. This time I made some changes which solves a lot of the issues surrounding spark. Note these items were all found by me or my brother so it should be SSF friendly (provided you can kill uber) It feels kind of awkward until you get the mana to a point you dont get bottlenecked by it.Feel free Change things to fit your budget/gear this is merely a reference. More mana = more damage.

2. Pros/Cons


- Extremely tanky 10k+ HP/ES/MoM hybrid
- Fast clear speed
- Simple playstyle
- Very high regen

Requires a (cheap) Uber Elder drop
Mana management can be annoying sometimes
Wide open areas hurt single target DPS
Blights are a little awkward with the mana usage constantly going up

3. Videos

4. Mechanics/Stats

5.5k+ Life
3k+ Energy Shield
Life Leech
Energy Shield Leech
Endless "life" flask
Mind over Matter
20% regen/s
Endurance Charges


More mana is damage and try to get as much as you can 4-5k mana is a good target
Indigon up to 2000% spell damage
Inquisitor ignore resistances on crit
Power charges from stormbrand

5. Gear


With my current gear i am at about 12k EHP with around 5000/s combined regen/leech from all sources

Atziri's Foible is probably BiS but I never found one. a blue pearl amulet with life/mana crit multi is probably a close second

Call of the brotherhood ring is a great option instead of essence worm due to freezing everything more defense less offense

Current Gear:

Hazardous Research jewel is a quest reward
Abyss jewel with Fire damage to spells is for Cinderswallow's 10% increased damage
Watcher's eye is GG gear getting clarity mana recovery is better DPS but % of mana as extra energy shield is very good tankiness
3 Grand spectrum jewels would also be a good option

a Vaal timeless jewel with 20% maximum life as extra energy shield but 50% of elemental damage pierces energy shield keystone would be extremely powerful. It diversifies the regen load instead of letting all that life regen go to waste while giving ~1750 extra energy shield so life/es would both be around 6k


The mana flask enduring mod is very important!!

I switched to no bleed flask because this build is so obscenely tanky you can basically ignore corrupting blood.

Other flasks you could use:

Rumi's Concoction
Another Mana flask (back up)
Basalt Flask

Reasoning behind gear choices:

A shaper belt with mana recovery extremely powerful (up to 20% more mana recovery from all sources)

Body army craft maximum life as extra ES is BiS for hybrid builds

Spark greatly benefits from projectile speed because monsters can only be hit by 1 projectile per cast every .66 seconds so projectile speed increases the chance they bounce back and hit the target multiple times small inclosed rooms are basically instant death for monsters

This google doc should help you estimate indigons spell damage increase

6. Gems


6 link in order of importance:
Spark (duh)
Added Lightning damage
Arcane Surge
Spell Echo
Energy Leech

Power Charge generation:
Storm Brand
Power Charge on Crit
Life Leech Support
Extra slot!

Cast when damage taken (level 20)
Steel Skin
Stone Golem

Fortify application:
Shield Charge
Faster attacks

Movement skill:
Flame Dash
Faster Casting
Rallying cry

Wrath or zealotry (only if you use an Essence Worm ring)
Vaal Righteous Fire (Only for the vaal RF spell damage buff)
Clarity Level 20
Precision (level 1)
Enduring cry (for endurance charges)

Notable gem qualities/level

Spark 20% quality for projectile speed
Level 21 Spark
Level 21 Added Lightning Damage
Fortify 20% for 10% duration
Steel Skin 20% for increased cooldown recovery
Enfeeble 20% for increased effect
Flamedash 20% for increased cooldown recovery
Faster Casting 20% for increased cast speed

These are the gems that have meaningful quality/level buffs
you can sell a level 20 gem with 1 gemcutter to a vendor and get a level 1 20% quality gem
level multiple gems in your weapon swap slot for corrupting at level 20

7. PoB / Passive tree / Ascendancy

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Started this build, seems well rounded. Do you have a suggestion for ascendancy pathing, I figured I'd start with heading to Pious path.
Nexoid99 wrote:
Started this build, seems well rounded. Do you have a suggestion for ascendancy pathing, I figured I'd start with heading to Pious path.

oh thanks for reminding me! I forgot to add that in there.

Yeah you go

Sanctuary > Pious Path > Righteous Providence > Inevitable Judgement
What is that bar/timer in the bottom center of your screen? some sort of timer overlay? ive seen a few people using it.

AdamSanders wrote:
What is that bar/timer in the bottom center of your screen? some sort of timer overlay? ive seen a few people using it.


it's a timer showing my flask duration from a autohotkey macro

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